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blessing in disguise I see the girl, out of the clutches, away from the destruction, evil triumphs, said the devil to win, which is the ancient The truth is not easy. I think the 'Golden Gate' future will be stricken ruin destroy fate! 'Girl nodded slightly, and said: 'Yantai Xia, the main door was a strange woman, child, except grumpy, slightly larger than the point of ambition, she learned Chi Gong said two high absolute, regarded as one of the few Kill ! 'Sun Sen said: 'The girl, a man ruin destruction, often due to willful act, over-ambitious, there are some examples of this ancient!'Girl nodded and said: 'I know, Yantai Xia, I infants, entry, has ten summers, the main door for me upbringing, your sword future raids, but also pray that you can spare.'Yanmu Fei said: 'girl, can put´╗┐When they let go, forgive and forget. Yan Mufei Life dealing with others, always been the case! 'Girl startled head bent, said: 'I would first thank Yantai Xia a few!'A busy Yan Mufei bow a ceremony, said: 'Do not mention the girl, I do not deserve it, but the girls also know that some of those magic too deep, stubborn hard to realize, or are cruel by nature, no rational explanation. 'The girl said: 'I understand Yantai Xia mean, I can not afford to dream!'Yanmu Fei said: 'I thank the girl's song Esen understanding!'Busy girl said: 'No, Yantai Xia this is ......'Yan Mufei kerf laughed: 'Girl, you and I mention it, now please answer I asked the girl again ......'Paused, then asked: 'the world regardless of their martial arts known to Golden, but also the only known Golden Regardless of these three words, in addition, there is no understanding for her, the girl may I know more about her ? 'Girl shook his head and said: 'Say to Yantai Xia may not believe, where Golden Gate Gate who only know the main door was a woman, grumpy, big ambitions, two high power wisdom, nor do the other!'Yanmu Fei said: 'She never let people see her?'. 'Not' The girl shook his head and said: '! Every Golden Gate man, act opposite the main door day and night