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are rebellious, those who are Anshan Liang China, according to this point of view, and that people who distribute these letters, is not rebellious gang, which is okay to eat a meal, a good pipe big deal, with local administrative officials deliberately make life difficult for people to do with my tan head man, since he is such a person, not a rebel gang, he need it to run it? Can go where to go? 'Tan Compass is indeed a famous years old traveler, indeed contemporary Catcher, his argument can be said that some penetrating, sharply, Luosan Ye hear heart shock, a heart once again tightened the third, had nod to say - the sentence:'Yes, Tan Rui Li old eyes, Liaoshirushen, Luo Miyoshi not admire.'Tan North snapped up, shook his head and said: 'In fact, this is nothing, on the rivers and lakes mix for so many years, who can not see this coming, who distribute these letters is really a genius, stupid to be added ......' did not speak .Tan Micro Compass Huafeng after Dayton, and then said: 'Now let's look at this letter, the new dry ink, is clearly just written, this team possession Wenfangsibao few places, from before and after the two points of view, that distribute these Letters of people, in contrast, only brother Luo Yao according to these two go, I will be able to keep Shoudaoqinlai days without light, I still do not spare, everything Pianlao Luo brother, this is for the court, as the local administrative officials, Luo brother is this train of guard at the helm, must not usurp the speech, which distribute the letter, though not the rebellious gang, but as Luo brother just said, such a thing would have tipped off as rebellious, Luo brother to be careful . 'Luosan Ye secretly frowned and said: 'Tan old, if it is not properly let me, right?'Compass Tan said: 'what is wrong with it?'Luosan Ye said: 'Three is a Luo people ......'Compass Tan shook his head and said: '? Luo brother wrong, Luo brother though you are a people, but it is this train's guard at the helm, the team inside out of this thing, Luo brother how can