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blue Meng, only those of us who, he helped the Blue Meng killed us, would not be caught in the whole martial arts unfortunate!'France and China with his head down, not dispute theAccording to Third Uncle, said Chen and his honest industry, limited skills, is home to spend more wicked, Paul does not fall in Peru. Happen to spend at home with a girl, because to buy snacks and Ating familiar, repeatedly about to play, burn snacks handy to do with the owner to eat, and also promised to pay thick. A mother and her daughter is home to spend suspicion own fear, if known enemies, upon invitation, surely the opportunity to spy on the actual situation into the body, it is pushing the busy business, but politely thank. A Ting Ancun: Jieti just to explore. See also the early days, it should already be on dim sum, quiet and so on cage betrayed. I wake up sleepy old man stop it delicious. ' Public Chike buyer seer MA Kun run wild, all have gas. Because a mother and her daughter not to be trifled know, sooner or later need to attack each stand idle lingers. Will be the arrival of a little old man, who is more powerful, increasingly want to see the joke, heard and known as MA Kun-fat, can not help but laugh. MA Kun A Ting body bent at first I did not notice the crowd look, and listen to voice strident, A Ting heard the sound of quiet curse: Do not run far, the old man jumped volley, still blocked by the head rush forward. A fight, still fall. How the old man does not hurt him, and kept asking him to go down to climb out, the evil play endlessly. Every fall time, a pattern will change. Chen arrived for a business, he should not blame the cliff call people, to stir up trouble for himself, although not afraid to spend at home know later in the end, thought to be more cost better deal, wants to pull together a mother and her daughter, anger with hatred of the enemy, so when you see pretending to ignore, eating self go. Sigu people spend an excellent victory, the first quite happy, and then think of Xing flying squirrels divination?' 'You want what things?' Zhao Kuang Yi laughed. Zhen Fang look for a move, smiles'Pindao good view of the mountain, and Pindao can give a foothold?' Although Kuangyin Zhen Fang said to be shocked, but quickly got it back, squinting his eyes. Present laughed: 'So this general with a head piece would send a foothold..' Then again, pointing Zhen Fang's robes laughs: 'here and no size, if it is not to a head with the body of the robes for This little place Nengzhe robes, send and track how long the place. With this place, way long, you can also have a foothold, if mountains Leekpai. The General Ye day to ask. Road longer think? 'Side to Zhao Yi Kuang heard, knows his brother is ready to see Zhen Fang joke. Moment nodded, smiled and said: '? If this is true long road, after my brother really can Albatron Miracle in the above, will share with a pulse length of the road, said that how long.' Zhen Fang heard laughed, pointing to the two laughed: '? His Majesty said that two can count.' 'My brother said is what I said.' Kuangyin look startled, and said solemnly: 'I Kuangyin though but a community Takeo, but also a man of indomitable spirit, the words poured out like water, land, Hath not count ceremony. just worry about whether this will be a long road I really robes circled piece of land, the establishment of the gate where do. ' Zhen Fang laughed and said: 'As long as you must not regret it.' Then take the body robes, waved his hand, and saw that the robe drifts, it rose to the sky, two brothers looked up, Zhen Fang is ready to see the joke, suddenly Zhen Fang mouth hint of mysterious smile, shot a purple light on his right hand, but the little finger first thickness, instant, their big as a bucket, straight to the sky, did not enter into that robe, I saw That purple robes suddenly rang out, shining the whole sky, the sun should shine on the day Que Shibi, stabbed two hearts Kuangyin immense panic, this time they found in front of the young Taoist probably not a simple role, hearts awaiting a still has a lot of. ' 'Hmmm, the generation of fame, but also can get great merit?' Idle loose frowned. 'Well, since idle rationale Young will analyze these things are clear. While there I Shushan seal, but if I waited to late, the seal isOthers broke, these people came to a heterogeneous admit, I waited door upright and their hands do not have to. 'Lonely coldly:' free science Young, Young bamboo busy, busy rain junior sister apprentice, free sword Young, free song Young, English song also led several Young and several Shishu go. You start it three days later! ' Qingcheng faint, pale green wood, several overlapping peaks, towering peaks, meandering quiet, fairyland, where the Emperor was asked Chisongzi San Juan of the Millennium Qingcheng. Rise and Fall of the millennium. Qingcheng mountain Taoist numerous, but they are nothing but roll it in the secular world, although beautiful, but where the number of people Lianqi monasticism. It can only be called before Qingcheng. Qingcheng Mountain. Melancholy gray, misty clouds, I wonder if there are thousands of miles deep, cliffs. Pine stands, quiet place, barely visible aura uptake. Here is the real city of Cave, comprehension sector door handing out right here. If we say that the Kunlun Yu Xu Jian Qi Shushan Chongxiao Majestic Hall, Cave Qingcheng that is compact and quiet. Extremely rich world of Reiki, among Cave. There are thirty-six peaks. All is forested. Countless woods road straight through the mountain, the whole cave being very quiet. End significantly hermit style. Suddenly in the middle of a mountain, flying three Yufu, the sprinkling around, and soon the air flying three Jianguang. Very sharp, Nathan White Jianguang straight fearless, with waves of volatility from the world of Reiki. Qingcheng above the hall, holding a palm to teach xiyi long road edged sword, looking odd ancient, although silver hair, his eyes but not when bracing the light of wisdom. 'Teachers have seen palm brother.' Jianguang three fell down, each exhibit three