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not see him.' Young zero slim figure has also been sent up the lift, her cheeks Fei Hong said:. 'However, Luo Feile ...... she must dress like me.' Dufeng Li Yang zero engraved know why not come out, the cheeky little fox literally zero to Young sailors set up a miniskirt, and that two even close look, it is almost invisible pores scenery accentuates slender legs. Small fox blinked and said:. 'From the groundwater faster way to Niagara, we were there to complete the physical exchange.' Her eyes look Yang zero, whispered:. 'But I've heard, physical exchange must be two people are willing for the job, as she is currently in this state, maybe my heart is willing, but not necessarily resist subconscious' She turned leisurely, like the final nail wildly and said:. 'So, you'd better talk, we must talk.' Day wall 'brand submarine groundwater along the road all the way to sail straight into Neeb go through. Sometimes underground cave waters will meet a large area, these caves are somewhat narrow and can not accommodate the huge submarine through, they stopped submarine drill that comes with a large drilling cave, and then move on. More difficult than the scuttling of the cave, probably a woman's heart. Du clearly feel the wind, Luo Feile phrase 'heartLi Shadows 'is definitely not deceive words, had always secretly hiding in the corner of his eye from a dark mass sister, quietly began to avoid him now, when you have not seen even the shadow of the ship's dinner in a public restaurant. Submarine has been meandering waters sailed three days, went to dinner at noon, when the plate Roffey Leto sat beside Du wind, the wind whispered to Du said: 'We estimate there is a will to the Niagara.' Well Du wind cry, put a large piece of steak into his mouth. Luo Feile secretly rubbing his leg with a calf and said: 'You seem to be more infuriating weak, must be carried out immediately for bone marrow for the job.' Du wind silent, when the seabed grave knife, knife marrow had destroyed part of his lime bone. Although his With my brains a little more than you today, you absolutely can not escape my heavy layout, so I put the two of you to resolve after the first master of the world will sit tight!'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'You are not even close on the brain, Miss Wu is strong you a hundred times!'Blue Meng laughed: 'I have to admit it, but unfortunately you the home of one of the three men, but I collect intelligence, skill, strength and body, of course, stronger than you!'Qiong Yao Yuwen sneered: '! Yu force main fact that you had that experience before, Miss Wu's wisdom you have not gotten completely, do you have any trick, resorted to come as early as possible.'Blue Meng laughed: 'No, I am currently alive in this battle can starve you!'Qiong Yao Yuwen sneer: '! Are you still dreaming, Miss Wu, you destroy his dream awake now.'Wu Yunshan a slight chuckle: '! Yuwen Miss temper in a hurry, let him look happy, then he poured a pot of cold water Doutou, maybe he would be alive mad, did a lot of trouble.'Yuwen Qiong Yao smiled and said: 'This old guy is the king of eighty percent of the Millennium fine, deep heat, training well, mad he can not only forcedEggs, you know my bad yet? 'Tu Zhaoming Qiqiaoshengyan anger, regret just did not seize the opportunity, chopped his sword, and now has not completely dissipated tingling hands and feet, think about displaying Jiugongbagua sword is powerless, and he also cowardly fear of acupuncture southern kung fu , dare I saw looming over southern laugh, a rib called bucket, a sword to stab him again, fierce bite a bite, shouted:. 'I die is your own, I Xiuguai bottom ruthless sword ! 'Sword of a finger, a slip of toxic fire, ejected from Janus w in a cast until now he was' Kanli sword 'of power, he really is not mercy, but to show consideration for his own identity. To know his big break prestige of Wudang Jian Zhen, according to it, and an unknown nobody fight, forced to use a sword, is conscious beneath the face, but also with a sword if the toxic fire to win, I'm afraid also to Yi Xiao martial