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that Nongmeidayan bad idea, he yelled loudly, attracting all the big guards Guard in the big house and around the Guard, prepare everybody together on to a siege.At this time, the door opened and a large house, which walked out of the land is rendered, his hands holding a gold medal, holding high overdone, speaker shouted: '! Host has purpose, with an audience to come, and shall not obstruct'Paradise Under the purpose, that several old man with all the big guards, Guard disabilities that startled head bowed, standing local, no one dare to move.Yanmu Fei indifferent smile, said: 'Yan Rongchong a good big!' Move went.Lu rendered received the gold medal, distant hand, a look of fake laugh, said: 'Yantai Xia, decrepit greeted late ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'dare to be the leader to make greeted word, without blame, is strictly a blessing.'Lu rendered Hey laughed: 'Yantai Xia Do not say they do not know Yantai Xia is ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'command to make, offer a bit strict decree to come!'Judicially 'Oh!' Sound and said: 'What time ...... oh oh upper right offer for Yantai Xia bit Mizhi originally come to find Jianwen Well ......!!!!'Yan Mufei already boarded the stairs, said: '! Command so I Bong Wudang who now host's will.'Lu rendered eyes of a condensate, said: 'Yantai Xia say Jianwen?'Yanmu Fei said: 'Yes.'Miss judicially said: 'Yantai Xia renowned Jianwen it?'Yanmu Fei said: 'Yes, the command to make.'Land is rendered: 'The host sent on Wudang, please Jianwen down for a while, it ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'I know, I just came on behalf of the host.'Lu rendered Chasheng said: 'Yantai Xia representative Jianwen?'Yanmu Fei said: 'command so that this is wrong?'Land is rendered out of a smile on his face, said: 'Yantai Xia kidding!'Yanmu Fei said: 'I am poor command pretend!'Lu rendered Yaran said: 'Yantai Xia words ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'command so stingy!'Miss judicially said: 'Yantai Xia ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'If they do not understand the command to, forget it, please take me to see Zhu Di!'Lu surprised know each other actually give up their magical spells without the direct use of their most simple and the most powerful means of attack. With this hand tiger demon. People caught off guard, did not know how many players have died under the hands. 'Hey! Touches a treacherous role.' Mysterious Grand Master, who rushed hearts surprised. Whispered. The above positions, the former Dragon meet wind roar, which simply do not know the situation, his face changed, and the cries of Dragons, fleet air golden flash, a silver dragon fleet between now and the cloud. Vigorous dragon scene, but it is cairica, saints looking for a change. Cairica but the world's most powerful presence, but then that is Ipomoea archosaurs. But the ultimate dragon. Long the world is divided into two types, one is the real dragon, a dragon is industry. The so-called real dragon refers to the real dragons, and there Ipomoea, while the highest is the universal industry Dragon Dragon, only four claws. Today Dragon emerged Mami, but cairica, but Dragon since archosaurs. Appeared in a cairica. How not surprising. Tiger from the wind. Dragon from the cloud, clouds blossoming. A vigorous Silver Dragon, a claw clutching a Hokyo, black and red flashing Sanko, hit the top of the hurricane, the hurricane was cut layer after layer, blink of an eye, you see one of them in which fierce tiger ; a claw that propionate sword, gleaming, ice fog Gang evil demon gas filled the air for a moment leave the tiger around a moment, the whole body will be the Tigers barbed bloody, horrible; also grabbed a claw on one side Hokyo, but as the yin and yang, engrave the surface there are inscriptions, flashing a black and white two brilliance, but it is Yin Yangjing, although it is a fake, but the cloud of neutrons produced a blessing for simple, although it is not life and death, two light emitted, but the yin and yang Jian Qi is capable of piercing out, from time to time in the tiger demon hit him; and above a claw, but flashing orange photochemical, enveloped one, that this fighter . Suddenly in front of a black, then there are numerous little star down, as if the two brothers entered the night as many stars hanging down and the next, but it is to cover the entire Tianzhushan, while a star on Tianzhufeng its as big as a bucket, A purple beam slowly falling, median on Tianzhu, but heard a loud noise, Stern blasted a ground to the Tianzhu. Two pending strange, you see Zhen Fang took a palace, the hand thrown. Gust of wind, but had several feet of the palace, but the wind flash, about the size of a few hundred feet, majestic stands in Tianzhu, purple shining, but it is now resplendent. 'Two generals, since the two generals have promised to send Pindao a robe of the land, as a temple, now Pindao has chosen a robe of the land, I do not know how the two generals think?' Fang Chen smiled. 'Aw long way robes Why are so large, and so can not see the light of day the younger generation.' Zhao Kuang Yi color excitement eyes exposed, could not help but ask. 'Haha. This robe but according to the number of the refining Sunday, about three hundred and six thousand five hundred years.' Zhen Fang could not help but chuckle. Zhen Fang due to see the stars of the original angel robe that is very interesting, but it just good Zhou stars a big fuss, therefore refining of this robe, although the surface but several feet, but if the launch of which to ban, but give birth to numerous large, faint There are between dust, Yan out to the wider world. This is played for a passing interest, but do not think today there was this role. 'Three hundred and six thousand five hundred years?' Zhao Yi Kuang jaw boss, heart shocked to realize that this is just the radius Tianzhushan three hundred and six thousand five hundred years. That Zhen Fang of a robe is all accounted for the entire Tianzhushan inside. 'Sin is not a mortal really long, disciples neglect Department, please cents Changhai also.' Kuangyin immediately know the person really is not mortal eyes, hearts delight, this land Once upon a time,