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am afraid that the gods did not dare to go through the. 'Master somber truth, glanced toward the cliff, his face became pale. This time all the monks under the cliff only to find a sea of ​​blood, all exclaimed aloud. Lonely Road, a long, pale, speechless said: 'The Ding cited do not know how much Shanie made, so the blood was gathered. These demonic human, if not earlier eradicate future this secular world does not know how many people will die. ' Ching Yun Road, Long suddenly smiled and said: 'This is a magical wand small lead in the end, actually human blood to attract the water of their lives, the same as an attempt to form a pool of blood and the blood of the ancient god of the sea of ​​blood ancestors river, quit a sea of ​​blood, the blood of God. die. No wonder then Jing virtual channel length can only be his seal, and not cause him to kill the. 'heard all the monks did not know why there is so much under this cliff's foul, the original is actually from the Land of the Dead, Land of the Dead inexhaustible water, as long as the channel is stable, water it lives it will continuously flow out from the channel, the wind Road, Long said Russia after six months, there will be a sea of ​​blood back is not an empty word. 'Reality is really extraordinary good fortune. Actually be able to communicate with the yin and yang, which cut off blood to the source of the lake, no wonder so anxious Ding cited.' A kindly old monk said suddenly side of truth. Jiuhua is Guangji master. Listen Guangji words, all the talent found in the blood of lake water at this time is still the original appearance, but not the slightest growth. Under thinking. Also know that lives only off the source of the water in order to stop the water flow out of their lives, and therefore in order to stir up panic Ding cited. Yin and Yang are not able to communicate means to deal with the ghosts, but to deal with the government, otherwise it is impossible to cut off the water of their lives. For a time, everyone marveled at the