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dizziness. Du wind had no time to blame her, just lightly: '? You use two weeks to complete the training.' Young zero a small chest, three-star infuriating in her comes out. Proud authentic: 'Now I is a three-star friends ancient weapons.' Zhao Luan, who are exposed surprised look, with their talent trained in the two-star status, you need at least a month, this cute 'little Shishu 'even to two weeks to get, so they really are scared to Heaven. Increasingly turbulent waves, wind Du-hyun to feel dizzy looking at the waves of the crowd and said:. 'You guys better not be separated, I hope to see you in the sea.' He first like a shell-like, a leap into the sea from a helicopter. Du year when the wind first breakthrough devil waters above the level of more than six stars, star power is now in the seabed, it is an unprecedented challenge. He held out his palms, a strong blast clustered into six-claw dragon form, anxious ahead into HaitaoIn. And waves fight together. Waves appear thousands Daomang, after Daomang whistling. Long gas body Lin Zhao were all Daomang slashing. Dragon screams up wind Du flash figure. His body and turned it into a gas, gas to [return] status as virtual direct leap into the body of the dragon. Now the tide has gradually dragon immediately like a shot in the arm-like, head to the sky Nuxiao endless nasal spray dragon dragon interest. The vast expanse of ocean waves to blow open. Long body, appeared in numerous small purple form the pubic region, the dragon-like tear up like crazy, just still impregnable walls waves. One begins to tear at the dragon claws. Beating dragon 18 palms XIII style Zhao Luan trio in a helicopter looking excited to have crazy dragon, Deng aghast whispered: '? Kanglongyouhui actually have this usage.' Zhao Luan habitually cursing the sentence: 'Your X's ......' Then hush, Leng Heng said: 'I heard you want to division rival public for overconfident, you win, I win aging mother ...... pretty good? . ' Xu Tan also staring Kanglongyouhui this type [], he had protecting large Song Pingan. Nine days on top of that, the Jade Emperor, his face ashen. Mouth in mock hint, perhaps the only way to Ha Chen was so bold, dare looked soon, regardless of the attitude of other countries, actually heavens saint worship together. The above thirty-three days. Saints face was showing several strange color, do not know what my heart is the idea. Dongsheng God is worshiped everywhere Island RoadThree clear door; West cattle Hezhou worship places are holy Buddhist double, Luzhou North is dedicated to all the saints Nvwaniangniang Yaozu, each have their own ownership, but only jambudvipa to a grotesque, dedicated to the heavens saint. Although he knows that this is Zhen Fang idea, but it happens nothing. Three door waiting Zhen Fang Qing also sanctified holy together to cope with Buddhism double it, and although Buddhist holy coveted double jambudvipa trillion of Lebanon. But it happens again and Zhen Fang forged a causal link, and then before the completion of causality, but do not dare to start Zhen Fang. Beastkin hands to move the demon streamers Nvwaniangniang gourd used, or when the Red Cloud hands of it, but also helpless, while the soil behind the empress is because the town Motoko also for her now guarding the hell of it. This cause and effect do not know when it can also, for a time, although that Kuangyin playing slick, but it happens not any way. Taishanglaojun sighed slightly, over the Ni Wan flashed a clear air, awaiting the next hand waving, suddenly mouth hint of mysterious smile. Illegal channels:. 'Since you have to have to come up with a little strength calculations to show that you have calculated the supernatural Saints job.' That led the officials on Kuangyin Square. Thanks to a half hour later, the congregation was surprised to find within the temple, did not see the movement, though secretly anxious hearts, but did not dare to look revealed the slightest displeasure, the square is still kneeling. Zhen Fang on natural Tianzhushan to understand the meaning, suddenly stood up, Jishou said: 'Lonely Daoxiong hands purple blue swords though powerful, but if the good fortune in the hands of hibiscus Daoxiong stick is perhaps a notch lower, I have a Kunlun. treasure, can help Daoxiong hand. ' 'Oh! I do not know what magic Daoxiong?' Lonely Road Shoumei a move, see each other already see through his own calculations, old head slightly angry tone but also on a lot of difference. 'Ha ha.' Breeze real reddish face, waved his hand, good fortune came within an haoguang fleet large hall shining a wooden whip, about three feet five inches six points. There are twenty sections, each section there are four seals were eighty-four sigil, above the streamer revolving, brilliant. 'Kamimuchi fight!' Lonely Taoist face became pale. I did not expect this year's Primus actually left in the world. While this fight Kamimuchi played only God, not playing people, not playing cents, not playing Buddha, but that's just in the time amulet. Have this feature. Usually there, but it is the number one weapon. He actually did not think the breeze Road To this point merit will all offer their own fight Kamimuchi out. 'Daoxiong how this thing?' Breeze real ruddy, he took a whip to beat, not only in order to earn that Divine Dragon was a trace of merit, good through the tragedy, but more importantly, it is used for deterrence and deterrence Lonely real deterrence truth monks, too, is in deterrence Zhen Fang. To others beckons strong Kunlun. Seeing real breeze, suddenly said: '? Pindao and how Daoxiong go' Everyone heard heart of a dynamic, real breeze suddenly understood the mind, the original must be used in accordance with this fight Kamimuchi use special Dharma, Dharma breeze this matter and how might this grant Zhen Fang use, even if it played in the presence of a saint Kamimuchi The soul is impossible places. Who does not know since the Gods, saints have regardless of current events, both outside retreat within thirty days. Today Zhen Fang strength far above the wind, if they have mastered unhappy, but, Qi Ge, if it is rushing the whole 'Red Band', I You're welcome to say, I will never let that two out of 'Fu Ji inn', 'Red Band' is what kind of organization, I may not understand, Qi Ge, but does not know. 'Pale face while the red man, while white, but could not say a word.'Clap plaque fire' his face embarrassing, would rebuke him a stare pale man go.Mr Yam said the words: 'Zhanger Ye, I told you, so that these words did not mean to make you to help regulate punish his disciples, not fun to have a few young people, as long as Zhanger Ye Fair tell you cry uncle, the future multi-constraint 'Zhangjiakou' these 'Red Band' brother, is enough. ''Thunderbolt' slowly said: 'My friends, family rules, state law of the land ......'Mr Yam said: 'Zhanger Ye, really say it, that the two did not violate the 'Red help' to help gauge Zhanger Ye take what you want to punish him two, 'Red Gang' to help regulate and does not expressly provision disciples not to spend money to have fun, is not it? 'Zhanger Ye said: 'This ......'Mr Yam said: 'His two only fault, is not it clear where this training hoot meal, after the bundle is enough to pay more.' Let him say good things, bad things also let him say, this person exactly how personal?Pale man can not help the fact that he looked puzzled look, 'Thunderbolt', too, Xuan Xuan eyebrows, said: '? Friends to see Zhang's brother, is to be so'Ren nodded, smiling, said: 'Yes, the poor girl was heavy enough, and hope 'Red Gang' brothers do nextFind her trouble. ''Thunderbolt' and said: 'This friend assured that in the future a little trouble Shen girl again, as long as the 'Red Band' disciples dry, friend, you are the only person I asked Zhang is.'Ren Bao Quan said: 'Thank you Zhanger Ye!' Leaving two children made money, go.'Thunderbolt' Reaching a bar, said: 'Hold on, friend, Shen girls want to go to Beijing, and that it is not self-cast jaws of death?'Mr Yam said: 'Shen girl this trip is very dangerous, but since Mr. Shen is now difficult, she as a child, can not seek rescue