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Secretary mate teeth: 'Hello cruel, this sentence yet insidious than the enemy.' Liberating dragon suddenly turn over a vertical exit Shuzhang hehe smiles: 'Do you think I was too toxic, then you can still get married and Big Brother.' Secretary mate Meng pounced said: 'I gave you everything, you dare say such a dirty word?' Long Liberating color face significant Ning Li, Chen Sheng said: 'There are two paths: one immediately leave me ; one is your own to help out, 'Secretary mate already angry cry head, throat loudly:' You learn to my martial arts master and three uncles, so you can face the ruthless anti-hate hate me blind. . a good eye, you go to you, I went to help out, since our relationship goner 'Long Liberating suddenly pointing out that the Secretary mate stand point down to the ground, hehe smiles:.' I can not do, and I not had enough of it. 'Having reached a mate the Division filed away, twinkling no shadow.Baoshu De softly sighed loudly: 'Sima girl without fire!' Little beggar sneered: 'Liberating the Dragon will not die burial.' Bashan said: 'You do not know, I conceivable past One thing can now be understood. ' said:.' You know what, 'Bashan said:'? Before I met you, and another one was found Long LiberatingSystem, which can take you almost three realms. Did he just has not learned not to accept, often in front of Pindao use means. ' 'The older people in the end is what?' Kongxuan heart was shocked, but also signs of a faint hint to guess, just can not believe it. . 'Presumably, you can guess a hint to just can not believe it,' Zhen Fang light laughs: 'Yes, that is Pindao Zhen Fang, which is the former Red Cloud prehistoric ancestors you when I meet is the edge. I'm afraid the quasi mention Taoist or guess it! Haha, stone on their own feet. ' Kongxuan face became pale, remembering the words of quasi-mentioned Taoist, pending action, and suddenly a light eyebrows across the local Chen, a milky brilliance shot over the Kongxuan enveloped them, let not move, but behind the party to reveal faint took over. Fugen Holiness his face changed, but soon calm down. The hands of the original treasures greet empty sky, pointing to the right. Yuqing glaucoma original treasures wrapped in one, glaucoma clouds moving, flashing a strange light, all of a sudden a yellow Dogen slowly out of gas, while the destruction of the atmosphere in the sky River flow. In the end is a quasi-holy period figures, although already betrayed the door, but in the end, who is also chief of the two, driven treasures come from Yu Xu, Xiao Zhen simply can not match. 'Immeasurable revere.' Our Lady of Hope seeing his face changed, changed gently. A specter out of the Ni Wan. I saw a Ruyi rushed out from glaucoma, and on towards the Fugen Venerable smashed over. Fugen Venerable seeing. Suddenly a face the color of compassion, even his hands together and said: 'Namo Amitabha.' After saying that, over the sound of a click of a burst Ni Wan, emerged an avatar, but it is purple face, such as dates, giant mouth fangs. All of a sudden Red Cloud cage atop a gilded cover will VERIS family. Wreaths hanging beads hanging over the body, from the clouds lotus foot care. Three six-arm holding the weapon, Jiang Mochu an inside hand. There are a relic, flashing a bright light, flashing relic element of light, the Ruyi top in the air, not falling on Xiangmo Chu. And all kinds of treasures on earth various other arms are shining light, have smashed down towards Our Lady of Hope. Our Lady of Hope rushed nor hurried, suddenly emerged in the hands of one of the pagoda, the tower is the four images. Windward flash, into lofty heights, four-phase rotation around, make all kinds of sounds, the protection of Our Lady of Hope in the middle. Guanghua hit that many in the pagodaOn Star Splash starting point, pagoda rickety, but not reflected in its fall. 'Homage to the Buddhas!' Fugen seeing His Holiness, suddenly face the color of compassion, mouth shot a golden Buddha, the endless rumbling, as if coming from nine days, I saw countless golden light falling you a test match! 'He sat presided seat, distance, is all out to fight, Xing Meng Shentong also pour a few people, sudden, I hear there is a hoarse voice, said:' Xiao Meng, the wife in this, you can not so presumptuous! 'Meng Shentong someone hit from the side, crowded, under his fury, less scrutinized, as soon shouted:' What, posing as my elders? 'Huixiu Yifu, display their' stick table eighth down 'superior internal strength, suddenly felt the man's impulsive surprisingly large,' laugh 'is heard, he was the man of the sleeves torn off part of it, Meng Shentong wrist doubled, nor let the man grabbed, Meng Shentong palm up a board, immediately issued a heavy Shura ninth Zhang Li hidden evil power. This one is the elder Wu Pei cavity tannoy threatened, he had eight years ten days, the training effort somewhere between good and evil factions, relies on the old favorite show off, the factions Mangshan Assembly, did not choose to come out the main tower situation, he has in mind some dissatisfaction, so grab in front of golden master, want The Meng Shentong stopped, which was obvious his effort, his age intervals, Meng Shentong call out 'Meng', this is not an exaggeration, that know Meng Shentong not scrutinize, criticize opening it, he Qiqiaoshengyan angry! He had seventy In more than skill, but also excel at martial arts secrets of several unique offerings, of course unusual, therefore Meng Shentong round pick, but gave him the sleeves torn off, but until a full Meng Shentong, cast the first Nine of the Shura hidden evil power, he would ban under overwhelmed, but also fortunate that he has and 'Heaven Luo step' similar to the 'leopard tortoise hiding stealth Law', did not give Meng Shentong palm hit, but that kind of a mountain down row Zhang Li Ma, buttressed by the biting cold skin corrosion tendon, yet he takes with the cabin pushed back Zhitui gun! yang symbol with the brothers behind the red, just bumped him, Ukraine tannoy a cavity anger, all hair on him, one shoulder, Sheng: 'Go away! 'Yang red symbol of'