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the blood, smiled and said:. 'Is indeed in the world preaching the characters, do not know how much the power of faith received no wonder so powerful. ' Zhen Fang cold a chuckle:. 'Notwithstanding the endless power of faith in you, but I figure it is not without a fight.' Carter, a right-handed stroke, and cut open a three realms gap physique of a move, suddenly drill inside. 'You're Good crafty kid, you think you run off?' Jesus Christ mouth hint of sneer, hands to the cross did not hesitate to draw the past. With Zhen Fang to leave a trace of information that would catch up. Such an escape a chase. Do not know how many times, they do not know how much the gap through the three realms. Do not know how many times to pay the hand, but unfortunately, as long resorted to the power of faith in Jesus Christ, and immediately broke open space, get away,Jesus Christ, though powerful, but also helpless. 'Kyushu air transport, as I used to, heaven and earth Promise, break!' A gap among Zhen Fang mouth to reveal a mysterious smile, hands pinch given fingerprints, three realms gap, suddenly flashing colorful brilliance, extremely secret, as if from a certain unknown space came out as slowly emerge around Zhen Fang, less than a moment to form a huge figure, about baizhang length, snake, antlers, tortoise eyes, scales, talons, ui, Malian, it looks like the dragon, claws, Ziyun blossoming around, as if the body in the cloud, like the mighty Titanic. The original these days, Zhen Fang just so beat and run, but it is the study of the usage of the power of this faith. Although not as good as he Daoxing Jesus Christ, but if on the power of faith or from air transport this stuff, no better than the other much less, after all, he took Jiuding Divine, Divine air transport connected to it, the power of faith are endless for used, to finally make it out today. 'Dragon!' Zhen Fang just break open a gap of Jesus Christ follower suddenly face became pale, hands to the cross exalted air, forcing air out of a milky white sword, people feel this middle-aged man named Li Guang, has spent tens of thousands of years in the earth. He did not know Kyi and Liu Guang day had come, and now they are in the enemy's stronghold, if Ji and Liu Guang days are the enemy, even indomitable Du wind do not want to feel that there is the intention of the battles. Fortunately, Liu Ji day quietly said: 'We are here to help you.' Her eyes are like lightning in the wind who parade Du week, frowning: '? You can fight this state you' Du wind yet completely clotted blood revealed a faint black scab, the needle has not completely sunk in the bone marrow, still floating on the surface, Liu Ji days glanced Liu Butterfly Day: 'You obviously can Huangji Xian Qi to help him heal of. ' Liu butterfly day blushed and said: 'that way, I do not.' Yoo Ji-day stare at her and said:. 'Then I come, anyway Huangji Xian Qi you have, I have, however, it takes time to heal.' Zhao Xu Tan Luan is busy to body pins, Xu Tan has been inserted as a hedgehog, then Yifu Liu Ji day, some of the similar things scattered seed into the Tan thread wounds, crushed bloody spur injuryActually scarred flesh separated automatically, quickly heal up. Du wind looked coldly days Ji Liu, and Liu days like butterflies around the body of Liu Ji day also shrouded shaped like Emperor Xian Qi extremely small ecosystem, those seeds scattered, and only eight stars above to see ancient weapons . Liu Ji Chen Dao day: 'You see me doing so fierce, I'm not for you wounded, to hurt you at least ten hours to recover, you can drag apprentice ten hours it?' This is a sentence. Du wind's face suddenly changed. Opposite MR:.. = Head, eyes under sunglasses who could not see. This hidden people can have strong strength, who also can not pretend to determine. But the strength of Du Zhao Luan wind is known to wear many of her art, if vaginal bleeding open physique than Tan Xuqiang absolutely more than one chip, even on Tan Song also winning. David and Goliath, the most important thing is to seize the