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can not tolerate this insult ......' but gleefully smiled and said: 'Mr Tien Temple, under the command of Emperor sword martial arts is the famous home of the giant figure, if you nowhere this game, they probably can not arouse interest enlighten me ......'He did not finish, has Pichu second measure, the speed of the odd illness, not simply the other side a chance to get away.But Terada agility particularly strange, no one to see how he was a flash, actually has prolapse outside Jianfeng power.Ji Youde seem a bit not believe, Su Rong Chen Wan, is preparing a third attack.Then Zhenwan, Jianhua was going to flick into the trick for the third time, Shari suddenly flew a group of blue shadow, toward his facade.Ji Youde taken aback, gave hair strokes Gongdi, elongation sword to grids that group blue shadow, Jianguang a twist, various porcelain and spilled a splash.It turned out that a cup of tea, he even Pide cup crushed.Meanwhile Chen Jian rose angrily shouted: 'Ji Taixia, please stop ...... '' Chen Jian for Nangongyixiong angrily:!' Santo This means too despicable, and Ji Taixia Although investment return your door, you can not do regarding his life as a victim of the strength test each other! 'Nangongyixiong startled hesitated before: '? Do you think discipline must not be blocked five others had a stroke.'Chen Jian angrily: 'two swords from Temple Tien chain lightning agility run, you can and can not know better than anyone.'Nangongyixiong not speak.Palace Siu Hung Chen Jian then turned and said: 'Why do not you speak it very clearly, I believe you?.'Palace Siu Hung face while dry red, stammered authentic: 'Tian Temple sword was never my own eyes how the next, dare not forget to conclusions?.'Chen Jian grunted: 'Then you should try to recruit themselves, at least a little more than your chances of survival of ......'Palace Siu Hung is not opening up.Hey NangongyixiongA chuckle: 'Tian Temple swordsmanship only a trick, not a murder is killed, no matter who the opponent is only one chance.'Chen Jian sneered: 'But sky, dark blue treacherous stretches hundreds of miles, which surround Chi Bai Guanghua, fiber bridging lines, so Sanko harmony becomes crystal clear, unseen, just to give all MND King Buddha surrounded by mentoring in which . 'You Come!' Zao Wu Zhiqi looking away, his face showing a trace of laughter, his right hand stretched it out, IPL gushing out into a big hands toward Zao captured. Zao dark hearts of anger, Ni Wan saw a move, a mysterious yellow pagoda height of about Baizhang, stand on top of the head, hanging down Xuan Huang Guanghua down, cover your whole body, but also offering Kongtong Indian hands up, gold chaona Road Color giant hand smashed in the past. 'Baraka exquisite pagoda!' Wu Zhiqi speechless. 'Baraka exquisite pagoda!' Wu Zhiqi hint of panic on his face. Baraka exquisite pagoda is what, but the day after the first merit treasure, the year when the Pangu, the God of immeasurable merit lowered, this thing stand head, square law does not stick, ten thousand evil does not invade, invincible ground. But Taishanglaojun natal magic, that is, by virtue of Taishanglaojun beat this thing before all the holy one, who owns this thing is clearly the heir Laojun, plus just Sovereigns treasure Kongtong India , all showing the position in the eyes of the people who teach, and perhaps even the mysterious Grand Master of the year are not worth. Wu Zhiqi anyone can be imputed to, but did not dare provoke heir saints, saints die, than Thief. Kill sage disciple is certainly awe-inspiring, but will soon be saints are imputed in Wu Zhiqi absence of the moment, the air sound big ring, but it is hit-color printing KongtongColor big hands, big hands gold will smash hit. Chemical Sanko Shenshui, white violet splashed looked everywhere. 'This is also the town of demon tower! Not saint treasure.' Zao mouth hint of sneer, apparently frightened by the saints laugh treasure. That looked up to in the past, saw that the fruit grows on a height of about one hundred mysterious yellow pagoda, really engraved with 'demon