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of human imagination terrible things. Du wind Leng Heng, Yang Qi immediately cut the Shendao circle cold light, are slowly floating down the shouted: 'Du wind, you almost cut to me.' Du proudly lifted brow breath of wind, coldly: '! Luo Feile, whether there is something blocking the road we will cut in my Zhebing Shendao, make a clean break.' It took another two weeks later. Sahara still cloudless, the air seemed to dull draw a match, you can ignite the whole desert. This is probably since the birth of mankind, built the greatest desert plane moving tanks. Not accurately describe its size with the number, if you use a quantifier to call it, had vague to say, there is a city so great. Joan - Luo Feile finally started moving her tall fortress known as the 'day of the wall', the city transformed into a giantBut my heart is not happy it was inevitable, if I, my heart would not straightforward. 'Tall, pale face and said: 'You go to the west campus-wide, 'monkey face' see you that?'Surnamed Han Yu Hao thin: 'He in the house, I'm on the outside, he did not see me, how?'Pale face tall pondered a moment, turn Compass Tan Wang said: 'Father, we pick him in the middle, you see inappropriate properly.'Compass Tan said: '? How to pick a method that tells West campus-wide three brothers, said Zhao refers to children with six trading dark.'Tall, pale face and said: 'Of course not so obvious ......'Nodded, pondered then said:. 'If we can catch a little evidence, so much the better.'Surnamed Hao thin desert child said: 'You did not say these things equal, grasping what evidence there caught on evidence, they opened a Hong Tang off the holidays, do not let outsiders approached, we can break it back yard??'The thin man surnamed Hao said: 'I know, but we will not go into the backyard, where they feel a little orgy going on.'Tall, pale face and said: 'People always come up with ways to meter, once he opened the Hong Tang, we are inconvenient to the backyard to go, but he did not open until fragrant hall, we went one-two never seen such a look, though it Zhou stars but has its shape without its energy, but also the small matter. Zhou stars but then when Pangu them with chaos Ching Lin and chaotic debris formed on the infinite power of the non-human can control, master of the previous heaven, just take advantage of it, to control power of the stars for their own services, and not be able Zhou stars themselves, Trading Places saint although it can change the world of the machine, but not how these Zhou stars, but today Zhen Fang Zhou was able to power of the stars will be materialized Although these stars did not force the stars, but the collections are very powerful, heavy if Tarzan, if its hard to King Kong, a non-common congenital Lingbao can be compared. Rao escorts Taoist and quasi-mentioned Taoist magical wand, and now it is looking pale. 'Heaven!' Quasi-mentioned Taoist red eyes, constantly endure the air down to the tremendous power, but his eyes riveted to the opposite side of that deadpan Chen, behind Heaven exudes a mysterious glory as if to indicate something different. Escorts Taoist eye but can not stop being amazed that the heart is in the hand of Heaven Antan have Zhen Fang, I am afraid that is not their brothers can resist figure. Perhaps that is the closest known Hongjun Taishanglaojun also helpless, can not move forward and backward in Heaven. 'Hey!' Was originally blankly, eyes empty Zhen Fang, suddenly his eyes a hint of bitterness, and no joy of victory. Looking at Heaven's offensive struggling West Second St., face a trace of Youse, waved his hand, but it is the body of Heaven revenue, lost the support of Heaven Zhou stars have dissipated in the lotus space. Escorts Taoist face a hint of sophisticated look, silently toward Zhen Fang a ceremony, lotus flower emerged on the right handGuanghua, the sudden, a flash in front of the three scenarios, but also show the original case, the void is still empty, did not have any change. The quasi-mentioned Taoist Zhen Fang was riveted. Obviously not convinced Zhen kind of mysterious in gold light that seems to eat a big mysterious tonic in general, out of thin air inning Shuzhang range, we can see this huge beliefs. 'Seen Houtu Goddess.' Immortals not neglect. 'Daoxiong has come.' Mysterious gold light among the soil behind the empress sweep the immortal one, suddenly set in the town of Motoko body, his face showing a trace of a complex look, as if to ask what wildly. 'Seen Houtu Goddess.' Motoko town Lianlu smile, as if they did not find the soil behind the eyes in general. . 'So, in the future the government will have to labor Daoxiong the' Goddess Houtu sighed softly, and turn first sweep at 10 Temple hell, softly: 'After opening day, Haier naturally born again, I re-witch Family Treasures. ' 'Meet Houtu adults.' Yama looked excited, the mouth of the call is not the soil behind the empress, but called the Wu family, no matter which ancestral witch, behind there is a 'adults.' Houtu empress eye showing a trace of sadness, the same vein Pangu left, one for the blood of one of God for the yuan, a carve flourishing, Megatron three realms, focused, and the other was torn apart, To Heaven abandoned, even be successful, but soon replaced by others, do someone else's wedding dress. 'Boom!' A loud noise, such as the original fleet of 10 Temple Yama judge to place the shade of God stand to exhibit a group Xue Wu, their mysterious yellow blood, filled with a trace of evil spirits, it is pure witch family blood. Houtu empress with Shouyi Zhao, Xue Wu suddenly that groupStarting in Fengmu flow into vision, color compassion is more important, a good long while, I heard shouts, mysterious gold light giveth eyes, could not help the immortal eyes closed, then opened his eyes when, they meet standing before a Gongzhuang beauty, compassionate eyes, but the vast ethereal qualities, faint Should the mountain, the pressure in the immortal mind. There are golden round behind, on the right hand side is holding six color Kingland, not the soil behind the empress is who. At the moment