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seen wind Du infuriating. When compared with yesterday, today, Lu Ya display this type, has guided her subtleties of physical play to the limit. At that moment the cold hard as a rock Du wind, can not help but produce a strong delusion. This type alone, in front of this seemingly frail little woman, can already go beyond the legendary Valkyrie. Ya catapult gesture has stopped, a sudden stop in her gestures, controlled pressure disappear. Lost pressure controlBubble, toward the beginning of a string of crosses to DU. Lu Ya staring elegant track blisters to her ability, but also can not fully calculate these blisters will be what kind of track running. Soldiers uncertain situation, the water has no fixed form, in possession of numerous undercurrent underwater combat, better known for this type of unwarranted to change [broken dome - Twins] power play to the limit. Du Feng a fillip, an underlying strength to play, broke a solitary blisters. Shattered blisters immediately wrap a flame-like airflow, sound like the roar of a bullet fired from a machine gun, blisters fragmented into numerous small blisters, continue to impact on gas lance slight Zhi Jin cast. Lu Ya Chen Dao: 'Do not chop God with seven type techniques outside!' Du wind lightly: 'You use a lot more.' His mouth to say, Miss Ya they used too, but more than anyone else, has staggered a dozen lost pace near the foot of the instant between. Lu Ya grunted: 'I am a woman, you have to let me that.' Du wind flawless and her talk, action stagnate down. Running track these blisters can not judge, but it is the string as a unit for collective action, a long break, all the blisters will be like dominoes tipped continuous burst, if casually shot, when he might have been like nuclear radiation like countless tiny underlying strength attack. He coldly authentic: 'What is this trick?' Luya Yang Mei said: 'Twins!' Du Yang Qi wind mouth trace rare smile:. 'A good name.' He waved his left hand violently upward, piercing sound of the weapon soared since gave blood. This blood is blood progenitor witch But at that time. twelve ancestral witch thinks. Pangu built on the blood of the twelve ancestral witch to the powerful body. Where there is blood unnecessarily twelve ancestral witch to cast, so do not mind. do not have to think after today Earth Goddess actually really say this prayer one time co-worker in mind pleasantly surprised. twelve ancestral witch how to tough. Even in those days to several saints have no evidence to BI Road when the fruit. Three Realms no one overwhelmingly. can only borrow up to Yaozu huge hands. to consume less number of the Wu family. With the heart of the Wu family ritual ceremony began Pangu. Once upon a sudden drastic changes on the ground. Some frightened various supernatural powers. Taishanglaojun Shoumei shake again and again. His face was gone too pure inaction color. Primus angry face. Ruyi again and again to shake hands Sambo. If you want to drop down in general. Tongtianjiaozhu looking strange. With some sadness among faint. Nvwaniangniang face lighted up a trace. Among faint. There are trace unwilling; escorts Taoist mercy of color even more. Quasi-mentioned Taoist face a hint of ecstasy. Tianzhu Mountain Retreat is in place while Chen's face for the first time a hint of sadness. From time to time I heard an audible sigh of sound; with all Luzhou North to a mysterious location. Occasionally visible blood-red color of implementing a road world. Sky. All of a sudden it disappeared into the world. But can be heard a faint trace of the sound of laughter. Seemed very proud. And often Yangshan on Dongsheng Divine. The sound of thunder rumbling sky. Jinyikuangwu. Thunderbolt strike on a road often Yangshan. Legend has it that this is the year the Emperor Emperor Chun Tian Zhisuo beheaded witch clan master criminal. Now it is the sound of rumbling ringing. As if the sky falls down in general. Yangshan often around to seeing some of the monks. Have been out of the Dong Fu. Often viewing Yangshan to everything. Faces are complex to elbow to the other, Om slamming behind him sounded like keys light sounding voice. Other unceremoniously reined in her hand, she was sleepy, almost breathless:. '? Do not resist, starting today, you're my subordinates what you call' Girls do not say stubborn. Other Leng Heng said: 'Yang Yan, right, girls really like to name. I personally have trouble sure. He unceremoniously picked up the girl down the middle, one side spit harsh discipline: 'From today onwards * You must strive to earn their own hands to eat, remember, you're 40% of the remuneration to be handed over to the person in charge of your me, please call me Mrs Captain, I do not mind calling me after you are familiar with DU, but not now. ' He immediately felt right, girls seem excessive mental stimulation because they fainted, but a pair of arms have been tightly holding his neck, his own Le was out of breath, he screams: 'The life-saving, Roselle, help . ' China mounted a screeching woman rushing girl's hand, frowning: '? She and you are such a tight hold it Zilai Shu' Red-haired girl looked up drowsily, close to the people she was close to the sea, this did not always hear those dirty thoughts filled her eardrum, juvenile geocentric like Hawaii ocean as warm sun, she faintly hear someone call between juvenile's name: '! Hey Du Du ...... Do Xipixiaolian tender, you must strengthen grown up, a capacity of super weak Green Zone Warrior actually almost strangle you!.' 'I'm just a woman relent, Roselle, the next task is to go.' 'A month later to the Himalayan mountains, I'm down for you to grab a good task. In this month, you have to match this staunchly little rouge instill obedience training a horse to do, it is the strength that you do not even ...... The Magic Flute successor of the iceberg are not on the stick. ' A month later, the Himalayan snow-capped mountains. Du Yao watched helplessly upside down on the ice wall to Yang Yan, Warrior is an advantage in this regard, not only by virtue of mountaineering equipment is not necessary, or