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right red pupil girl hair color and eyes, apparently also ingested contaminated by a nuclear bomb, 'gas', caused by some radiation. Because of this, monsters and more troops to give full alert. Can survive in the post-apocalyptic ancient weapons, will be the number one strong, no matter how weak their appearance looks are definitely not be overlooked. Target tripartite agreement, is to stuff from the hole, only to be excavators action stops, will do it fights. Excavators stop the action, it seems dug what the representative body of the red alert while chaos flash, the Libyan army is indeed well-trained regular troops, the first time responded. Two soldiers wearing heavy chemical suits rushed to the hole with lightning speed, rapid climb through the ropes down. The rest of the troops are divided into two groups quickly, a group against the desert variation monster pull the trigger, launched a storm like fire, another group then raised the gun, give full alert with two ancient weapons. Red girl pupil nothing happened, juvenile white robe suggested:. 'Sister, we also make it work.' Red pupil girls have a kind of mold in a long floor sister's face and whispered:. 'Lie, that monster is used to ask, rather than grab, you do not just sell' In the conversation between the two men, the bullet has hit like rain in the desert Monster group who, a few weak armored monster was immediately swept the bullet holes in the body, pus splash screams fall, most of the monsters relatively thick armor, bullet on their scales have been bounced, unified army pulled guns, set up a rocket launcher. Rocket explosion after another, monsters flurry, was strongly explosive fried creak barking. Captain appearance officer shouted: 'Get that thing out of you, we have to evacuate.' Huasheng hardly ever, just into the hole of a sudden two soldiers had been thrown out, fall to the ground foaming at the mouth, upper arm, wrist bone all Duanzhe, wrists above, each seems to be a pinch pincers scene. Captain's looking great changes, see the but angrily toward the opposite tower MR. Use Xian Qi who is her enemy, Once upon associating with people who are her mortal enemy, she want it torn crushed. She suddenly felt the foot of a trip, his left foot out of the body. Du wind saw countless Pirates hatch body wrapped Zhao Luan, Luan Zhao fell to the ground with his arm to support his crawling forward, brush slamming her left arm also vitro out. Srivastava provocative Deng looked at the finger movement, Zhao Luan other foot broken. When he wants to make a move, can not help but stay for, Deng leapt already desperate ring. Srivastava Yin laughed: 'You foul, but to be disqualified, oh.' Liu Ji day suddenly said: 'All of you have long while disqualified, and the ring in what?' Her fingers scattered around the arena with laser ring fence and debris, smiled and said:. 'The whole arena is the ring, all of you already are disqualified due to unauthorized stage of course, if you are willing to fight down, can not see your own feelings. ' Xu Yuan and Radial looking one, Radial sneered:. 'Does not matter, anyway, our goal is to overthrow Du wind in the eyes of the world, the outcome is followed.' Du wind whispered: 'Thank you.' Liu Ji Fenlian day cream containing said: 'Is not I have to tell me to thank my kissing technique needs to be improved?' Du wind kept silent, Liu Ji day grunted:. 'Do not mention it, I just hate the guy standing in the ring, without actually tortured naked woman.' Du cold wind tunnel: 'I owe you one.' Liu Ji Yanzhuyizhuan day, turn anger to smiles:. 'Favors well also, and just now you said I kiss technology, however, you must be very will, on when to return this favor to teach me good.' She deliberately took the hand of Du wind to swing, affectionately against Du wind around and said: 'They are the first thing that you have to teach me oh.Said Luo Feile while also watching out of the corner of my eye. Du Fenggang owe her a favor. Bad touches immediately pushed her, just to see even a small fox lung almost to explode. Yang