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the day the enemy of the matter, Di escape himself mistaken for a thief doing everything good god giant, already under a delicate, if not hidden Jun Elam came to save, how can we survive? Romance Megatron Tianshan dieldrin. Indeed. He seems so skills are still prevailed, Indiana away, hidden even higher than his king into two, not to mention themselves, the world looks very much capable, their years of fame, the real expert is not met, out of all chance. So today, two met the enemy, almost killed, die Zhennai lucky. Grew more and more chilling, increasingly strong a blog hideaway. Since the cranky side, Di escape capture has been that man over. Are going to throw to the ground, hidden Jun quickly stopped, propped him slowly. A recognized face, age and even light, he does not know. No time to speak up, Di escape has pointed to the man on the hidden king said: 'I do not know this guy has big retreat, I did not want to hurt him, but he could not show off a few of his scrap metal, and ruthless tactics prospective, such as changing others, were given hands. Look, he weekdays, will often rampant in the political arena, the usual hidden weapon wounding. if not removed, I do not know how many people are hurt! veteran and a half slower sound, I put his hands he was destroyed. 'hidden Jun see the man of medium height, facial features, it is no band with likes and dislikes, and think the Department of young, was sudden setback, was point to the Qin Zhu, the body can not move, angry eyes glared, have protruding eyes. Hidden monarch a look, glance not bad. Xiongseng used to be a one-man bandit, perverse sexual activity and very violent, can not allow things, never listen to his more experienced gang, how could this man with him? Di escape then ordered him transferred to the rescue. Di escape expected to have something to ask, anyway, can not escape the past to his waist twist soft tendons around the shoulder tap, then left him to hold, according to the back of his right hand to palm shoot. Congress heard that cough, sputum in the hands of Tiexuedanxin foot purple flashing brilliance, a purple lotus feet pointed in the flash on Jan cloth to enter large array. When no weapons behind Notre Dame and other three teach master, followed, taking their magic hands, Dragon and longevity, but also into them. Eight holes on male, female, old or young, rich, expensive, poor, really cheap eight cents, also followed, the dry Dongbin belong Golden Elephant. Qian Chun-yang, it said Chunyang ancestors, the use of the sword Yiyue Chunyang sword. But at the moment it is in the hands of the sword of fire execute fine sword, from dry bits into; torrent against gold elephant belonging to Tieguai for the foot, iron is a gold, enough in subordinate female, indicating soft gold elephant, holding a turtle Wen sword, from the dollar into position; Xiangu are like Kun soil, the holding green snake, reached the big fuss from Kun-bit; obviously drunk as part of the soil of Burgundy, holding a broken hill reached from Burgundy bit bigger; Chang, old wooden elephant belonging shock. Executive Long algae sword that proceeds from the shock of a large array; blue and as part of the Sunda wood in one hand and bluegrass, wave a sword in hand, from the side into the large array of Sunda; Han Xiang belong elephant. Yu Xiao holding a hand and a sword license bile from Hom bit reached the big fuss; Han Chung are signs from the fire. Han Chung fierce fierce temperament, a fan holding a treasure, a bit away from the dragon holding the medal. Armed with the sword of the Eight Immortals, according to the phase they belong to it, are not part said it reached the large array, behind him, but cloud neutron Zhaogong two, armed with jade handle Lingbao jade dragon sword to kill two into a large array. Ten people entered the large array, it will hang the sword, I saw the sky had Yaoqi large array, at the moment it is murderous sky, filled with round after round of murderous where numerous Jianguang criss-cross at Jianguang do not know how many Beastkin head count them out, less with up. 'Young, Zhu Xian Jian Zhen, what to do?' Dragon worried glance at not far Zhu Xian Jian Zhen, black fog filled the air, faintly hear the slightest sound of Li Xiao, thrilling, even within the soul can not Zifu stable, staggered, as if to fly out as quickly brings up the body of the couple SG, Ann wake units, see the heart of the next, and so can only be established in about Zhu Xian Jian Zhen, not to be fooled by that strong murderous the mind. 'Treasure Tathagata although powerful, is probably still the big brother of the opponent, not to mention Zhu Xian Jian Zhen, although powerful, but in front of Zhu Xian Jian Zhen nothing but a fake, although there are authentic Zhu Xian array map, but it is nothing but only play Zhu Xian . Jian Zhen just ten of the two gains supernatural powers 'longevity Carter, suddenly look pale, thundered:' Where Villains, emerged in stature not to 'rush to take a two-edged sword Dragon in hand, tightly. pegged to changing the gap among the three realms. 'Ha ha, in the end is Red Cloud ancestors apprentice, is really extraordinary.' Three Realms gap while shaking, then figure out a blood-red, the exact manner is said to be a black robe, but the blood-red hands but persistent edged sword, Under the universe tripod Rays are ready to give all the blood red. 'Lo?' Dragon looked surprised a moment, his eyes light out of a Siqi, Romania does not know who she is, onlyIn archosaurs inheritance among the Luo word faint, and saw in front of the person, as if a kind of familiar feeling, can not help but say two words to Romania. 'Hey! Yes, you actually know my master to life. But today, I'm afraid you can not spare the.' It turned out to those gold bi wind, do not know what the purpose to come here. Jin Choi, the wind swept the human world look, his eyes light up, could not help but laugh and said:. 'This really is the tripod universe master control of your home, it seems you also know how to get to the method of the human world if you this Methods to say, look at your home is dumb, never loud greeting , as usual, to catch enemies job speaker. From this close, all of the original rationale, due to the presence of Morohito Naishi big hands often said Marin insidious, Yi will regret it in the future, plus repeatedly warned that no one thought he launched this fast, and my heart a happy thought most enemies die will hurt, Wan escape. 'I had said that adults do not come out of his house, and they do not do it. Hath child temper anxious, and blame God I see the scenery, a lazy lazy, going to let him forget accounting point of cheap, think of the people here, too fragile, I do not have an inability to fight back, and adults to meet, how nerve to do? 'Everyone heard, increasingly furious. Some virtues hidden weapon beside removed fight to watch for fixed Di escape. Surprisingly Di escape Jingsi have eyes covered, dodge calm, nor overly sensitive speed, and a revolving door in general, term crowd surrounded on all sides, fists Cross, hidden weapon recklessly, nor what touches him. Sometimes the opposite attack from eating flashed him gently, almost one of us has suffered a fire. Di escape laughed: 'I see you and you play nothing I let you, but also an iron guy, something small, but it is much more durable than you, they must know the advance and retreat, an inattentive hurt yourself, does not look good. it. 'say, the crowd did not always see him go from vertical, the desire to use the hidden weapon, the Quartet concentrated together to get started, a wink to each other, each engine dart crossbow in hand, feint a move, bayan volley. Suddenly Di escape haha ​​laughed: 'Your adult out, I'm too lazy to play with you.' Sound with the people from the plains a dozen vertical feet lofty, and flew to the front of the building. You Jia chuckle he did great bones, normally used to account for the upper hand, once wounded word within it. Side to turn around, Marin Suddenly he sighed and said:. 'Brothers walking' You Jia said because things tight on tight, he delayed for some time already, to be Kinji is her Young Lu Road phosphorus. In Mangshan head. Glance is catch the enemy, left a press shoot back immediately. He built this Tie Pipa hidden weapon, finger press, three Tougu Ding prosperous fly. Kou force Gao sneered: 'Pearl of rice, also put Guanghua 'middle illness bomb, which beep twice, two Tougu Ding has given him bounce, but very close distance, hidden weapon shot to the strength and strong, Kou Fang Gao bounce! the two fingers also feel numbness, According to another bomb that third gold Tougu Ding, only to make the rocket Tougu Ding head slightly inaccurate, call is heard from his forehead Xie Fei next over, barely grazed his flesh. Kou Fang Gao furious, long arm stretched it out, will that put Lu road wins over phosphorous, on the other hand, Cao Kinji vest arrested, in this extremely dangerous time, sudden, I hear loudly shouted:! 'Stop 'was actually Buddhist 'Idiom' power, Kou Fang Gao heart startled, which have not yet grabbed catch, an extremely Tough Quanfeng, hit from behind. Cole picked Fang Gao Tie Pipa will have to play, but to hear the 'Dangdang' sound, like Robinson hit the bell, was deafening. That path can not afford to Tie Pipa which shares strong, give the man a hammer it flat a mallet. is a tall monk. So this is the Shaolin monks Eighteen pregnant one true He captured due to poisoning, in this group of prisoners among the highest martial arts, still above Cao Kinji. At this time, he served antidote after Jin Shiyi, the skill has been completely restored, sulk now since nowhere hair a flat of mallet mallet, hammer the second floor of a header Bianxiang Fang Gao Kou Kou Fang Gao a cross dizzy, then grab his arm to take advantage of 'song Crypt'! Kou Fang Gao caught there can crack the stone, I did not realize but the abbot of Shaolin monk Huai true Zen master proud disciple of pain, the refining of 'King Kong is not bad agility' already has a five percent level of attainment, Kou Fang Gao grabbed his Bibo, even if touch iron posts, not only does not go grasping, finger but