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mentioning, let them look at what today is day and people beyond. These guys say this is when the various prehistoric there. But today it seems merely mediocre nothing!' Laughed longevity. I saw the longevity stick gushing out of the hands of a hibiscus crimson light, flame burning. Past this is the longevity East Duke, great red sun of the gas, is to be the east Fuso stick. So stick to use in longevity Fuso hands. Power is extraordinary. 'Humph!' Flame just disappear, you see a strike over chaos Jian Qi, started a roar, its mighty, its potential unstoppable, between white Pilian blink, quiet and no sound on to the longevity front .Students face became pale, pending dodge, suddenly in front of the light Huayi Liang, a block in front of pearls beads, white surge to the waterline greeted. 'Ancestral Pearl.' Chaos Jian Qi touched that waterline on the leather seems to be hit like a bomb another bomb, and soon disappeared. Pearl ancestors but to hard thing to just three realms, then archosaurs aspect of the Three Realms is because of this matter, in order to cover your entire Dragon. Queen Mother Hosta though powerful, but how to break the ancestral Dragonball defense. 'Queen Mother, your opponent, but a small woman, oh!' Dragon smiling flower, slowly walked over, it is gleaming eyes in, murderous emerged, wanted to kill in front of this woman. 'Haier is up!' Dragon frowned, universal Dragon King can arrive here, apparently Bong his teacher's life, if the parties do not agree with Chen, presumably within Tianzhushan whereabouts nobody dare Dragon tell the whole world the Dragon King. And the whole world now come to the Dragon King also equal good fortune were also included in the universal declaration of sects. 'Ao Guang, Hello great courage. Guaren dare betrayal, betrayal days **?' Haotian Emperor face the cold, his eyes murderous emerged, an enormous momentum rushed out from the body, out of the mud ball together golden light, faint sound Dragons, purple flash, out of two voices, off to the side in place girl. Even if a woman is a rich experience of New York City mayor, also exposed fascinated eyes. Girls age lasts teens and black hair hanging loose shoulder filled with healthy glow, body enveloped in a large cloak, face masks were shielded her beauty could not be evaluated. She and Lu Ya temperament somewhat similar, as long as she stood there, on account of the things around her and looked beautiful. The whole world becomes an ethereal myth untrue. Even the mayor of that ugly form of intercourse in her refined temperament contamination under normal human physiology seems to have become a declared desire in general, no longer makes one feel dirty unbearable. Masked girl bare wrist beautiful, like most exquisite handmade porcelain dolls, deemed the next month forest elves, totally not contaminated aThe reality cheesy, because the US was too breathtaking, but looks like a real person. It's really a very strange to feel. Masked girl spoke first, and whispered: 'Spades 8 mayor immediately react, kicked open the secretary, pulled a towel on the sofa cover nakedness hoop, embarrassed authentic:' I'm sorry clown color, there are What instructions? ' Is called color clown girl lightly:. 'Spades 8 ,. there to be gentle woman.' Female secretary was kicked corner sour eyes, even tears choked up. Mayor propped her up. Side in her ear saying sorry, then sent her to the office side, the elevator stopped sending her to leave. Girls to the body through the windows into the room to land. Thick glass in front of her, just like Xumiao to air in general. She lightly: 'Why NYC Mech Guard troops suddenly reduced.' 'No ...... No, ah, when the athletics competition was held, I have deliberately set aside more nearly doubled mech army patrol.' 'Do not lie, and it was all made up some scrap automatic patrol program truly elite mech gone.' What did the girl who exudes a frightening momentum, but nothing exciting asked the mayor unconsciously even sweat, whispered: 'The recent wet weather, a large number of armor because of forty million people abusing guy. '!! Hey Tiger Shendao but my soul witch human family.' I heard the sound of surprise came over, sighed: 'So there are amber Shendao in hand, no wonder so low repair is able to resist me murderous, Yes. 'I remember how Xiongshen since white people can be when he gave praise, is no easy task, but also enough to make lined with endless pride, though he is by virtue of the body of the tiger soul knife Shendao evil spirits. 'Meet the good witch descendant strong big white witch from adults.' Elder Liang barely mention Dan StrongIt also left a few words, and later also will surprised. 'Bao Shude he suddenly felt out more clever, alas channel: '! Stupid cow, you is not stupid friends.' Baili Chao laughed: 'winning, winning, elves ghost, we check to see again at the end of the ends, it seems Both ends have a hole in it, 'Bao Shude hastily warned:' Beware, not too close to the ' said:.' What can I get pounded afraid 'when approaching the opposite cliff, but currently does have a big black hole.! I do not know how deep inside, the cross engraved on hole three characters, was 'arrested soul off'! Baili Chao laughed: 'We are living, I'm afraid not arrested.' said: 'Do not go!' Baili Chao laughed:. 'Only to them, the view, you are here mo action' that can rest assured, hum: 'The death he died in a, to stop.' Bai Lichao well on its way to the black hole expert, less than ten feet, which gradually broad sense, but still no danger.Two people can look at things in the dark, Baili Chao particularly clear, hole shape, still at a glance.Then Baili Chao Bao Shude and alongside the road, he knows Baili Chao also much safer than their own, but he was still worried.Baili Chao laughed: 'You're so amazing, and I will give you strike.' Baoshu De Stern said: 'In my ass with the hand, once the knowledge of the enemy, the insurance will be taken away, and that adds to my . The danger, increasing the strength of the enemy, I can not want to 'Baili Chao laughed:' In my hands and no use, this not become a