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split down the DPRK. 'Damn the Light.' Zhen Fang roar, hidden in the heart of the beholder suddenly burst out, the idea of ​​a move to restrict the space of an iron rod pierced hands, a golden light from the wielding iron bars out, forming a demeanor Viagra fierce dragon, Dragons voice resounded through fog, Longkou was the boss, Talon publicity, shining golden light, circled, on pilgrimage light fury 'Boom,' a loud noise, or two symphonic, Guanghua bright, flashing Should fireworks in the night sky, the little golden light, scattered in every corner of the square. Huge impact force, the museum will not help trembling a bit, windows also bursts whine, finally have turned it into pieces. Consumers will soon light fog lifted, I saw the top of the square, Zhen Fang looking smile, high spirits, just as if nothing had happened, and Gawain has paid a high price for his pride, his face pale, mouth hint of gold blood streaming down, gorgeous clothes Knight was also destroyed as beggars clothes in general, where there are the original grace and dignity. 'Damn!' Kay seeing, blue-eyed flame of anger in the shot, which hit just as if Zhen Fang is like playing in their face. As a proud knight, glory is not allowed to insult. But just this damn Asians but once again was an insult to the Knights of glory. 'Hateful!' Lancelot face cold, this time he did something wrong if he is to underestimate the ability of the front of this mysterious monks of the East. Gawain apparently suffered internal injuries, even to fight, combat is greatly reduced. This time he found that just should not let the girl leave, at least this time you can also make just this nasty guy, a little slow on the hands and feet. 'How do you regret it?' Zhen Fang mouth hint of a smile, as if seen through Lancelot's mind. 'Hmmm, do you think that women make to leave, we can not find her?' Lancelot at this time seems to be angry flames engulfed the general, that hateful smile, make yourself anxious to immediately kill him. 'My intelligence department in half!Wu Tsering and the others, but at the same time to withdraw, to break Dianwai go, that they had already planned retreat, came forward to help, just make it look good.Three of the grab position, completely relying on doors of the house, simply ignore of life and death, just go out the door, which know Duron saints and blue Meng has not been idle, when the two of them talk, blue Duron Holy Meng also made ready, the trio had just rushed to the door, grab a floating Duron Holy stature in front.Blue Meng toward the leftmostGet a laugh. Human monk decline has been a long time, long ago passed out, and the same is Yaozu Guards and the line, the pursuit of longevity. For hundreds of years, although it was rarely heard soaring, but practicing the way, each level upgrade evil, God has lowered the tragedy is the fact that, more fortunate than humans. 'What do you do?' Secretary Snow frowned. River City Party Secretary Secretary parent-free cases, the new mayor Jiang Haiqing good relationship, therefore therefore have the opportunity to repeatedly contact the Division of snow in the evening could have been ready for about snow Division, did not expect to actually touch down for the first time to the monster. 'Oh, that plus Zhebing Jian how?' Jiang Jicheng calmly removed from the back of a two-edged sword, the scabbard silver, a silver dragon hovering on it, under the moonlight, vaguely shot 'Fearless' word. Jiang Jicheng drawn sword, but see a Senleng Guanghua now out, under the moonlight, Guanghua flow, where an enormous force circulation. 'Human treasure?' Fearless Tai adamantine sword but by refining, plus Lung Fu Shan secret law, now has reached the realm of human treasure. Fold westerly eternal unchanging face finally had a trace of change, secretly wondering said:. 'A guy who has not yet entered the door of comprehension treasure when people actually use this magic worthless yet comprehension sector Masamichi top ten martial art really so powerful? ? ' 'Eyesight Yes, it is people treasure, but the real big head wins the sunA life, then ask again later challenge my brother. 'Meng Shentong long before the contest and pain Zen Master said, okay, you want to wait until after his men lost, he turns to head engagement parties, red sun symbol, but the intention is to reaffirm it. He spoke soft with hard , is clearly not in the eyes of the Zhen Zi, Zhen Zi rage, they have to attack, red sun symbol in accordance with the martial arts etiquette, Baoquan Zuo Yi, through a 'please', suddenly between a sudden cold tendon, played Zhen Zi a cold chatter, almost breathless, surprised, hurried to repress anger, calm the mind, a turn of luck, this does not feel cold. At that instant, the sun breaks stature flash red, it has been to Zhen Zi front, loudly laughed: 'Rich is not big head sword, will afford given thought Yang a bear bearing teach it? 'By this time, which also tolerate Zhen Zi avoid war, expert competition, both sides chi point,' he has not turned his eyes behind Jingsi long as this backhand sword, recognize odd quasi hole, and whistling winds, martial arts have been obvious to a first-class level, red sun symbol dare underestimate the enemy, palms hit a circle, as if pulling, Zhen Zi suddenly felt an invisible potential. Said something to him, dozens tip sideways slide, dating back empty. Fortune said, that moment, Yang Fu long red palms flat push, pull out mouth past three years, the sun was red symbols to teach his brothers, skill into, has picked up the first Seventh, palms is over Feng Lin said, you know not to let his hand hit, immediately flying leaps, a move 'hit the sky with the' sword for a flower Jianhua, the next volley thorns. Zhen Zi sword skill shipped nine points, buttressed faint sound of wind and thunder, red sun symbol like he had not yet mastered the brothers did not soil the hindquarters King, not with flesh and blood Yingjie, compelled also used sleight Huanbu superior dodge to avoid a trick, Zhen Zi stature yet, the second phase from the third sword sword, his sword serial killer, a move