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Elderly, hearing the girl said.'Sun Sen busy and look to the girl, said: 'girl, you say!'Girl shook his head and said: 'His opponents are what people I do not know, but they mention the name of the main door had .'Sun Sen 'Oh!' Sound and said: 'how, they also mentioned Yantai Xia?'Girl nodded and said: 'Yes, Dad, they say ......'Yan Mufei smiling, said: 'The girl, who can say, Yan Mufei also by very powerful people that the commission, in looking for the two men, but not for him to clear alien?'The girl said: 'Yes, Yan largeThey said ...... ' said: 'They said that for now do not control , until he found the two men, then he is also attributed to the columns of dissidents, remove it together, you can right?'The girl was shocked, and said: 'Yes, they say it is so, Yantai Xia know how?'Yan Mufei smiled and said: 'girl, back in the day I accept the commission, I would expect the just..' Paused, then asked: 'He asked me , reward is a large number of gold and silver jewelry, gold and silver jewelry and a mere understanding and not under the 'Golden Gate' door dominant eye, then reward what is it? 'The girl said: 'I heard the door the Lord said, what seems to be a martial arts secrets ......'Yan Mufei looked startled, and said: '? Tips Well, this is the dream of people in the martial arts martial arts people's eyes, it is more important than the gold and silver jewelry will vote who they really likes ........'Looked up and said: 'girl, you know what it is a martial arts secrets?'Girl shook his head and said: 'I heard the main door talking about.'Yanmu Fei said: 'Well, what else?'Girl Road 'secrets only be half that reward in the future things are after, when the world of martial arts go 'Golden Gate, all, any' Golden Gate 'walk!'Yang Yan Mufei eyebrows, said: 'I'm afraid this half than the first half of the more important that the girl, 'Golden Gate' main door is not confused, she does not know half of the reward that I'm afraid that is not easy to hand back?'Girl: 'The main door very mind, she would have thought of to the Western Paradise took a being that two saints mind you can rest assured that the West ? ' '? If Guaren into the Western Paradise, fellow's mind not to fall yet,' Haotian Emperor suddenly laughed: 'I've had come to know fellow, I do not know what the final Guaren get?' The Queen Mother too tightly pegged to gold bi wind, apparently they are up for grabs in the end to see which party to benefit much. . 'His Majesty the heart is too small,' Choi Jin wind suddenly sighed and said: 'Your Majesty, let a mere three realms Extreme weekdays carefully, fear, fear of other people's day a little monkey calculations are also sire. invite others to come to help, but a saint disciples climbed on His Majesty's head and now for their own lives, with his wife and children into hiding this Wonderland, and just Majesty, your heart is too small. ' Haotian Emperor and his face flushed, but yet do nothing. Side of the Queen Mother suddenly sighed:. 'Daoxiong though magical wand, but in the end did not like the red clouds of Heaven was favored, even a saint is not his opponent, but I'll wait for it is different under the saints, all ants are just calculating about it, what can they do? ' Jin Choi wind laughed and said: 'After amulet, Hongjun Taoist immortal will suffer seal, Heaven is controlled by family division, give all those saints soul fled into Heaven, as long as the family division between waving, can thanks to a Tao Hong Meng Purple Majesty have nothing to worry about it? ' Haotian couple heard his face became pale, Hong Meng Purple, the legendary boulevard of the base, the key to holiness, when in Zixiaogong in allHong Meng Purple been strong have become a saint, although only one has been the fall of Hong Meng Purple Red Cloud, but until now how this guy has not been sanctified every move will bring pressure to others, an unpaired holiness guy actually the ability to defeat the two saints, it is easy to imagine that if this person after sanctification, what kind of strength. Haotian Emperor face a hint of the saints, although some offense, but in the end is a benevolence. Taishanglaojun though angry, but do nothing, if really fighting on the ground Once upon a time, the idea does make under boundless Shanie, even if that person has a large array block, I am afraid that when the saints live supernatural means. 'Houtu junior sister apprentice is a good means that Red Cloud Young Goddess junior sister apprentice and where is it?' Tongtianjiaozhu received Qingping sword, standing in TaishanglaojunAround sneered. This time the saints found Zhen Fang and Nvwaniangniang have not been received in, the mind of a turn, suddenly understood to mean the soil behind the empress. Houtu Goddess Fenlian slightly red, and she does not debit Nvwaniangniang Chen, had, indeed, a bit selfish. But only a small aspect of it, in general, still worried when pitted saints, harm innocent people. As Zhen Fang and Nvwaniangniang of fighting, she is nothing but the personnel to do it. Okay. 'Taishanglaojun brow wrinkled, light, said:' The Saints fight, but decided the outcome of the final battle Yaozu, Red Cloud Young Once upon reunification, we must make a break with the demon clan, This is an act of God. To cover your Yaozu Goddess junior sister apprentice, it was just to make personnel, two have settled some. Houtu junior sister apprentice to do right. I waited for his two can not intervene. However, I waited though a saint, but Red Cloud Young also had words, God knives, no one in the list, and no one should not be on the list; and have seen this, I waited for the saints must involve in them. Saints causality between entangled, incidentally, is also taking some today, Nyaya. ' 'Big Brother is justified.' Quasi-mentioned Taoist Tongtianjiaozhu looking, red-skinned, cold hum smiles: 'Today, one can see how to help you not fall mud dough, sorry hatred year siege..' 'Then you can drop the dough, the same is true today.' Quasi-mentioned Taoist laughed. Hands greeted Qibao wonderful tree, did not because of his own magic with Daoxing, but Lang Francis submissiveTake any action. ' Li Kewei indifferent a chuckle: 'And how is that a few more, I am afraid that the court did not dare move really short-lived fad Kuo, Kuo recent years since'm out of the darkness, blatant settled throughout, it also indicated that they not looked down on the court. ' Shenzhen Dong said: 'You put it.' Shenzhen Dong said: 'I did not dare.' Kewei Li said:. 'Dare you, with me, kill a few big guards who can not reach me, I'm gone, you do not need to send,' he stood up and walked out. Chen Zhendong quick-witted shocked, sitting Pafu from the ground. Li Kewei walking sound disappeared, from the ground up, raising his hand to wipe the perspiration from his head, and he spent a long time, the move should go out. Timely flash of red, the door more personal, is the one who Enchanting, absolutely glamorous red round man child, Chen Zhendong bow of the body, said immediately: '! Girl' Red man child: 'The man is gone?' Chen Zhendong course not hide, lay it to say that a clear. Listened, red man child face changed color, said: '! He has the first emperor of the plaque jade Who is this ......' Red man child Mei Feng Wei Zhou, Shen hum a little, suddenly says:. 'Anyway, it is no trivial matter, reported' Chen Zhendong should be a cry, bow and walked out. He had left behind the red man child more individual, this person was a lanky, surface such as Guan Yu, Zhu lip if painted, handsome and easy, but looked haggard, his face sullen young men, just listen to him coldly : 'You're a step late, did not see, but did not talk to him two.' Beautiful boy did not look on his face, said coldly: '? Ask yet.' Red man child sweetly said: 'There is not too clear, how?' Adonis said: 'Then you ask me, for him, I probably know much more than Chen Zhendong.' 'Oh!' The red man child hesitated slightly, light soon, flirtatious Ningzhu children, said: 'how do you know it very clear to him strange, how would you ......?' Adonis said coldly: 'It is worth it strange?' Red man child suddenly