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act, saying the two-yu, light and life, have strengths, but Black Mount Le compare some wit. Fate in life, such as the magnetic needle lead, Jiang Ming Hei Mole young age already a debut, with the fame, envy is very casual, dress, grinding master mask according to Hei Mole made a, kind of desire to learn, but unable to display their skill, often wearing a black running around in the mountains, and Heimo Le early to meet, make friends. This day reminds Dusou Taoyuan Yao Oh Sang best friend after harming acts, is very upset, and he brought a goddaughter Wen Lan Zhen, Su pseudonym half scoop, seclusion Fuchun River side, knowing he was the day the door old Mr. Damon and Pythias, Jiang Mingsheng with Emotion, different day down must be reported Fu Chou, sudden, things come sooner or later. Deceased former multi substandard behavior, Oh Sang Xiaqi honest and inadvertent, after mend, so painstaking, excusable. Jiang Ming going to take a day to see three doors´╗┐More than ever, the former his heart again remember how I hate that on the surface he had friendships, loading takes life and death like a friend, and now he has nothing to scruples, let these four individuals simply do not fit into his eyes go , we use the value of him is gone, but we have to use him for a while, then we'll have to move the six provinces in the north, through this sign Zhao Six-fingered children, six provinces in the north can be used freely everywhere, even ate serve people living there, such a good thing, where to find, as long as the 'Desert Dragon' Finally, a way to die, let him fight what kind of awkward, always happy to accommodate him something. 'Picking tall pale and said:. 'Father, children can feel good taste to depend on others, you have to watch out for his turn at any time.'Compass Tan looked at him, quite commendable place the head table and said: 'You bad, her second child, I watch out, or else, why everywhere to accommodate him?'Beijing, where we also a big thing, such as 'Desert Dragon' down the ground, we will leave Beijing,