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find them, how they come here? 'South said:' This is a valley girl, Jin Shiyi day to help beat back the three Tibetan spiritual Master Satan, saved my life, and it was her! 'Chen Tianyu hand and said:' Thank you girl help of grace, and I was Chen Tianyu. 'Chen Tianyu's wife also came Xie Youping said:' thanks Jinda Xia and southern valley girl helped this great favor, he was able to Pitt sent a panacea to save my life. 'On one hand Thanks to one side but with his eyes glanced Lisheng Nan surface thrown Yiduohongyun, embarrassed smiles:.' The original is Xiankang Li, sorry, sorry! Last night I was joking with you. 'South said:' said joking! Last night if I had not made that morning, almost give you my sister stole the sword. 'So last night, and Chen Tianyu couple on the town with an inn lodging, that the sword but Bingchuantiannv mother - Nepal Lord, then use Hanyu years, since a handful of refining After , jade cuttings in turn are under mixed million set Xuanbing, nine to Make Ice Sword, and give to the maid. that put exactly nine to one of the best Ice Sword put, Lisheng Nan Jianxia among children she revealed a faint air of coldness, exceedingly strange, he wanted to steal her. Lisheng Nan staying at that inn, until midnight, quietly together, with 'Heming Wugu Senecio incense' captured the hearts of Chen Tianyu couple will then steal the sword out of the ice, and yet out of view, but was found in the south , yelling, desperately chase, Lisheng Nan has already seen the southern martial arts is not high, she just stole the sword will be considered, so do not want to spend more time, time to start it, it ignores every other room in the south, did not he fascinated. Unexpectedly south of martial arts is not very high, some very strange ability, perseverance and even all the way to chase. Lisheng Nan he fell several times, he was not willing to give up Wu. Lisheng Nan moved anger, being badly wanted him to eat bitterness, Chen Tianyu couples relied on pure internal strength, Magic of the drug is less than a revealing a trace of anger in his eyes, but yet have no alternative but to carry a sword to cut to the DPRK Chen. On the 'Haier these demon also dare presumptuous in front of the Emperor.' Zhen Fang angry face, cold grunted, compassionate eyes between the eyebrows shot a milky light, suddenly shot to hit in the air Jianguang , only to hear the scream, but it is a painful red Vamp face showing a trace of color, but it is in the hands of the sword shattered, that sword communicate with their mind, now shattered, the mind also followed hard hit. Zhen Fang sit on the sidelines in the side, could not help seeing sighed: 'Buddhism stress everyone is equal, everything has edge method, although these women have changed but the alien, the former has hurt many, but a few thousand years, has served to you, even the beast will have a bit emotional. I did not expect you to act at a Buddhist bodhisattva, actually even a little compassionate heart are not, the Son of Man is really inappropriate. 'pointing to the right, I saw Dinghai beads into a whip on the DPRK border Lan Po Buddha pumping over. Portland woman adjoin Buddha hint of sneer on his face, cold shouted:. 'Not practical' That seven women helpless, a small mouth, suddenly spit spider silk, the shiny silver, a silver at first but suddenly the wind flash, but into a large network. Above the little silver. Faint green light flashed, I'm afraid there are a lot of which is highly toxic thing. Have such representation, the air fleet together seven wide net DPRK overwhelming Chen took down, and no trace of leeway allowed. Zhen Fang mouth sneer, soon Lenghe fleet in the hands of hibiscus stick sell out, broke open a trace of the gap between the cobwebs on the DPRK border strike over Portland woman Buddha, If You Long Jiao, actionSpeed, did not Zhen Fang hands. This approach is equivalent to the Yu Jian Road. All came from too pure saints, too pure road vast Miao. Kendo Shigo. But at the moment it seems strange anomaly, Zhen Fang since the demise of Shushan, also