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not under the slightest degree powerful witch witch family ancestors. Qin Jian given a golden light flashed. Moment in space cut out tens Jianguang. All of a sudden all the space to smash. Massive destruction of Jian Qi Dragon who cut towards the past. Crackling. Spatter from a road flare. Interfax above. Numerous road signs emerged white ground. But it did not hurt each other. 'You have to pick me up a trick.' Talon to the sword flashed strange purple. Temujin not react. A Road purple thunder clap to head on their own land. Temujin smashing his head while confused. 'How can you hurt Guaren?' Temujin shocked road. There Myrtle regal king of body. Renhe Xuan doorway surgery can hurt its nothing. This is common sense. Temujin how did not think he would be the other strange purple lightning damage. 'There Myrtle gas bless kings generally means naturally can not hurt you, but if I do not vapid merit, should also not hurt you? I have the good fortune to know the most worthless door is merit, not just my family meritorious teacher, is my junior, etc. are also the merit of these people. 'Dragon sneered. 'So, let you experience some Guaren badly.' Temujin face grim, imperial Myrtle gas nor omnipotent, I saw red red arm Chongxiao on, Yuguang clear, but slowly Under Kowloon flying DragonsSound endless, as if from nine days down, pass the country Yuxi as hill-like photos in which the Dragon, Kowloon dashing, have hit over toward the Dragon; left-handed sword with a fixed starting point Qin Jianguang, Cn into the dark, evil spirits horizon, rampaging, penetrate heavy space hit that one on the Dragon Interfax. Dragon seeing that face not only not the slightest fear of color, but look pleasant, supple body slowly while on the ground, being suddenly ejected Longkou huge mysterious yellow color, will pass the country Yuxi include in them, I heard the dragon Yin's voice, just ignore it hit the body of authentic silk Jianguang, hold back the whole body throes, stature away towards the East China Sea. , Temujin Dragon head and said: 'To Ren such a Gaocai buried in the community and it is a pity, Rengeyouzhi relative strength can not, so be it, I retire next best, delayed for a moment sir, I let them cut point braised pork, with Mr. intersect with a cup of watery liquor, but also live outside the customs I ran this trip, come, come, come, let's go to another place to sit. 'Mr. Xiang Ren reached out and taken away to the left wrist.Scholars also have a bold, Ren Langxiao - sound, wrist doubled lift, reverse Tan Compass wrist arrested in the past, said: 'Tan Taiai old, had ventured with Tan old to arm the line.'Ren smiled and said: 'Tan old just kinda warm, and how all of a sudden become so polite up?'Suddenly sided wrist, right palm to avoid Tan Compass middle finger to his right wrist still caught in the past.The lanky black passenger surnamed Dong see right here, quietly pounding violently punched Mr. Xiang Ren left rib cage.Ren left palm upright with handy difficult Fengjia he Zheyi, that he is unable to use his right hand Fengjia, especially the two sides close distance, wanted to hide is not easy, it will also house the Tan Compass is not.Surnamed Dong thought it could not hit what vertical Ren, Ren homes can force his boss who, surprise, did not hide the fact that he is neither his right hand, but did not lay it down Tan Compass, left leg suddenly stretched, being kicked in the leg better surnamed Dong above belly.Surnamed Dong 'ouch' sound! Fly all the way to fall to the ground, holding his stomach Luangun Montreal.Compass busy speaker Tan Chen He surprised: 'cover your van.' He Chen He, going back vertical.Ren chuckle and said: 'Do not worry, I'm not meaning the van, since there will be ahead of others to save her.'Leans forward, left palm stretched forward, still grasping the right Tan Big Dipper.Compass Tan Leng Heng, the body back and Yang, legs kicked chain, straight Ren chest point.Ren smiled and said: 'I am your great service Tisi gone.'Seen him as a potential, sitting has not changed, he suddenly left a body Chi