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child, you please take a look at this.'Goes to work out from Xiudi letterhead handed over his hands.Tan took the piece of letterhead Compass launched a look, his face suddenly changed, and soon hum sneer, said: 'Well, this is clever person who masterpiece, ah well, actually a slap in the face to take my head up Tanmou a. 'Luosan Ye said: 'Tan old, you see, this is .........'Tan Compass Jingmang flash head, looking Luosan Ye said: 'Luosan Ye, this is where you come from?'Luosan Ye said: 'Brethren picked up in my car on the edge, it is no trivial matter, I read the letter immediately rushed to the scene, I do not know those people suddenly left the team just has no relationship with this letter? 'Compass white face sneer Tan said: 'There are far more than the relationship between those who believed that this was met with an even one run away, you know that is what people do now, I do not need to conceal who again, and those who are? is the court for many years been a great track down the thieves, big rebellion, some of these people 'Desert Dragon' of the party, while others are 'Desert Dragon' of enemies, I finally came up with this strategy lead them hooked, and now actually I do not know let that stuff to the million dead bad ...... 'Kerf Luosan Ye said: 'Whatever you want to say, that these letters were secretly distribute, clearly rebellious gang.'Tan trace of strange smile crossed his lips Compass, a micro-nodded and said:. 'Is not who they are, they are naturally'Luosan Ye Road; 'This thing should be tipped more serious crime.'Compass Tan said: 'Of course, just let me find out who he is, I'll put him summary execution, to his head, on the public, is rebellious - partner, on private, he getting money off people, smashing people jobs the intention with my tan people do right, and so was my head Tanmou human enemies, Luosan Ye, tourYou guard at the helm, the team inside out of this thing. You can not stand idly by, indifferent ah! 'Luosan Ye said: 'how can, how dare Luo three, but, Tan old, Pa Zhipa actually, 'Ji , Yanzhou, blue, Xu, Yang Jing, Yu Liang, Yong. ' Kyushu is divided in ancient times. Just finished nine characters, to see at this time between the original ban glittering brilliance dim moment disappeared trail. Let Ding cited hearts surprise. 'This is why?' Ding cited increasingly restless mind, and quickly asked. 'This is Kyushu legend seal, but a strange and powerful seal, but the power comparable to a large array of stars Yao Zu Zhou, Wu family are days Shensha large array; Yet still this is a very large array Vulnerable large array of 'white witch from the big winner is probably because, ghost of a smile, said the cold but dignified face:'? You can see this will be just a few characters of the written ' When 'you write a few characters, although Qin Xiao Zhuan, but if not wrong, then this seat, but when the ancient prehistoric, Terran Castles yuwang set by His Majesty the name of Kyushu.' Ding cited quite young, well-read book, but Emei Shushan first smart people know that the natural origins of words. 'Yes, that is what the name of Kyushu.' Since a large white witch laughed and said: 'Even the Emperor Yu, because credit is very large, ancient footer catching San Juan, achievement Sheng Huang, the future can not make a saint of saints But Yu is a virtuous thing in the end, not only during his lifetime in order to flood three past his home without, for the common people to run around the world, that is, even when he died, they did not forget everything Terran, therefore adopted the first mountain Akagane, North Sea fine, nine days Galaxy, Taishanglaojun alchemy furnace real fire, coupled with their bone marrow refining the Jiuding divided town of Kyushu to the grantor race gas transported long. And this Jiuding also planted a big fuss, for Jiuding seal, seal specially those who have supernatural powers of the emperor. ' 'That's here?' Ding cited pale. Pointing to the white from the big witch said. This time he finally know where the seal is what the people. Heart suddenly even have the