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the driver a gatekeeper. Of course, the driver is also the head of the Guards posing. Anyway Chung and Li have been the point of the acupuncture points, afraid will escape. Jin Shiyi thought: '? And to hear what they were saying,' only to hear Bailiang Ji said: 'Korea Big Brother, this thing is really strange people, and today is the fourth day of friends, but they are still connected to these people have not seen a ghost, Han brother, you informed, give me pondering, will not have any surprises, 'and that' Korean big brother 'pondered a long while, said:'? reasoning Yi Ling Road, Ann and son duo turtle total Feng Lin can handle it, but that is what they considered an accident, Simon Makino them a total of thirteen people as much as any one person's powers are sufficient and that the so-called anti-martial arts masters, do they all hit by accident? They speaks clearLux, if we want to block the retreat, will not let us have the possibility to break! 'South Biao natural unbelief, raised Gang Fu, Push to a door on the throw to the pan and then the sound of the door is only a shallow wound, did a bad crack! Yuan smiled and said: '? Bad as good as broken door, two-door of the gate, there are four five feet wide stone walls, the stone walls punctured with dummy doors, etc., are not on line yet.'South Biao again in the past, give the ax to the cliff, and indeed this part of the stone loose, an ax that split second ax up, a large cliff collapse!Yu Shi Yuan also move to another stone hammer, hammer pour off the wall, south Biao cut enthusiastically, like a game-like element with Yushi, a sudden shock to eight stone walls caved in!After the wall you can see eight channels, each channel will have twenty feet high, there are more than ten feet wide, with a large piece of granite stone into coke burning copper lighting! Yu Shi Yuan can not help but exclaim: 'Blue Butterfly Dream run this ranch is indeed under a lot of effort, if not to eradicate his evil, I really do not have the heart to destroy this place!'South Biao surprised a moment. But soon it should be down. Venerable Guanyin face a hint of hesitation. But soon kicked out. Mountain feet. Enlightening the Buddha frowning. Venerable ground while riding on the Golden Goddess of Mercy. Seeing and asked: 'But what is wrong with EEP teacher?' For years. Venerable Guanyin, Manjusri, Samantabhadra Venerable three are taught to follow the EEP explain betrayal from Rufo Men. So three of the Lotus Lantern Taoist is respected me. Even promoted to Buddha. But still is to call the teacher to call on Buddha EEP. Enlightening the Buddha shook his head. Said: 'Just east of the Buddha and Buddha to **** surprising ah monk baffled!.' Goddess of Mercy, who heard His Holiness also frowned. Apparently also slightly but gorgeous. But quickly shook his head. Obviously do not know where to reason. Enlightening the Buddha suddenly sighed:.. 'Since Rufo Men monk dedicated not have the slightest slack place despite being criticized by the monk, but it is not the time of year in regret illustrates teach although expensive for .... A person to the next. above the deputy leader of people. But where is not to be trusted. Primus although on the surface of the monk entrusted with the task, but in fact nothing but a monk would like to take the strength to deal with some of the His character is not convenient to deal with it. do not ever think it is perfected monk. I am afraid that Primus guessed there was no way the situation today it! I had the coffin.Western Buddhism together to quiescence Avenue. West into the ground. Also Nyaya. 'Guanyin Venerable, who is silent. These people are then betrayed Primus. Say to the actual point. Primus for three persons, including the fear of leaving Sun Buddha is not bad. But in order to increase their own Daoxing. Immortals was put to embrace Buddhism. Enlightening the Buddha to speech today at the fundamental or stimulate the Goddess of His Holiness and others. Even Zhang Mei also a trace behind to look uneasily. What seems to happen wildly. On the Mountain,