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know powerful yet' whirring sound of rain, but also the palms shoot . Item hung although only got the second tier, yet to stand dead wounding ability, but with the kind of chill of the air Zhangfeng issued strength can cause trauma, if the internal strength foundation solid enough people, is the sense of chill of the air intrusion, the spot will be crisp soft bone ribs, only without a fight envy. David Gu Zhihua items already seen extraordinary skill, the two´╗┐She may not be able to wounded, but they were absolutely unexpected, she does not even flash does not hide, but to meet up, fight to beat David term, Gu Zhihua clearly in front of him, somehow, they called empty , Gu Zhihua sneer, with a small grappling techniques, prosperous and grasped his shoulder cartilage. Then just use real Gu Zhihua Zhang Li, the term crush David Pipa Gu, Xiang hung her powers would be spent, but Gu Zhihua benevolent disposition, there is no thought of such a delicate, she just wanted items hung uniforms , forcing him to tell the good news of Li Qinmei. Hung Meng Shentong items both disciples, martial arts grouped not weak, a feel good, a move immediately 'de-robe surrenders' shoulders sank, but to hear the' laugh 'is heard, although the clothes hung items ripped out a large, but already break from 's hands out of a beat to get out immediately is the backhand. Rao is Gu Zhihua dodge fast, the arms of the 'Quchi' He gave his fingertips point a bit, suddenly felt a tingling, quick-witted Ling could not help but hit a Cold War. Qu repair did not know much, see points are brothers, even if we have the power feeding her big hole closed, that cold poison gas can also set her hurt. Immediately burst out laughing: 'We do not tease you, but to mess with us, you are both right at your fingertips, I will bluntly Ha, ha, this pretty little girly where to look.?' And threw himself body To check cheap, laughter is not complete, only to hear the 'pop' sound, were Gu Zhihua crisp exquisite hit a slap in the face, tongue thin Gu Zhihua hate him, it