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not complete. ' Numerous lightning light beam emitted from the Li Han hands. She aimlessly to attack with, while firm authentic: 'Why can not I still be able to top of the world the name of the station on Thor!.' Her voice is so firm. In contrast, his face is a loss. Sound induce said: 'Li Han, do not lie to yourself when you untie knot Independence Day, your task would have been completed, Raytheon will be able to stand on top of the world by means of extradition, has been insignificant.' Li Han frowned, closed fists to pound out of the air. Leiguang glaring from the ground to the dawn onwards. Even the sky seemed crushed under Zheyi Granville. Broken dome - Tianxin anger! Li Han has attacked some exhausted, sweat pouring down his face constantly. Hissed: 'Who did I have a girl!!' The sound of shrill Jianxiao: 'Lu Lu Ya Ya got a chance now, she could and loved ones with Li Han How about you, that you may also tend to mind?.Knife man, but what can you get? ' Sound as if under a conclusion and said: 'You are a man with nothing for nothing.' Li Han fist slowly hanging in the air Leiguang Liang dark play, Li Han had just been vaporized in the air condenses again Leiguang up. The goal is not to the enemy. But solidly Hong Xiang Li Han's body, unsuspecting Li Han suddenly melted in a dazzling electro-optic medium. Ming pay crazy lightning stopped. Li Han left cover their chest, breathing in vomit blood. Opponents do not know where, not attack, can not prepare for. Worse, Li Han morale seems to have begun to lose, say all those words in her heart. She sought to target, is immortal and can not get the goal. Dangqi mysterious voice again and said:. 'Li Han, you are born with magic hastening Dafa changed their ground fate, chaotic world of the people of Britain, condemned to a life have nothing, you are contrary to the world of numerology, people should not exist.' Li Han sneered: '! I have a goal to defeat you.' Li Han really no phase enveloped the body, she began to breath sensing each other's snake has been finished, smiled and said: 'Today this meal, always enough for you to enjoy right? Not to the fellow being close to the poison, harm not stay here! 'God Xu shouted, with the vertical side TANG sister, just the big mouth open, stretched out a long letter that wishful head TANG sister ride to the wound, to find that even the audience up two vertical Cai party, would like to see the air like a corpse carried away TANG sister, just vertical stage, a time when God had armadillo vertical, meaning like a timid, stay too stay. Be born within a very Xiongheng profiling, stretched out his hand and shoved behind the blades, finger A speaker was about seven, he raised his head to the ground, Xu God. A figure slips by flying obliquely, fell in front of the man, pointing to the god Tu thundered: 'Flower Xu unworthy of our children are not allowed to tamper with his hands, which is to lift the dead will soon take away the poison by!. He carried away, so that others find the field, not to delay the work. ' God heard Xu, tenor head hanging, still spit take a long letter to the TANG sister wounds. This is exactly what the caller A six yellow. Say, A seven Armadillo see God lifted his head, shouting 'bad', have vertical to that step people shouted:! 'You're in Cai turtle Ha, I do not know how the severity of drug forfeiture stakes go dead, who would Zhanshen, never expect to survive! I keep these gadgets than peopleLing. Hugh see you this kitchen knife to cut fast, do not believe what you chop try to see can not hurt it some skin? Seeking death for no reason, why come? ' Know each other because rival, busy rate while three others came to rescue robbed separately. See TANG sister is dead, this would anger anxious, you see God Xu Zhang vomit to take the dead body of the letter, to be mistaken for dead harm, sucked his flesh, the more there is gas. According to the rules, a fight over, both sides will have to be negotiated speaker, like this evil thing, no one enemy, will have another substitution, this time the