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this despite bold black tiger fist extraordinary, but it is quite within the flaw, he does not believe, and then I give them, removed the thirtieth three measures, he resorted to a trick most Tough 'Black Tiger Closer', was I a female hand palm sun fall upon its bridge hand, he then served. After two years, I do not know him this The flaw has to make up for boxing is no ' said:'? family division has talked about this matter, he said, boxing is not this door has flaws, but he was Hou, Lindi rich experience of it yetWhen a female hand-yang Palace teacher brought his bridge hand made, he should use another trick, then probably suffer palace teacher. 'Palace B excitedly discoloration, said:' respect for teachers is to say it? This Daoyaoqingjiao up! Li Xiong Ling Shi Zhen Chuan was done, as we will try to end one? Which look is black tiger hands move, you can make me suffer? 'Jin Shiyi Lisheng Nan and all of a pseudonym, the original name to the word, the other word with homophonic, renamed Lisheng Nan Sheng, Jin Shiyi renamed Gan Hui, so called Palace B Lisheng Nan as' Li Xiong. ' Lisheng Nan deliberately said: 'Palace teacher is my elder disciples dare to offend? 'Pretending to be modest, indeed contempt, Palace B black from his face, said coldly:' no before and after school, even those as a teacher, Li Xiong Now that excel, why should that kind? Learn martial arts, even though some injury, I must not blame Li Xiong, Li Xiong aside concerns as possible, trying trick! 'Yanwu Yangzhong officers quickly make appearances son, hearts were thinking:' This kid is really arrogant enough to, audacity, actually to the palace B contest, and even their teacher are not people's opponent, which is not that breaks against it? 'Ordinarily Lisheng Nan is anti humble respect to the weak against the strong, must be careful, at least be a good gateway to stand, but she is just so casually a stop, as soon smiled and said:' My family division, although pointing tricks I'm afraid I'm not good at using, if not the Department, afar hands rapidly, purple evil spirits shine free shuttle crazy wrist among those who fled, each palm down, students are able to crack open the monument human hands, he let these inhuman spree, also taste is life and life torn taste. No wrist who Haide soul flySky, reckon out in this cold-blooded killers were like them are four-star, they tried to use the stolen technology together to weaken Du wind infuriating, weakening the destructive power of a large open hand monument. Open hand monument indeed weakened the power of the half, but when no wrist after being weakened by a large monument open hand hit him, still torn apart immediately. Cocoon magic refining the new infuriating, inter ancient weapons intended to kill the soul derived and war, together with penetration into infuriating. 'Pirates of the technology' such Jiminggoudao techniques, can not be killing the wind lifted Du meaning nothing. 'Ah ah ah!' Shrill screams, and has had at least a dozen were no wrist was split into crushed brains marrow mixed with the flow over the floor. No wrist rest were red eyes, simply to get together with Du wind rushed. The front of the wrist were no monument will soon be open hand unloaded into eight, who in spite of the bodies back visceral stench emitted efforts against the corpse ahead. This tactic actually received sacrifice some effect, four-star Du wind, in any case, the moment these people are unable to split. After three or four rows were no wrist have been almost split open hand monument former meat paste, remaining dozen were no wrist finally wind rushed Du body, his arms frantically to the DU Guan wind. They have already stopped using the 'Pirates of the technology,' the air in an attempt to pull out with their hands directly in the heart of Du wind, to end the fighting. 'Pop' sound from all the arms have hit the Du wind vacated right hand, was a bunch of people nauseating mountain of flowers. Pierce flesh revealing fractured forearm, hand and quickly waved Du wind, broken bones in his hands once woven