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victory or defeat, both have endless troubles. He is both confidential way of doing things, refused to say, we also made it clear inconvenience. I could see that he was bitter that we are here to stay, there will be meaningful. A stay, we got up, he cooked the indigenous way, copy the necessary road rush, first with Qundao a showdown, to bad it will secretly accompanied protection, with resisting foreign aggression. See how that statue? ' Francis Chin said: 'Also true view. Rigging chivalrous person, not to mention the two sides still best friends, Lest that persuaded him to take the words, it may not be willing to listen to it. 'Yoshio said:' That nature. This is one more thing to help us though, it is to the detriment to him, certainly discourage useless. Fortunately, human mud has long been an overall plan, with confidence. According to the way knowledge, Daodang like early strive. But hope waiting for him to come forward to launch, things have been, and will not affect the. 'Said when he heard the sound of far horseshoe fast and urgent, came away from the wall, straight in the park stopped Adjuncting Ancun: martial arts like Suntech, set foot away faster than a horse, riding out at night, the way it was to hear the hooves, the enemy will not be riding this. Is there far-off time come? Yoshio casually listening to him speak, though the line at being near the Tian An, is not the way heart line Rencong Li final Listen to the fear of being wrong, side to block. Suddenly ran across a five rode on another trail paddy fields are the same color peasant dress, no saddle, used to hold the rice pocket, inside drum capsule I do not know what bag to put things horizontally horseback. People ride on top of cliffs and relaxation, very quickly. Yoshio horses just feel somewhat familiar, that have been separated Tian Maolin five horse shelter, run without a shadow. Ancun horse Riding this fast, clear northern athletes skill, there actually see, think the Department of Fujian, Zhejiang mountainous junction, folk wondering be obtained far above xiyi, they think there is four hundred thousand soul of the moment heart burst of excitement, some Buddhist teachings all behind you, and can not wait to jump out. Take the hands of alms bowl and beads. Zhen Fang walked across the front, behind a gold rises. Golden one, vaguely sandalwood breath blowing, massive. The dust, this parameter is also behind with two hands together even remembered the great compassion mantra mouth, behind it rises a golden light, but a lot smaller than the truth, but also a lot of light. Zhen Fang Xi Yi duo met with a smile, a move Ni Wan, a golden pagoda fly out, with the pointing, suddenly fell Han Chi fairy head, hanging on, and suddenly the slightest merit gold hanging down and down, slide it care in the middle, light laughs: 'This thing that you send in self-defense, truth monk momentum too, and so I am afraid there will be a lot of soul of the army will kill, you do not go in the hub, readily pick up a fewThen fell on his back, said: '! Lose ah' 'ah' word to an end, long body to go down the bottomless pit jump.Ju material wonders appeared, two Tujue thunder around them as urgent, optic-filled, single step if holding something, floating, and slow and slow decline to go! This really makes the two surprised, simply baffling.After I do not know how much time they finally feet on the ground, and the two at the same time, he discovered stone ground whole bottom was red, the following very wide, vertical and horizontal foot and a half years.Baoshu De softly: 'Do not move, there must be a monster down here!' said: '! How the line does not move, come with me.' Suddenly, he found hundreds of feet around the outside really have a lot of monster, exclaimed: ' Adelaide, big spider! 'a big black spider baskets only enough to have a dozen, with Zhang Yu ovo long legs, met people do not Haner frightened, but actually no one dared nearly two Hou even cringe at the ground, known to have different legislation, anxious shouted: 'A super, these large poison might be afraid