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...... amazing.' Only this innocent little wild beauty, dare to defy world opinion in the face of formidable opponents Independence Day Du wind aired allowed to escape. Du wind and not angry, just lightly:. 'If in the real world, there are some tricky to deal with them.' Young Zero looked up with surprise, a pair of wonderful shiny head and said: '? Here it Is not the real world.' Du wind lightly: 'Yes, but where are Zongda the [World] rule interferes with the real world.' He suddenly looked up, forcing the world's eyes sparkle all four teams after involuntary step back, cold tunnel: 'Do you know what this is, here is Zongda as creator of the world have opened the battlefield, dare to enter the battlefield before the face of the ants, holding the advantage rule creators were not to be wiped out, how is able to retreat. ' Aggressive monk spat, cursed: '! Mystify' He did not notice that your companion, as team captain of middle-aged man on earth, is looking pale step back. And in the hands of [circle] Hung Tin hands stuffed into a monster, let Xian Qi Tao maintain the effect that he quietly retreated from the last one. Rules advantage words, let the middle-aged man he remembered some of the things that is nonsense. According to legend, when the extradition will Zongda just entering into the world of gaming operator Zongda disguised as a boy, will be mixed with the extradition camp, pretending nothing to discuss rules and extradition members, in fact, to Call fighting genius views of these, and gradually improve the rules of the game world. Later, members of the extradition gradually discovered this little boy, is the operator of the world were up. We do not advocate quiet, strengthen exchanges and Zongda peaceful solution to the situation of the people, is the wind's girlfriend Yang Ying Du. According to Yang Ying idea, if people are interested in the war can be transferred to the [World] game, we can significantly reduce energy consumption, while the war will disappear naturally, to avoid harming