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'Yuehua Jian has entered Taihe Palace, saw the carved beams, cornices Spike seen everywhere fine, indeed much better than shangqinggong.Taihe palace, quiet unusual, inaudible sound cloud board, can not hear the sound of jade rock, and from the trail children can see, one silent and solemn, but Jishou for the ceremony to see people rarely speak.Yan Mufei see nodded exclaimed:. 'A very young age, as much as the repair side, really rare.'Ji Gang with left bend, turn right for a while, and finally stopped in front of the body of a cloud room. Cloud house two doors ajar, hear sound inside there.Note Yanmu Fei Ji Gang head.Ji Gang nodded slightly, then he clapped lightDoors.Just listen to the sounds inside a cool and bright voiced speech: 'Which one?'Yanmu Fei suddenly burst of excitement.Ji Gang busy replied: 'Intrinsic little master, Ji Gang asked to see!'Huasheng cool and bright light, 'Oh!' The cry: 'So is the discipline of adults, the door did not latch, come on!'Ji Gang reverent should be a cry: 'Yes!' Bow back to the side.Obviously, Wang Jinling face, he did not dare transgression.Yan Mufei not polite, pushed open the door and went inside.Yan Mufei stood two slightly wet, really excited.Ji Gang step forward bow pants go: 'Intrinsic little master, to have guests!'White people quickly turned away, he was only twenty-somethings, thin, looks very weak, but the dragon Fengmu eyebrow, do not have the prestige breathtaking.He saw more than one person Jigang body side, hesitated and stood up, said: 'This is ......'Yanmu Fei Ji Gang ranging from opening worship Zhengyi down.'Martial arts commoner, Caomin Yan Mufei Koujian Majesty!'Ji Gang busy: 'little master how to forget, Dynasty paid by a close friend, Jinling Wang Yan ......'The knees, knees Huangde Ji Gang also busy off the ground.According to seniority, long two generations of young people, even his father, Prince are marked weigh cry uncle, but after all, the young emperor, is the king of a country, the actual occurrence of Yan Mufei should have this one prayer appearances, was spotted by an enemy, never expect to survive! Two rows of claws clinging predecessor snakes, on the potential up a body, half body turn, early anti thrown over the long tail piece. TANG sister for taking the anti-snake stinger injury, is issued by the cross in the left hand with a worn leather, is falling out of the situation, but no defense to head the body spirit, such as electricity, the snake on the hard, anti-tail to head phone, the potential must rapidly. Hand is not issued, the Illuminati head wind, and even been trying to turn the idea of ​​tolerance none, then in the forehead with a tail whip. God Xu Qi Du tail hook, sharp knives, a great power again. TANG sister was dizzy numb the pain, consciousness has been lost, forgotten the hatred, twoForced out of a chop, chop one hand to the snake's belly occasion. Snake anger urgent care pain, lower body violently earned, excluded La heard, the tail tip brought a large clothes torn, the body will be from a person, with a toss up rags, just to be idolatrous armadillo tail hook a. Mutual kinked, falling on stage together. TANG sister empty ever since then another hand, carry against the failure, servant to afford. Armadillo estuary two hook pliers to help dial, dancing flying, dazzling the whole do. God armadillo mouth a strange combination, two cross-clamp, the wide lips closed, chewing sound, mouth slightly gills agitation, since they swallow up a snakeskin platform only. TANG sister who had died. God Xu was hit at the end of the hook, there are two holes in his head cracked, yellow water outflow. This original Buduoyihui thing. Cai party sent to the partisans see the human struggle for a while, suddenly ruin all the best, already very angry. The second person has not been sent up, TANG sister corpse from the wound, has been turned into a dark red Zihei the whole body. A seven bald look Xu know three such psychic poison, there is another enemy party vertical support poisonous snakes turtles, certainly not their enemy, see Xu swallow the