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giving us this opportunity to support the Young Red Cloud.' Taishanglaojun laughed:. 'Inaction is promising, in that case, we just delaying surgery took West West, but also to reduce the red clouds Young pressure. As Yaozu, Red Cloud is not afraid to come back a Young opponent. say. Young Red Cloud is how the foundation is destroyed? Tianzhushan Dongsheng Divine wants to move into. 'Taishanglaojun suddenly laughed. Primus and Tongtianjiaozhu duo face hint of hesitation, but did not oppose it. Tianzhu Mountain, the Jun Kuangyin, Kaifeng prefect Zhao Guangyi, Prince Zao and good fortune sects disciples have gathered, Zhen Fang sat on the cloud bed, before it emerged in a cloud over, after the clouds dissipate, but it is is full of mountains and geography, the entire jambudvipa in which to do the slightest will appear. 'Teacher, all Luzhou North to Chen Jin defeated three-way route through it all the way down since Tongtianhe offensive Sanjiangkou, commander of the White Pond big demon;. The second way, since the three mountains shut down, too After Laozhuang, leading me Yanmenguan big for gold bi wind; the three-way land pressure for the Eagle Peak had pro-collar Chen Bliss city, the Snowy Mountains to reach the northern gate of my two JieShan three-way total.... army of three million. massive. 'Kuangyin face fortitude, because the other side did not have the slightest powerful fear. Zhen Fang glanced at the hall of the people, see Zao face faint hint of excitement and color, while Zhao Guangyi face though dull, but faint trace of anxiety, and even can be said that fear of color. Zhen Fang sighed, and said: '? What are you going to' Zhen Fang is no alternative, though now in four continentsSuperficially go jambudvipa not the weakest, but other saints have the backing of three continents, and jambudvipa master rare, that the founding of the North Ju Lu Chau soon though, but his men are mostly large prehistoric monster, but Zhen Fang door to his disciples not possible confrontation. 'Kuangyin, although there