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looking to the front of the Millennium depraved master addicted soul Ghosts practice sites, only today achievement, self-Eater Ghosts magic just wrecked Shushan master pieces streamers just killing the soul, after two hundred years of restoration, but also restore the original Liu Cheng became only. By virtue of this magic Liu Cheng, let him disappearance decades of secular community, to enjoy the splendor and enjoy the power of life and death plunder. Today, actually saw a banner better than killing the soul magic, how he did not want to heart. 'Zhen Fang, into my big fuss, life and death are in my hands.' Among the large array, also sounded a sneer sound off westerly. Said: 'The reality is this big fuss, not to mention to you, that we adults have the highest honor Yaozu patriarch praised, though you have a baby of body, but how much support you can mana mana once it runs out,? is not any of my slaughtered copies. Look at the same comprehension of the people, not to let the baby If thatI put the three of you to leave. To know you pregnant treasures, its cultivation is low. You also students, naturally pregnant wall incrimination should know the truth. See your magic wand that far above the Tempo, probably on a good Lingbao. This baby is a blessing that you can play in. 'Sound erratic, came from all directions, do not know specifically where. 'You're toast Monastic. So it is no wonder to me to see how long you can support.' Ashen skinned off westerly, coldly, then the sound will disappear without a trace. During a moment later, was Zhen Fang hesitated, suddenly there came a rustling sound, Zhen Fang suddenly felt tingling scalp. 'What?' Suddenly a burst of red Body quiver, looked carefully, but it is countless snakes from all directions, not life rushing toward the red body care. Zhen Fang surprised, did not expect to actually move off westerly countless hit the serpent to life red body care, body care that red though powerful, but limited their magic, so it can not withstand the impact. 'Zhen Fang, how?' Albatron also has to be said, suddenly felt the cool chest, quickly looked down and could not help but pale.He turned on his chest robes, has been drawn to a cross to cross, each long Chixu, but it never hurt the skin and muscle.After a head bent over, God Yung quite bleak, four behind the Palace Siu Hung glanced slowly authentic:!!! 'Jida Xia Nan Kang Taixia Buda Xia heroes!Do not like four to five years ago, Jiuhua a while, you still fall or clear contents. 'After Albatron face shame to retire the side, I heard the words of the Master, the hearts are more surprised, in addition to Senju swordsman is just outside of the pass-through, Wan also think of the other three prestigious temporary fencing masters.Lotus swordsman Luoyang Kang Xiwen, Qisha JiannanNever noticed that he has sat down beside a friends, did not see his opposite Rimbaud them, apparently he is now the spirit has been completely focused on the screen. I looked on the screen along with the keyboard, he appeared in a piece of text, so that says: 'What does not kill the king with his king , and one of his numerous friends, led his numerous subordinates, doom resist the invasion of alien creatures from stab rock card race, wave after wave, no After the stop, the soldiers have just teamed up to issue a wave of Dragon Blood Dragon wave push back hundreds of millions of DNA variations thorn Rock Eater card, not waiting for a breather, there are numerous to describe ugly, behind three long spines meat wings rock Cards were also rushed down, and has not yet arrived at the Prince immortality their attack range, they emit numerous pieces the size of ten meters of green spore-like shells, being immortal Prince subordinates, who uses magic bullet, magic, and many missile interceptors in half immediately after it exploded in the air, have emerged as the paw shape watermelon-sized stuff hundreds of spores within each explosion, these claws telling anyone jumped, not a few of those people under control instead of being possessed by manipulating people to