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 Yoo Ji-day scold: 'Do not talk nonsense!' 'God' and immediately lowered his head respectfully, general Founder smile appeared on his face, flood channel: 'again.' His body seemed to disappear because of the power of 'God' to stimulate and burn. Numerous metal particles rippling around in general, to a metal ring around the 'God' hoop, a metal ring is tightening, gradually God tightly hoop up suddenly last annulus dilatation. Became a party to the metal dam seal tightly. Liu Ji day to look bright, General reproduce year stunt 'defense Aswan Dam', just test it, 'God' power to create their own. 'God' trapped in the dam constantly struggling after frantic struggle finally come to a halt, and then came a burst of mysterious light in the dam, the Aswan dam defense has not been broken, 'God' is miraculous from out of space. General scared Yiliaoyisheng said: 'Yang Ying space scalpel, you create something really good.' Yoo Ji-day good enough to hear extremely proud authentic: 'I would also like to make some adjustments generals to see if I get you to use the power of Zongda something.?' Luo Feile grabbed the letter, towards general grimaced and said: 'I came to see, what you sayPrivate words. ' She started to run, but also feels that she shut all gates along the road, and ran until the last breath of the mouth of the atmospheric door began to open the letter, did not see the above words, the metal gate on a floating metal reliefs. One will believe robbed in the past. Luo Feile cried: 'Show me, show me.' General Shen played a rare face, hand in head knock a moment and said:. 'We also look to the private letter you' His steady hand trembled, took a deep breath after the open letter, only a white envelope. Note is blinding sixteen characters: 'ends of the earth, are missing.' General body suddenly solidified to live, Luo Feile quietly paving the toes to see, also saw this in the following words. She naturally not understand, but it can be realized that the generals. Unconsciously. He then realized that the Han, compared to the state of Xu Yuan strange, not even a trace of him and no gas. Du wind Expand palm and said: 'You are to air in here.' Crystal Mountain has his palm flashing, cocoon themselves need to pass others to advance the body infuriating, Xu Yuan trained new infuriating, actually passed in the unconscious body of Du wind. Bang, Xu Yuan punches relentlessly Du wind hit him. Du wind did not even bat an eye, despite promises far monument open hand after another hit himself. And Du Fengjiang cross immense physical strength compared to the promise of open monument far weaker hands Clearly many. Even so, the same as the world's three Warrior, even suffered a promise after a few away, the wind on Du's body also appeared in the bone deep wounds. Du wind indifference: 'You do not play enough.' Xu Yuan frantically gasped, shouted: '?? Twenty years ago, why did not you put my side Why use three Yang Ying Chuan Songzhen her away.' His eyes puffing like mad anger resentment, if twenty years ago, Du Yang Ying Liuzaishenbian wind, wind Du ability to be able to ensure both get out, but the wind has chosen to bid farewell to Mrs Yang Ying , on his own anti-days. Quan Zhang Du fall wind rained upon, Du wind suddenly reached out, arm twisted up like a soft like silk, silk hand wrapped with Jin Yi Xu Yuan hands wrapped. Xu Yuan miserable smiles: 'Du wind, you feel that you are strong when the world is unparalleled, can alone anti-days, without leaving out of the way of the woman in the side, right in the world?An ancient weapons, really very vigorous, very magical! ' His eyes light projection out of hatred: 'I promise far as long as there is breath in, we have to turn you into dust and the entire Once upon all!' Du cold wind tunnel: 'I know, otherwise you would not have failed to use the armed grudge proficient on the front and I fight, but some things I did not need to tell you, but look at the parts of the shadow, I'll tell you. . ' He slammed the Xu Yuan's body on the ground, cold channel: 'Twenty years