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Taishanglaojun highest strength. Houtu empress followed. The escorts Taoist again. Today, the leader of the West in order to break the two human world to Jiuding. Desperation. Taoist personally escorts had come. After all, the original Zhen Fang defeated Nvwaniangniang. Despite Nvwaniangniang underestimate the enemy had had to reason. But the saints are afraid to look down upon this pro set this Hongjun Taoist holy person. Mainland four groups that St. West. The Taoist send escorts to come. Also helpless. Four holy places is not just a face Zhen Fang. There are three clear door. Only send escorts Taoist come. After all, only the soil behind the empress have a war with Taishanglaojun force. 'The teacher Shengshou boundless.' Escorts Taoist cloud had just fallen head. To see the EEP Buddha led Lord Buddha, Buddha meet up. Amitabha escorts will connect Lu Peng grass Taoist temple. 'Teacher, demon Buddha?' Pharmacists glass Buddha said softly. Sky is just out, but both sides are scheduling appearances. Zhen Fang looked across the escorts Taoist, laughed and said: '! Escorts Daoxiong, unscarred almost' out of a Si Qi Zhen Fang mouth smile. Taoist escorts looking for a move, as if a kind of bad feeling in mind. Although the color of the surface of the sufferings of the heart is raging, secretly wondering: 'The Red Cloud fled this guy called Heaven in a now secret confusion, I waited for calculating Did he can be counted out, if true, I'm afraid that's something the human world, it is not so easy. But, again, he calculated, although his disciples blessed men, but in the end is a short practice time, Daoxing not deep, where there is any top players? Oh, well , Kongxuan fellow is back Buddhism intoHa good fortune, if Zhen Fang him to the human world, it Haotian is not his opponent. There town Motoko its minions can. Not good. 'Present laughed:' Ha Young Disciples Pinseng had heard various qualification extraordinary. So just look at the lower bound on a look. Young Ha disciples how to how these people? ' Taoist said:. 'Husband a word.'Mr Yam said: 'red girl at ease, Futian Hao is a one to it.'White Lady smiled and said: '? Then the line, I knew that was a word you sir as Jiuding like figure, yes, travel long distances, endure hardship, do not avoid the risk of escorting her, and she knew it.'Ren shook his head and said: 'She does not know, do not have to let her know.'Ms. Bai Yang thumb, said: 'a great hero, big hero character, is indeed the lakes were full of 'Desert Dragon' ......'Shocked a chuckle: 'This thing reminds me of a story, sent thousands of miles Jingniang KuangyinSomewhat similar is not it? 'Ren distress a laugh:. 'Red girl joking, I'm an itinerant warrior, that dare than brought in.'White Lady glanced at him and said: 'Watch, ah, she was a beauty, you are a hero, will suffer too close ......'That 'would be' dragged a long word, but did not say shut up without saying it.Ren smiled and said:. 'Red girl actually so would make fun of people.'Ms. Bai said: 'I said, but to be honest, the world that her family is not as 'Desert Dragon' fascinating, and I do not say it?A girl tea do not think Rice did not want to, as one only read 'Desert Dragon', made almost lovesick, and everybody feels the same, Xintongcili, Take me, for example, me too ...... 'Mr Yam said: 'Red girl how ......'White Lady shook his head, smiling, said: 'I am telling the truth, I am of course also a daughter at home, but my daughter at home in the arena mix used to, not as a general daughter home so coy, what I thought, mouth Lane said what, but we meet too late ...... 'Ren was shocked, articulate started a bit hesitantly.White Lady has said: 'Do you really think I was the widow who is not your mistake, I was a girl, so I wore a widow claiming piety, with the intention that you claim to be a scholar like?.'Mr Yam said: 'Well ......'I hesitated a moment, and shut up without saying.Mrs. White said: 'So how can I meet the language is not too late to tell you, I used to know the individual, how others, not how much you are poor, I have entrusted platoon long eyelashes, Xiangchun, Tankou, small Yao nose, and both the United States.Jinyu Qiong elegant, yet glamorous, fairness, she was moving over Han Wei Ying.This makes eyes want to see her asleep not Yanmu Fei stared.He had never seen such a woman to vote, but have not seen such a beauty Kinds of sleeping, some say, is the world's most beautiful sleeping beauty, the fact is not bad, the immediate Jinyu Qiong not that it? Seeing Jinyu Qiong, was remembered by the encounter with her now, this period was like a dream, is not it? Everything is too fast, too much of a surprise.Yan Mufei think now, think of a few days, a few days later when she was renowned for Wei Han Ying time, it will be a case of how kind.Suddenly, he had such an idea, he reap the blessing of man in the world, which would make him a man blessing account! Suddenly, he was a little ashamed, it is the Han Wei Ying.'Wave!' Slamming, snuff has burst,The Yan Mufei Congchensizhong scared Dynamisante over, he made an effort to stand up for Jinyu Qiong gently pull up the quilt.I do not know how long he was awakened by a sound, looked outside, full vision cold, dawn is already through the window.Jinyu Qiong original body of the quilt cover, and now is covered in his body, look at the bed, empty, and only a hairpin children sideways.She saw , immediately smiled and asked: '? Woke you up.'Yanmu Fei Nan laughed, shaking his head: '? I did not expect I fell asleep, and sleep so heavy, when you up.' said: 'Half an hour earlier than you!'Yanmu Fei said: 'What's still early, why not sleep a little longer?' said: 'You're sitting in a chair suffer, how can I have the nerve?'Yan Mufei smiled and changed the subject: 'how, I feel good that?'Jinyu Qiong said: 'Great national champion prescribing personally, that's not a quote Jiyu.'Yanmu Fei said: 'I can only see a small sick ......'Jinyu Qiong said: 'Do not tell me politely, up to wash my face, you lay the water.'Yan Mufei throw a quilt on the bed, stood up, is not it? A pot of water to wash the gallows on dilapidated, and the middle of a giant ground black hole, into a pillar. Ao wide side cautiously said: 'This is the year of Yu Wang to repay me for dredge waterways such as the Dragon, will fall Stand here, to suppress the Dragon air transport, but was later removed to make me Dragon Monkey big air transport. subtract, although rich universal, but universal among Dragon is not my master. 'Ao broad look bleak. Ao leap around the face, such as Dragon are a trace of sadness and shame color. Dragon boasts universal. However, due to the strength of the bottom, attached only to heaven. That is, even past the brightest immortal demon also serve very carefully, for fear of offending anyone. Long been seeking, all promised. Dragon shook his head, the hands of the archosaurs nine sons have thrown out, and loudly shouted: '! Archosaurs nine sons, each different ancestral dragon blood, blood pooling for the pool,' of the earth shake burst, Tokai above, emerged in numerous road carnage, countless sound resounded Dragons universal, as if from the ancient call of a Road Guanghua mysterious statues from archosaurs now out. Longkou slightly open, a Xuezhu suddenly sprayed out from the mouth, fall in the ancestral longchi slowly to see the mixing of the gas filled the entire East China Sea underwater, glow shines, fragrant spread within the scope of miles around the entire East China Sea Dragon are * ** up, fragrant through the skin, fall into the Purple Palace, the Dragon can feel as if Daoxing to continue to grow. \\\\\\\\\\ 'Your Highness, archosaurs blood.' Longchi feeling the ancestors within the familiar atmosphere and contains a huge energy, Ao GuangHead moist, over the years, looking at the dry and crumbling ancestral dragon pool, Ao Guang wished I had ancestral dragon blood, his own incarnation of the pool, to reproduce the ancestral longchi repression Dragon air transport, so proud of the Dragon prehistoric period deserved, not the object being bullied today, is not dependent on the presence of other power. Zu