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exceedingly satisfied. IfPresident really has this supreme skill, decrepit dare the honor on behalf of the major sects according to respect life is. Mr. Meng as saying what? 'Meng Shentong said:' Another half trivial, which was originally sent by subtraction Mangshan play head monk, but he has unfortunately died. French monk off my friends, so I sent the other eye with the Mang. Xing won if I pay you, do not need to send another disciple Mangshan send sects worship me, stand by me runoff subtraction monk disciple Geng pure as the head before it. 'Cao Kinji whole body trembled with anger war, according to Meng Shentong, then, that if this war is lost, Cao Kinji's head would have to be finished immediately, Mangshan also from going to school by a command to manage the Guards. That instant, Cao Kinji anger sky, almost necessary to go and see her look Meng Shentong desperately wrong, hurriedly pulled her wing leading crutches mid-year whispered:.. 'Today it will not only be Mangshan school thing, there are various Grandmaster In this case, the material is difficult to succeed in this old thief, for the time being by his lie was raving, why then arguing with him at the moment. 'Cao Kinji a wish that the General Assembly Mangshan factions, and if so does testosterone have lost Meng Shentong factions Tongan abuse, Mang sent by an even more severe bullying, it is nothing but fifty paces and paces points Bale . Is it to that time, they still face head do you think again, and he did not Meng Shentong opponent, had suppressed under anger, not saying a word Meng Shentong haha ​​laughed:?. 'Now that I have say, we have no objection, it started! After 'he finished, slowly raised his right hand, his eyes one, direct light, staring pain Zen Master. According to the rules of the martial arts, the two sides agreed to the conditions of the contest, they clap vow by both masterminds to Zhao solemn It would have been just a ritual, but under the circumstances, who will think, Meng Shentong may take this opportunity to give a