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only the method enforcement or supernatural powers have more than his own and other people, and how no hurry. The so-called underdog win, they did better than this means the difference between the two dust. Not to mention the people who in the space of four hundred thousand beheaded soul of thinking about this is very mighty military spirit, everyone though magic strength, but killing them is very troublesome. And this time was the capital of the north of the Yanshan Mountains, the large white witch from being hunkered down on the futon, and efforts to restore the strength of its own. Suddenly face a move, with a laugh. Upon seeing the side of buildings, quickly asked again. Cold shoulder from the top of a large white witch, ghost of a smile, said:. 'I have to stay that way in a long flat ban was ruined.' 'Congratulations sir, this account as also!' Lined face changed, suddenly overjoyed. 'Oh! You say then say.' White witch look for a move from the big smiles. 'Villain thought that four hundred thousand military spirit adults only so they do not get rid of, is to today's human right way to deal with these. Four hundred thousand is not only the large number of military spirit, and these are the soul of the military all have thousands of years of murderous. Once launched crazy, these guys will die seriously injured, at least a lot of time will be wasted. And with these times, adults can cook a lot of things. 'lined said respectfully. White plays big witch appreciated nodded and said: 'Everybody says I was born witch clan fighting Lord, look at the Wu family, and only then the soil behind the ancestral witch, witch candle jiuyin ancestors, as well as large-Chi Wu, Emperor there The general strategy of some barely considered a person, but to you at this time, although some resourcefulness, but this handsome most fancy or you, not only well qualified, resourcefulness is also very powerful. limitless future accomplishments. You're wrong, although some However,I see a glimmer of the move, you can determine a Kuangyin out of the accident the same. And Kuangyin is nodded, between the eyes inadvertently towards Danyang live in seven sub-glance, as if to remember to mind the same. Immediately resigned Sejong emperor, taking the Beaulieu sticks, riding Oolong beast, went towards the Southern Tang away. Jinshan said that the monk, since broken by Zhen Fang Qiantang River water, have an expert present to know each other, but it is not his own enemy, desperation, rushed to the Qiantang River, and to see the eight Dragon wide of Buddha. Denon eight wide of the Buddha is a Buddha, though, is not Toutuo dressed black hair was golden crown beam with a grain of Sarah embellishment on it, Shuoshuo brilliance, sitting on the lotus, behind rising gold round A huge pearl free them, as if the sound filled the Buddha, fragrant nose passage. 'Dragon widely seen standing Buddha!' ​​Although Jinshan monk disciples but Budaha of joy, when talking to seniority, and Yulong Third Prince same, but the other side has been certified Bodhisattva fruit, its position far above the Jinshan, therefore they did not dare referred to the brothers. 'Young come from?' Dragon Prince see Jinshan three monks came, frowned. Although the same is a Buddhist myself, but it is a Buddhist in Budaha of joy. Buddhist precepts can be divided into different sects of Mahayana and Theravada two precepts precepts. Can be divided according to the number of 'Five Precepts', 'Journey,' 'Ten Commandments,' 'higher ordination' and so on; by a monk, and can be divided into 'Lay ring', 'monks and nuns ring ring' and so on. Five Precepts of which there are killing, stealing, evil, lying, drinking. The joy Changong is to take the other side of transcendent wisdom. 'Wisdom' on behalf of women's creative energy, another way to practice the 'convenience' represents the creativity of men, and men respectively deformation lotus root Transformers pestle as a symbol of the vulva, By way of yin and yang yoga imagined and real intercourse sexual intercourse, the pro card 'Wisdom'