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India gave Zao, it is intended to have to think twice. 'Now is not a long time to Huang, and indeed that there are individuals out.' Emperor glanced Buddhist two, to see both sides look bad, react quickly, his face filled with a smile. Anyway, to the emperor, but is a title, not the advent of things, as long as the human race is no big happens, not born naturally, also considered a Fairy Crawford, and he is vain to stop when he pulled a human can still do a do, it is also possible draw two masters, why not do it! Grand Master Xuan brow wrinkled, awaiting speak, his eyes suddenly light up, said: 'Shishu, the Young virgins have been broken, the practice of converting to enhance the future, so be Crawford's immortal, just barely. ' Immortals knew Zao actually virgins lost, so be Crawford's immortal, can be considered a new way Zhen Fang to the door to find, let alone two generational here, even those saints came, probably not will say on what. Dubbo Tathagata seeing, nodded and said: 'Young when this humble.' Anyway, the three realms of the dispute, are based on the human family as the cause and effect, even if the other party to permit the emperor, but also not affectCouncil, not to mention the West and Zhen Fang causal unfinished, just not good opposition. Only the EEP Buddha face hint of confusion, heart felt faint hint of wrong, but do not know what is wrong with it in the end. 'Shishu, although Young bones good, but in the end the practice day is short, even if there Lingbao body care, I'm afraid it will not hold it long, if one were to embark on his disciples not to go.' Xiashou suddenly stood out a moral gold cents to was surprised to find a pale blue robe, who had hidden the misty air, but the immortal illustrates teach all know too well-known fairy cloud neutron moral truth. 'Oh. Zhen Fang calculating the three realms of Immortals dare you!' Enlightening the Buddha suddenly face became pale, his face changed when he heard the immortal, have towards the Haotian mirror looked in the past, was send three generations of seniority with the door, all hold on, it may not be his opponent! 'Gu Zhihua pale, because she thought different day Mangshan send massive revenge when, inevitably someone died in the hands of Meng Shentong, when she helped with the door to go and do not help the enemy with his father? She looking up to heaven, tears, she gave birth to hate and hate to make Meng Shentong daughter Jin Shiyi also did not know where she was sad knot, just inconvenient to reach, to see she has been moody, could not bear, suddenly clasped her his hands and exclaimed: 'You are you, he is his, Qingzheziqing, muddy those from the cloud, lotus mud, still spend the gentleman, in vain you are Lv Siniang disciples, nor even that the truthWhat? 'Gu Zhihua warble:' The others will say it how? 'Jin Shiyi laughed:' a man worthy of the day but for the next worthy, the rationale of what others have to say? I was known as the murderous mad beggar, treat me as evil devil, but I did not ask themselves killed a good man, nor did big and evil things, I would still go its own way, do not bother others look down on me I still valued. I think the devil is also not care, not to mention you just the devil's daughter? You've persuaded me, I would like to do a newborn baby, well, I will advise you remarks today, you only when your parents had died when you were born already dead, what things Meng Shentong nothing to do with you! 'That made it very thoroughly, except Jin Shiyi and no one put it out. Gu Zhihua tears like rain, but the heart is much better than the previous. Jin Shiyi breath to remark that out, as if these words His heart has a backlog of long long time, and suddenly Piansi billowing torrents, pouring down, the sound becomes clearer and bigger, clearer and faster, showing his mood is very excited, hearts suddenly had a wonderful finish it feeling, thought: 'Everyone says Jin Shiyi unreasonable, it seems that those who simply do not know him. Who would have thought he seemingly cynical, but it is for people like occasionally seen, although scared its beauty, but see this woman frosty, not with people to answer, his father again and Lu, Guo two diabolism always met, both high-line generation of martial arts, the famous Jalan difficult, less opportunity to meet party there are several beautiful swing Nvzei Ying Ying music available, itDare bold teaser. Until this played twice and fight the enemy, compared to the previous findings, but also a vision, in addition, led by Lu, Guo Morohito because his father met with, hinder better off, conscious sorry, the door Yaotu and flowers Cai invited about two henchmen, in all likelihood it all depends on the dog eat dog. This would covet enchanted, until a whisper mutual inquiry, yet women do not hereby promise have my husband, and listen to Tony's brother, said Hung mouth poked by Charles Ray Shi Funv of years, half the weight friend sensibilities, half actually In order to choose to love husband. Public Acts of the party should be at home all known mine industry wide Arita, a wealthy village, if checked, would not life and wealth too? Heard increasingly hurry, have secretly mischief, all attempts to fight the idea, camera and hair. This is the enemy, not at can make little of the effect? They want more and more cold heart, are not kept on the ancestral week had a good impression, hostility fading, the situation in virtually growth go hand in hand, few want the speaker to step down, somehow, the mood since the conflict, just do not want to go. Furthermore bow had just pulled too full, you can not step down. This way became a sympathetic, though refused to cast magical soft gun, even now also changed the way many gentle, just across the masking frame, but no facilities killer. Zu deposit potential slow week to see her suddenly, like a lightning-fast before the storm no longer blindly onslaught designed to deadly place to start, wished he could look straight man stabbed through and through wear. She is also the first suspect with the intention of seizing Regardless, it shows