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 'Today it is just ripe peach, to coincide with reality came to be seen which of opportunity, therefore invited to taste a real general.' Kun Yuan Road fairy king warmly. 'Pindao Hedeheneng can eat this fetish.' Zhen Fang heart of a dynamic, quickly finding a road. Take a short staff, eating soft in the mouth. Spiritual things between heaven and earth so where is itDelicious. This time to eat, and that peach tree does not know how many years to come in order to bear fruit. I heard peach heaven lowest among the three thousand years is a flower, a result of three years, another three years to mature in the Lord. We do not know how many years it kunyuan peach Asgard within a familiar, but certainly not short of time. If they have such a fetish will not easily allow outsiders to taste. Zhen Fang still a little self-knowledge, his face has not been so great. Kun-yuan fairy king practice for many years, Chen square decline, you know what Zhen Fang thought, the moment smiles:. 'Oh, hide from reality, seasoned today will indeed put this peach is because seeking something real.' Zhen Fang see each other that out, no longer conceal it. Moment and said: 'Oh, the fairy king but really sincere gentleman, Takayuki high moral fairy king if people do not speak to remark, not into it Asgard Pindao down the..' Said with a laugh. 'Reality, please!' Kun Yuan fairy king also cheerfully laughs. 'Fairy king, please!' Zhen Fang came to a cloud head followed, with the right side of the Kun-yuan fairy king. Together they went towards the main hall. Kun-yuan Asgard main hall is located in a radius of a hundred miles to Bitan side, rippling lake, crystal clear, a dozen strains of lotus slim. Swaying, clear fog or polyethylene or casual, Zhen Fang walked over jade bridge, from time to time to see goldfish swimming. Swallow giant tortoises on the lake, there are occasionally wander crane, a bird flying spirit. Numerous pavilions built. Clouds gather, gloom, Xianjia blessed too! Zhen Fang nodded across the lake with a hall. high-strength, but to get into it but no one under the Yangtze River underwater, after all, is the day after the closure of the people. Long Jiang Longjun and do right, and heaven is done right. These guys are the people want to become immortal, where heaven willing to do right, plus the Yangtze underwater soldier, but also is to visit it, both of you go to your single-plank bridge, I go I have perfectly normal paths, interfere with each other, their peace and quiet without things to Taiping Ye. 'But what is there to know where?' Zhen Fang Chen Sheng Road. 'Two little knowledge?' Zhen Fang surprised, ten feet equal to about 3.3 meters, there are more than six thousand meters two little knowledge, and yet in the end, we can see that the depth of the trench. 'So trench, probably the first person of the Mariana Trench Trench.' Zhen Fang, he told himself. The world's deepest trench in the Pacific Ocean on the west side, called the Mariana Trench. Its deepest point ChallengerThe maximum depth is deep over eleven thousand meters, located at latitude 11: 2l, longitude 142: 12. If the roof of the world Mount Everest moved here, will be submerged in the 2000 meters underwater. 'Thank His Majesty.' Shrimp will face hint of joy. 'Your Majesty, there are a few monsters have just went up.' Shrimp will suddenly thought of something, and quickly said. Zhen Fang waved them back down, then he flew toward the Mariana Trench in the past. This movement, this East practitioner does not know if it can be called strange too. Kowloon car slowly declining, although Zhen Fang magic strength, but with the car getting away from the sea, Kowloon, in-depth at the bottom of the trench, the sea around the same as if the black. The sea around the increasing pressure, no wonder those shrimp shrimp soldiers will just dive to a depth of more than six thousand meters, this huge pressure to the water is not able to withstand the ordinary monks lived. With increasing depth, the pressure is getting bigger, Zhen Fang could feel the pressure understand the point of it.!' Du cold wind tunnel: 'You want to know what I was using gas!' Yang Ying Yiliaoyisheng, she now noticed, waves from the air from Du wind body. Guang like force. Independence Day Shendao cut back from Du wind fall, conquering Shendao cut like a soft, fluid-like at the moment, quietly falling in the soil. Soils are hundreds of miles from the wonderful waves ripple, the Yang Ying firmly trapped in them, like ripples flow slowly erected entity, like a gentle hand, reached out to Yang Ying fluid trapped in the ring. Du wind turned. Light: 'Do you remember, when I want to give you a ring, you are not satisfied with the overall looks around, I finally cut the Independence Day Shendao refining give you a wedding!' Tears began to slowly diffuse through his face, Du wind hand and said: '! Shadow, breaking wife abandoned this style grappling hand, you can go.' Yang Ying looked bound body ring, abandoned his wife catch hand, the world's most bizarre catch hands. As long as there is a trace of longing exists between the two men, who can not be assumed to unlock. Du gas gush of wind who is extremely strange. Universe universe as vast as the day of evil spirits. Compared with the universe-day evil spirits, which shares the misty air was negligible. But then again grand vast universe, can not erase it out of existence. That is missing. Yang Ying Du looked up at the wind, shook his head and said:. 'Thoughts are only on their own land from the utility.' Mouth so saying, she has never been able to get rid of abandoned wife catch hand controlDu wind slowly walked to her side, quietly authentic: 'Do you know why you can miss the onset, because you are me and I am you.' Yang Ying body startled, hung his head sadly. You are me and I am you, like fish in water, such as a life and death. Miss the power of their onset has also proved this point, no matter how sober reason that he will never be able to change this fact, heaven Princess Tin Ying Liu Ye, Yang Ying Ye holy doctors, they can not get