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financial envelope sticky saliva, cracked a few pieces, the stationery writing still intact. That metaphor behind the letter written, is a 'good rule of Mo cause, not a little of the former, but since the' ten words, looking like a cast ironwork what instruments, but the tone of hard to find players to worry about, so this policy is difficult to successfully before. An iron, so great to see how, over time for a long time, would be unable to find a good blacksmith? They feel not like. Three do not have meaning, including all feel, it was like no. For a while, Zhang to report, after taking the second man, and gave him some porridge to feed, the industry gradually clear mind, just do not love a manager, questioning not answer. Clothes had just been baked in, to replace him, he saw money and goods are there, just not the letter, lip twitched, like wanted for questioning, but did not say stop. Pro out, suddenly asked: 'will only look into the room I was serving it official?' The little lords and money touts the rank and name told him, he did not thank him on behalf of a small prop, said only sentence 'rare' put eyes closed, as if speaking accent lakes area, and asked the behavior. Yao people see the day gradually into the evening, busy city a doctor, because the habitat is good to see the cold, but also a good husband a good place to stay, close the incense-owned fifty taels, tomorrow the man brought in, and the cool autumn after agreement frequented the mansion to talk to each other party outside of the turn of the junction. Cold habitat praying thanks. Yoshio early-generation owner of compliments by Xinmin lapse into the curtain, both sides are non-yung flow, do not need any holiday etiquette. Yao Min is a thirst to love, has long been admired, when they ask peers, Yoshio among the dead was this virtuous Lord, naturally happy and eager to know different people rescued Yao China origin, then swear. Because a burn day, without much luggage, slightly twenty-three change of clothes mean something up. Patients always world is founded upon a sub-base, to draw upon a five elements of earth from the earth to maintain the strength of the force upon a time later, upon a disgust of muddy earth, the five elements of strength Xian Qi and thorough. separately, so that the human self-contained system. Once upon a time only in control of all of life and death in the dark world of fortune, if so? ' Su loaded girl nodded, Du cold wind tunnel: 'It is absolutely impossible.' Girls Yaran, wind head Wang Du Heaven: '? I ask you, compared to the five elements of strength and Xian Qi, which is stronger' Girl frowned: 'Of course Xian Qi, Xian Qi Five vitality an encounter will be absorbed, twenty years ago, the use of the five elements of strength, your body turned to stone and now you acquired after cocoon success of new infuriating. Xian Qi messenger is not the same level of your opponent, this is proof. ' Du wind lightly: 'Five strength after being absorbed into what?' 'Nature is Xian Qi.' 'Yes, after the five elements of strength are immortal gas absorption, it will become immortal gas. But if Xian Qi weak to be unable to absorb the five elements of strength when itUnder the five elements into stone strength effect. 'Du wind looked plain dress girl said:' water and fire allelopathy truth you should know, water extinguish the fire. But the strength of the fire can break down the hydrogen water, have become their own fuel. If the strength of the five elements are fire. Xian Qi is water. ' Su loaded girl biting her lips, waved and said:. '. Etc., etc. you let me think.' Eyes pensive prime equipment also exposed cute girl next door attitude daughter and two rows of white teeth white as pearls tightly biting his lower lip, thinking for a while eyes and said: 'This issue be discussed later, and asked the second months. ' Du wind meditation for a while and said: 'Logistics Officer Association of ancient weapons horsepower Once upon a tie from the past two decades, his goal is to make the ancient weapons by hand, the Xian Qi spread