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small, according Pindao view, I am afraid that most of them fall into this treasure in the hands of some forces in the West and hibiscus. They are the main elements of robbery when the palace ground. ' Zhen Fang also welcome, he reached out and took it, sighed: 'The road is long Come, happiness and earth so I wanted to come to God to bestow merit, must also be requested..' Kun Yuan fairy king and old Dryad heard nodded. 'Yes. And if we know that the big two in this Jindaoxia Ao driving them, why had not previously been taken out?' Zhen Fang question said. Kun Yuan demon fairy king and trees mutual smile, smile face, said:. 'Reality may not know, although I know this case and other places where the baby, but none can be taken out.' Zhen Fang surprised, and said: 'Why?' 'I like are heterogeneous.' Kun-yuan face hint of fairy king resigned. Trees demon sighed:. 'As far as I and other speculation, it had found that there is not no human Shushan to a statue of this treasure, but unfortunately missed this treasure and they can not get a more accurate way to detect this Da'ao chariotest specific location, had sealed using arcane secret palace under Jindaoxia. Shushan descendants left to take, where to know after the war between good and evil, human Emei rose to heaven in a hurry to fly, people wanted to forget to tell later. 'This is typical of his own not, others will get the idea. Zhen Fang sighed, imagine when the original battle between good and evil, the so-called decent, probably a large faction of the door. Shushan as Qingcheng, etc., and so-called Xiepai probably means this is not red seedling root errors of these people, and also includes the most heterogeneous. 'The fairy king today, how can indeed To this treasure it? 'Zhen Fang asked again. 'Ha ha ha. There are real in this, afraid he was not a tactic Emei Chongxiao Jian Qi.' Kun Yuan trees and fairy king demon laughed. 'Magical infinite merit gold, breaking this prohibition natural Emei is not difficult. What's more, this great Ao driving them while the fairy king Kun Yuan thundered:. 'You play this mouse really that' it is in the hands of the party emerged jade tablets, into black and white, gold Doutou it towards real hit down. Yupai yet spending, a black and white two-color light onAs Tarzan-like pressure down, crushing force if, with a burst of whistling sound, Guaixiao again and again, when the rotation of the black and white two-color flow led the monstrous momentum. Real face suddenly became pale gold. Right-Yang, a black sky to discus. It is issuing a silver-white light, straight into the Sky. Greeting black Baier Guang rushed up. 'Bang!' While shaking the seabed, that discus Heibaierdao light touch, suddenly 'rip' sound and turned it into ashes that black and white two gas but stopped for a moment. They pressed down. 'Yin and Yang make!' Tian Ling Master face became pale. Mount Kinabalu is also surrounded by the outer magnetic element Gang evil, but also need to make this kind of yin and yang to pass. But he did kunyuan fairy king as good luck, get so baby. Not only can safely through magnetic element Gang evil, but also make use of the yin and yang of the supernatural. See a yin and yang that make the air, his eyes showing a trace of greed. Pending fork go on foot, while Jackson's sudden mighty shout loudly chanted, said: '!. The two are my famous people overseas, why care about a small thing to do for someone else to make a joke Mo' Carter, the sea suddenly two points, falling to a group of people, but it is the wind, Lonely monks led by the Divine. A square breeze Chen, laughed: 'Reality is coming early.' Verbal meaning is suspect Zhen Fang Dong Fu already found here, but refused to tell the crowd, slightly hint of vindictive meaning. 'Ha ha, look at Daoxiong Pindao statement that Divine comprehension martial but only the interests of the group, a little conflict of interest, they will not care about half a day. Such opponents, and so why should I mind it!' A cool and bright voice suddenly came over, a hint of evil breath, name is Richard - Higgs Stewart' The name reminds the general cry Well, this is the British royal family dedicated to the call, which is three protoss that did not seem to be afraid of their own meaning, blonde aristocratic smile: 'I know what you're thinking, I was the first British royal family Three heir, Richard - Higgs Stewart. ' Facial girl costumes voice: 'My name is Kamiya silent comb.' Ten sword bone in her body shaking rustled, this name so that the generals think some of the stories. Japan's largest Jianpai host to name Kamiya dojo, Japanese fencing has been lost today, all the way to rely on traditional Kamiya dojo masters still maintain Kamiya, who is also the name of a new shade streams, Shinto stream flow three knife Kamiya still under the influence of Japanese folk faction successor is almost comparable to the Japanese emperor. Burly man hesitated, whispered:. 'Morumbi - Leites' The surname is also very familiar with the generals, because it is his peers, the surname of the world's biggest drug lords. General can not help but secretly shook his head, should not happen coincidentally things right, he was about to say his name, Higgs Stewart waved to stop: 'I did not necessary.' The blonde aristocratic fingers have grown a sharp knife finger, slowly hideous voice: 'You have just told us to roll, the three of us have been rolled over once, in the face of traditional human world and human forces, we did concession, get out then and our loved ones goodbye, into the dark world of the protoss, since we did not hear people telling us to roll voice, mime comb, Tu, is it? ' Kamiya silent slowly broken bone comb face: 'Yes, the human world and the noble family does not recognize our existence, we can only give in, go into the dark.' Blood from her face crushed bone seeping: 'Unless kill them, but we can not kill them.' Tu is quietly pulling the sword, Higgs Stewart smiled and said: '! Since becoming bloody protoss, no one can make us roll up, whenever I hear the word, we will be angry, very aspect of the Three Realms years, no one dared causal inverse of entanglement, therefore have besieged the gate today a sea of ​​blood. This is the time before the results thus there after. Laojun naturally understand inaction The truth, or else it will not let go all mysterious Shushan, and received Qi Shu Ming et al., to be placed in the Tianzhu Mountain at Red Cloud. He is no Nair. Who Shushan self-madeBy. Hey, dragged taught his disciples would not easily explain downhill. Shushan cause fear contaminated. Shushan think so immortal immune. If I shot a Buddhist today, Zhang Mei, who will give all degrees into Buddhism, Buddhist, I can also increase air transport, and Laojun but do nothing. As for Red Cloud, at the moment I'm afraid for his own sanctification things to worry about it! Brothers, in accordance with the truth of sanctification time has come to Red Cloud, but why at the moment it is still nothing happened? ' 'He wants to force the sermon, it must obtain the opening day of the stigma, but at the moment is not yet time for nothing. When Buddhist causality to be settled, the party is at the Red Cloud sanctification. Hongyun just do not want to owe Laojun with Primus causal nothing. 'escorts Taoist said nonchalantly. While the quasi-mentioned Taoist shook his head, apparently he does not agree with the reasoning of escorts, he is now getting a nice guy can not see through the year. Always will be calculated in the quasi-mentioned Taoist always feel where there is a problem, just do not know where the problem lies in what place it in the end. Shook his head, puts penetrating eye chaotic space, look in that vast Shushan. Top of Shushan, Zhang Mei looking real joy. Nether leader did not because the army arrives to urgent mood. Even the mysterious Grand Master Qi Shu Ming, who will be away from the Shushan, who now live for long eyebrow. But it is less of a holding sword only. Dwelling at the moment because it is too much to come. Maitreya, the Buddha demon, sandalwood Buddha merit, fighting over