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destroy the Dragon, even a large array of Immortals should seriously injured, wounded, how can the immortal twelve ancestral witch opponent. Black fist closer, thunder god Pangu chaos are gathered in the cloud, as if ready to be down for the same. Dragon even have felt coming of death, the immortal face look a hint of ashes. 'When.' Chime, clear and melodious, as if from nine days down. Qingming while the immortal soul. When again, a big fuss at the moment seems to be the same as laid down. Shensha all day on a large array of golden revolving, black gas condensation, but could not see the slightest movement, hangs over a large array of both god Pangu mine has disappeared without a trace, as if never been the same. 'Chaos bell.' Mysterious Grand Master eyes light up. Fruit see above the clouds, there is a boy clinging hands of a small bell, small blushed, obviously rang the bell of chaos, but also exhausted their best. Chaos Sambo Pangu streamers epoch, Taiji diagram given wind water and fire, chaotic minutes free three realms, repression obscurity. Only this matter at this time in order to have such effects. Sure enough, that the bell rang, the original Dragon seemed tired to eat fruit, like ginseng, very excited, audible cries of Dragons, supple body quickly penetrate all day Shensha big fuss, a golden fall direction toward Tianzhushan in the past. Sure enough, the large array, Li Xiao bursts of sound, a Wu Guang, surrounded by a body to reveal a devil, about Baizhang, men ugly but strong woman is a beautiful flower, swaying more position, although the whole body Emotion, but there's a line-like beauty. 'Shanhaiguan goner.' Neutron cloud Yangtianchangtan road. The rest of Immortals is also a hint of sadness on his face, a little luck color. Also thanks to Dragon angered large array of Temujin, resorted to twelve Jin, plantedThe all-day Shensha big fuss. Formed a Pangu Mami, this makes the immortal thought, First Secretary of the Wu family still has not been used if Temujin surgery in a large array Qinzhu porters, torture out to assassinate the truth, insist on strict grandfather Treatment. Grandpa Li said: 'come, but covertly and openly in public assassination, must not be so bold and mouse steal a dog's life is not stealing general knowledge, or let go of the good..' Grandpa insisted three car did not listen to really capture the real guilty of handling stolen goods, so Grandpa extension so rare. Hung brothers met my grandfather, should quit, quit a few words to explain, could have nothing. Hath overconfident, he saw wretched. Grandpa car three assassins make Chuzhe Deng insidious hidden weapon, how to accommodate! In fact, do not have two old hands, then water bamboo passenger hall Morohito paternity, which is also on the ability to come. Hung brothers ridiculous long wander, without setting seen little movement. 'MA Kun heard this, just remember two servant agility absolutely fast, already seen that they ignore the past, remorse late. Although it is a new hotel in a bamboo house bamboo house, both inside and outside lights hanging there, clean and comfortable furnishings. Visitors sub House residence, have someone serve. Chen industry to date, the first in the case of quasi-Mo Yan Bin with the public outside the village, saw compatibility. Also known to be a mother of the poor, more intimate. Corner of the home bias in the bamboo forest, is a small building, not connected with the public guest, is very quiet. Host and guest trio to the inside, with room MA Kun Chen industry: '?? Who'd introduce unknown why the first to say,' Chen Ye said: 'I do not say non, prior engagement, she was not allowed to disclose the same to make big brother, too. Big Brother is still on the person who knows when, really a pity, 'MA Kun said:'!.. this thing Yuxiong blame bad, too sorry for you introduce that person, presumably bit became famous elders now things have been in the past ?, can finally say it, 'Chen Ye Fang hesitation, Mo Chen industry quasi Stern said:' Chen Shu, these words do not you say!To him this useless white sky transpiration, Xue Wu becomes enveloped in a ball on the photosphere. Du wind features together QiQiao spill blood, infuriating his body strength, have nothing left to bring together in a ball of light. Gang Feng Du tragedy immediately abandon the invasion of the body wind, began to frantically devour Xue Wu and light ball, but not a clean swallowed. In misappropriation photosphere and Xue Wu, while the power of Gang Feng also cut down a little bit. About half an hour later, the ball of light curtains pulled into a thin channel, Xue Wu is already being swallowed clean. Soon, the last point did not faint light into the Gang Feng being. However Gang Feng is also consumed oil burnout, Xue Wu disappeared in the photosphere and the occasion, Gang Feng issued a final cry scream of frustration, but not completely blanked. Fat fairy Zhangtailezui sayWords. Once upon a time there since the creation of tens of thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, in order to test the storage to soaring tragedy forces in overnight, was clean, this kind of thing is really no time immemorial. Du wind feet and move a step, fat scared collapsed to the ground, branching off the fairy shouted: '! Coward, he has spent a' Fat discovered, Du wind upper and lower body are covered by a body oozing calcareous, almost became a stone. Top of ancient weapons, body musculoskeletal As the 'gas' long erosion, had become structurally similar to half the energy body. However, once solid Jipei dollars for gas lost, musculoskeletal will immediately rigid body into stone. Today, Du wind phenomenon produced by the body, it is infuriating all been sucked Gang Feng tragedy aftermath. In addition to the tragedy was Dufeng Qing years, but Du build the base of the wind and the pubic region infuriating real dollars, tendons and meridians, are all destroyed by the tragedy, from now on, even if the wind [Independence Day] Du survived only As an ordinary existence. Alarm bells ringing in the laboratory, a six-piece diamond squares by