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extradition would be most effective small fox cunning smile two channel: 'I was a very democratic commander, so be it, even you here, including a total individuals, we come to majority vote of the formAnd in order to give preferential treatment to you, as long as two votes against it, even if you win, how? ' Such conditions could not find Zhao Luan seem refuse excuse, she shouted: '! Aging mother is absolutely quit.' Liu fat sinister smile and said: 'I am absolutely in favor of.' Luo Feile smile than Fox also thief: 'I rarely would agree with him, but this time I agree, I was absolutely in favor.' Zhao Luan can pierce the human heart with eyes staring at Tan Xu and Deng, grinning and said:. 'Partner, the two of you will not agree with it also.' Luo Feile laugh more and more to the thief: 'Tan Xu, Deng, know what kind of man is that most women hate it when sleeping in one bed, the courage to cross the boundaries of the man in the middle, the same woman is the most annoying? do not give her the opportunity to show her beautiful body of a man. ' Her voice was more temptation more provocative: 'vote now, you two Flirt, depends entirely on your own two hands you, miss no chance it.' Bass sound, Zhao Luan boots removed from a Swiss Army knife in his face rubbing, cold tunnel: 'You want to die, then two bastard ......' Tan Xu and Deng looked at each other for a long time, Xu Tan managed to swallow a mouthful of saliva and said: 'I am, I would like to see.' Zhao Luan alarmed, shouted: '! Tan thread you son of a bitch.' Deng also did not speak, Zhao Luan quickly said: '? Hey, Deng, I know you are a mature and stable man, seen thousands of women do not have eight hundred, and Tan virgin youngster is not the same thread that is it.' In order to curry favor with Deng, Zhao Luan even managed to squeeze a gentle smile, a wink to Deng. She immediately found himself doing a foolish thing. Deng seemed to see the New World, stared. Luo Feile Deng moved around, whisper to him and said: 'She is not a good laugh to Chiang couple beforehand whether a letter? Good generation Yao Min prevention. Side of the people and his party went to greet Yao Ho lodging, since relying on the promise, the two went ginger ginger, Xu Ming, do not know who the star is. Asked the old man with the status quo Hyosung Ming, Yao people so that maybe there is an accident brethren, exceedingly surprised. Together with the date of the matter, only to Hua Yue, Bai trip to give up and go Yongkang Yu, who lives on those days, see what the line. At that time only for casual listening, Ginger, who lives in the mountain, the terrain is more secluded, one will be approached. Xu Ming Xiang Xiao Xingwan requirements: 'Inside many friends, whatever the outcome, please leave veteran public face.' Hyosung laughed: 'You uncle in front of a lot of people do not take offense, knowing you twoIn the end my hand fall, does not feel sad. 'Xu Ming asked how informed, Hyosung said:' You two go in unto him, Moling old acquaintances, passing with a good visit. 'Xu Ming smiles:' That said, I have two positive and under passers Xiang Da, eat with veteran Hezhu come good? 'Hyosung quite fond of him smart, inadvertently also ascertain the one wonders, is very pleased, nodded and smiled:' I know you lie to say that round, but lost when I came to the intention of. Read you two first-time offenders, came to see me ginger, saying it wants better. 'Shaozu heard, just put a dessert. When he finished, Xu Ming, Jiang Shaozu ran ahead. Xu Ming is the uncle met, did not quite conceal, only the fault of taking on himself. Said two people go out martial arts, the subject of ridicule, a fight, I met a middle-aged forced Jiequan thin, whole down to eat, a few said a few words, along the way, claiming Moling! Date knowledge, to see Ejiu other words. Ginger heard shocked and said: 'This devil, you dare mess with him?' Stare Shaozu glance, quickly ran out, the Hyosung received within the inside of the chamber. The two sides held slightly away from Syria, Hyosung he said:. 'Shaozu skills