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arrows below. Now to the Kuangyin here, Zhen Fang Cai actually ignore it, could not help butSurprising. Well quite a while, only to hear the mysterious Grand Master said: 'Since Shishu have arranged, I do not have to worry about other natural Cho Young of the Shishu resourceful, and so not my guess this is still talk about that. I Miss ten powerful sword it! Shishu since given Yufu, what can explain? ' No cut-off when Notre Dame swept teach a human, said: 'Yufu ten Pindao, mysterious are the big brother, cloud neutron Daoxiong, Kim Ling, fire spirit, turtle Ling, Luo Xuan, Lvyue, Wen Chung barely count one, so also still missing one person. 'While many experts teach cut, but can work independently, but is not much more to mention. Miss Wu Nai is the ancient Yaozu Story, a Dafa is very powerful, non-ordinary people can resist land. If the wrong person, it was sent to remake it, therefore no when the Virgin Mary is very careful. Although brought dozens of disciples, but still found a few people. 'If I explain to teach also like coming here.' Neutron cloud naturally still have not found a suitable candidate for election to, could not help but sigh. It then cut to teach, there are many players, but unfortunately, not on the Gods, is to be caught and the West, and to the now even ten players are selected out. 'Coupled with how Pindao?' Carter, the air suddenly falling to a person. Looks handsome, a multicolored robe behind SG flashing, like pearl agate general, very mysterious. 'Peacock Yamashina Buddha?' Mysterious Grand Master face changed. Peacock Yamashina Buddha really Western subglottic disciples, Gods of the year when, to single-handedly stop bloomer million troops to strongman, in the end, have to descend to the saint received this person. Basically a saint following invincible. Even the mysterious Grand Master did not know he could not win this person. 'Pindao Tianzhushan Kongxuan, met senior sister apprentice of you brothers..' Kongxuan saw are so mysterious appearance, quickly explained: 'Pindao depravity circumstances, apparently built supreme mystery.Just listen to her murmured: '! Nu sword, Goddess magic, ah, my super, you gave me this supreme gift ah' coincides with the tree anxious cried: 'Red We brisk walking, etc. also come suzerain 'girl heard startled, quickly jump to the ground, and asked:.' That sheath it 'Baili Chao handed hand and said:'?? This is not it 'girl hurried sword return sheath, homeopathic hanging around the waist, a collection of tips, rushed with Bai Lichao go south.Printing a means walking alone in the end, he immediately head down, like in the planning of what deadly trap vital Baili Chao friends.Only one study suzerain in meditation, it also has something on his mind like Laoer.Printing a finger straight at the door, cry and said: 'Brother!' Suzerain see him looking right, and asked: '? Xiandi, what' one finger printed hum: 'We monk ugly!' Startled suzerain said:? 'scandalous' and India stand to see a means to say: 'The year junior sister apprentice and guy actually do tricks, it catharsis day out, even the 'five red evil god' are ashamed, liability brothers can be big, 'suzerain anxious and said:.'. Yuxiong yesterday also say to you, would like to invite five Shishu the junior sister apprentice promised to you, noticing overnight out of this big thing 'Indian one finger and said:' I . do not care, just look at the relationship between brothers and how to get rid of the 'suzerain recite, beat beat on the table and said:' junior sister apprentice cardamom dynasty, losers do not know, it must be that little fool out out of tricks 'Indian. one finger and said:!! '? I think the guy took the early destroyed, the brothers think of it I do not know how,' 'Young, there are a lot of things I did not tell you, alas can ruin it already ruined him such a strike, something have now, I can not specifically for his own plan, and you wait for me in the evening news of the strike, and now I want to see two Shishu. 'India refers heard a consciousness altering, but see, he said very solemnly, city, but the defensive side, it is always inadequate. 'Princes do not have to worry.' Toutuo dressed monks sounded a Hengrou, cold looking across big business, sneered: 'Chairong disrespect God, not only burn my statues, I want to destroy Buddhism Orthodoxy, how I will bless the Buddha people. Today, though, he soldiers will be more extensive, but in the eyes of me and other people's practice, but also chicken watt dog only. Pinseng never be too Kuangyin recently, is to lure Chairong number today come tonight to be cast Pinseng , destroy millions of troops that it wants. ' Lee supernatural heard rejoicing, quickly said:. 'So there is labor Jinshan master of the' original but this Zhenjiang Jinshan Temple monks presided, Minghuan Jinshan, thanks sects Budaha of joy in the West, although advanced magic, but the capture of beautiful girls everywhere row yin yang earth mining practices. Miller says that the Emperor Sejong into the camp, ordered the army to reward soldiers in the army of procedure himself in the big battle. Braun was perhaps destined for the blessing, is being negotiated, the sudden burst of wind blowing, blowing off generals banner. That a priest Sejong seeing around, Qiazhiyisuan, her face became pale, suddenly Sejong said:. 'Your Majesty, tonight, the other to adjust the water to flood the Qiantang His Majesty His Majesty also invited to prepare early.' Sejong emperor was shocked, although he places the practice of non-authentic person, but also heard the origins of water Qiantang Qiantang water to the sky, the water, is part of the Galaxy, the mighty, if ordinary people Zhanre one point, are bound to lose the soul, flesh no deposit. Although Emperor Sejong real thing, you can avoid the ten thousand evil, but fail to do so and the sword of the water if it Qiantang overwhelming, I am afraid that this could save millions of soldiers do not know how much. 'This will do?' Sejong emperor was shocked. 'Your Majesty, but the heart and wide, since we know the other side of the plot, it is easy to they are two brothers, kidneys, although near Jin Shiyi pick! The original reason for Jin Shiyi first ten strokes to make them, as is to be frugal learn their acupuncture practices, he hated treacherous two brothers, Simon Makino and they are the most capable men, two of them connected to four strokes, major In addition to several sects limited Grandmaster, no one enemy, you have to get rid of Simon Makino first get rid of them. So the trick is mercilessly Jin Shiyi, first to 'Idiom work' they Zhensan Body infuriating within the family, in one fell swoop to break their 'pen array,' and then on its rule of its people live by the anti-body, four-point pen Bamo effort to pick up their kidneys, the They all spent the martial arts! Even brothers groaned: 'surname Gan, hello very ah:' There are two good friends and they come out, they will help the officer, my candidates do not dare try to deal with, but I also used them Even family effort, they think of their most familiar of this effort is also parry door does not come a moment missed, hurt them, but also seek indulgences. 'Makino Sagong Shi looked at Simon, Simon Makino because Guards officers to be more test this idea out of their own, are now holding a drifted Jin Shiyi, although extreme anger, but it is not common phenomenon of attack then said: 'incidental missed a test, all right all safe destiny, you can not blame. 'Not only do not blame him, but also took off a cam bao, let him put on, cover up his tattered clothes Tong. Kou Fang Gao Jin Shiyi conjunction Qiaochu seventy-eight kinds of different factions of effort, extreme suspicion, could not help asked: 'This is really sweet brother of Master Liu Liu Sanchun suzerain it? I have heard very clearly. 'It is: martial arts alive so little, how the leader of the test is not recommended suspicious, today may see their skills, it really is discerned..' When speaking, the secret of Kou Fang Gao hit a wink. v Kou Fang Gao and the common phenomenon of colleagues for many years, of course, know that it's mind, emotion