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that is? framed blue of Kun, his exclusion from the martial arts supervisor position out ...... 'Blue Meng laughed: 'There it?'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'There are natural, blue in the death of Kun still did not admit that it is doubtful that a person will die, his words would be good, if indeed he did, he would not need to deny that from that time onwards I would suspect that your line of runoff, and I believe that the reason why you self-destruction of humanity, nor to regret Liu Kocho, people like you have no compassion, there will never be a move that made it almost love you Every action has a purpose! 'South Biao asked: 'He has what purpose?'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'He who knows martial arts, though not help supervise personal enjoyment, but most of the kinky commandment to kill, he is trying to blame the blue of the Kun, making martial arts supervisor forsaken in the world!'Blue Meng laughed: 'Absolutely right, I know there is a son of Liu Kocho, I did not expose that thing, that is, wait for the witnesses, but I never did find that children also suffer mention no evidence, you automatically put out until it touches helped me a great favor, and make your own mistakes to go! ' Yuan said: 'I'm not doing you a favor, because I am also opposed to the martial arts supervision system, but we have different purposes, I am opposed to the existence of a rogue martial arts office, you will want to replace the blue of Kun's death, though not its sin, but not wrong, because he Yourou tolerate, condone evil in this thy brother, standing in his own position, he should die in order to thank, and he died at the hands of Yi Jing, belonging to private portal Service The only responsible for his death that the only person you are! 'Yu light nuji shouted:! 'Dear husband since you knew meOn the community, the body weeks strange glowing green light. World began. Liu Ji day just not sure at the moment, she constructed to the world, can be completely dissolved upon a time. Liu days butterfly weak nodded and said: 'If it is not horsepower hundred ninety-one throughput Tongtianhe water dragon. Among this Dragon, where there is a large master Luo Jin Sin nine periods. So only build ancestral longchi to archosaurs blood is water, then into longchi Dragon naturally have large Luo Jin Sin strength. Today archosaurs blood a person has only Dragon, if you want to build the ancestral dragon pool, unless voluntary Dragon into the water, otherwise it is not built longchi ancestors, it is also impossible to create nine has a large Luo Jin Sin strength Dragon to master. The Grand Master of a mysterious Dragon is heard to pass the country Yuxi wins, the heart is secretly wondering, in the end is the Dragon own meaning, or the mysterious Italian ShishuThinking. Chuan-Guo Yuxi stake, mysterious Grand Master had to be careful. But the million-large array of water also is important, because of this, the Dragon will be day and night over the East China Sea, preaching archosaurs supernatural, expect a short time create nine large Luo fairy dragon to strength. Unfortunately, time is running out, desperation, Dragon had to use this trick. Just pass the country Yuxi but Heaven set by emperor voucher, where is as easy to win, even if it is won, to use, they have to be careful, or certainty curse. Dragon nodded physique of a move, suddenly into a golden light, in front of the mysterious are fleeting. Yang Jian face a trace of doubt, asked:. 'Great uncles, but it passed the country Yuxi emperor treasure, small Shishu how to get the' mysterious Grand Master face a move, but quickly shook his head and said: 'You Red Cloud Shishu ancestors own way. first twelve ancestral witch back to say before. 'Then according to the classification of the neutron cloud, suddenly looking at a large array of other ancestral witch to play a good one to be wiped out. Sarah shining bright shining, shining within the range of hundreds of miles. Lombok riveted to a large array of everything, and that it felt as if someone Temujin hot pursuit behind their general, Royal River supernatural