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. Lisheng Nan Meng Shentong weaker than dodge does this while, she has already rushed out of the lawn, running down the hill, only to hear her speaker shouted: 'Thank you Master hand, reciprocated, I also give you a way to open it!' Yau poison issued two flare, the fire spread to the grass, leaves, and flowers piece trails Asura also be burned. Although she is not able to eliminate toxic flare Asura fragrant flowers, but Yidu grams poison, but they can play a role in and make Asura spend greatly reduced toxicity. Suddenly Meng Shentong been to the front of that red-faced old man, I heard laughter lemon, coldly said:? 'Yes, Simon Makino, that you would not die, but still wanted to martial arts figures, including me, have caught it hum , Well, do you think with the demon can run wild poisonous flowers, that would be too underestimated me, 'That red-faced old man also sneered:'! You did not think I would come with you count 23 years ago, the old account right? Well, Well, do you think excel Shura hidden evil power will be able to dominate the world, it would be too arrogant! 'So in the twentieth´╗┐Years ago, Simon Makino inquire into seclusion where the Li family, saying the martial arts when he and Meng Shentong dioxin, he is good at using poison, martial arts is not as Meng Shentong, he knew of thousands of well-known martial no trivial matter, even if we have poison Magic, it is difficult to win, and therefore had to invite Meng Shentong complicit partner, to seize the Li family's martial heritage articles. They chose a dark and stormy night a month, sneak into the Li family, the first point of hired Simon Makino developed Asura flower Magic, although the Li family Scriptures detoxification, detoxification effect on the Scriptures also contains information on the toxicity of Ashura flowers and the solution, but because ten thousand enemies fear bogey generations are being hidden in the valley, not Chutoulumian, of course, still less to go around collecting the drugs. After 200 years, Li anti days left poison, in