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the tip of the Shandong Peninsula, facing the Yellow Sea, Gu Zhihua noon, to the foot of the hill taverns eating lunch in a drum, and asked where Long shangqinggong mean something mountaineering. On the top of the hill, the day started going black sea islands drifting afar, vaguely down the moon, the stars fishing boat, feel a cool mind. After thinking for a moment more, perhaps you can renowned Jin Shiyi, spirit is heartened. In recent days the wind ridge exertion, are similar to Hyperion do wash up. Go for a moment, butAfter the summit, see the depths of the pine forest, emerged in a monastery, put light foot field, and slowly walked Sichaoqifu mind, thinking about the past few days to the encounter is full of strange things, renowned for Jin Shiyi To him first say? At the end of your mind already, sudden, I hear somebody sigh sound, Gu Zhihua heart jump, from afar, I saw a man leaning pines, Jin Shiyi who is not? He heaved a household, it seems it is in thinking mind, it seems to have not found her. Gu Zhihua smiled to himself, to go around from the side, go near, it suddenly Huanliaoyisheng gently: 'The World Heritage.' think, feel Zhengzhu. Look on his face, looked very embarrassed. Gu Zhihua's heart seemed to fall a piece of lead weights, at once sank, light, said: 'sorry, I do not know about the Lisheng Nan girl you met here to disturb you.' Jin Shiyi pulled himself away, busy : 'Valley sister, you do not misunderstand, I'm glad you had a chance to children it: you come here, you can have anything?' he mind also wonder: how do you know Lisheng Nan Gu Zhihua name? Somehow, Gu Zhihua suddenly felt sad, even she did not know, it is sad to Liqin Mei, or for yourself? Liqin Mei Jin Shiyi thing is to tell its own, and this Lisheng Nan yet. Jin Shiyi has been telling her: that instant, she perceptions of Jin Shiyi have all changed, before she took Jin Shiyi as a friend, and now I thought, but felt he had all kinds of sweet, it seems Xu Qing is hypocrisy! Jin Shiyi see her old does not speak, shocked, suddenly blood. Were smashed. Did not have protection act. But industry fire HL cover your own soul to earth is obviously no more ask. But this is the case. Kongxuan also face pale color. But more is resentment and humiliation. Once Upon a time. Kongxuan even saints do not care. Where there is this way too embarrassed. How he has been able to bear it disdainfully. Dragon pale. Pearl also like to be in front to the same bloody red. Eyes in the faint hint of red. 'Namo Amitabha.' Dubbo Tathagata seeing her face changed hands a golden shot, a full-bodied flavor of the Dragon sandalwood enveloped them, as if sobering general, to restore the original Pearl white jade, his face calm a lot of insight into a hint of Qingming. In the end is just inherited the ancestral dragon ground forces, but did not Daoxing archosaurs, under influence by foreign objects, or with the other authentic. 'Treasure, it seems today you and I want to postpone a test.' Kongxuan looked at the carnage continues to expand, his face solemn, sweeping the Dubbo Tathagata one, said. 'I do not know this person behind the Buddha know? This person's situation as if you saw a small woman, carefully explore a lot, but just know that behind this word, but do not know the history behind it.' Dragon worried The sweep of longevity is being implemented at nine Tibetan days off and slowly said. 'Said the monk behind the chaos days'd know that. I did not know this person and behind the eyes there is no relationship.' Dubbo Tathagata face a hint alarmed. Although his practice for millions of years, but also just heard this story, and do not know in the end is what Romanian origin. However, while it touches ground Kongxuan face became pale. Does not mean that the people do not know that he did not know, by the Phoenix family heritage can clearly understand everything Romania can say that those all-powerful Phoenix family fled the reason why until now still not extinct days of the South, the strength greatly reduced, that is, with This Luo related. Although the