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terms but as tentative. Then another puppet forces that were strong enough to what a point? Waged war. Nile instantly became the filled canals, those stones were carved out of the blink of an eye clean illusory denied artillery and cavalry. Obliterate everything in the war, and even a thread can not survive, after a full ten minutes, just gasped and stopped the music. The effect of the music is very good. Puppet body damage by half, with bed constructed of stone also damaged, restore the original flat bed, Dutian Ze was secretly behind the five fingers stretched out to Mina. The original meaning of the other party should be much lower grade fingers stretched themselves how much, in fact, would have never seen the Steering Magic Flute higher level than people, but now the meaning is clearly not a puppet low Magic Flute five. MeterFace are blue, and whispered: '?! How could high five.' Ray Ruoyouruowu voice reached the ears of Mina: 'find a way to beat him low three, I can with the spirit realm.' The Magic Flute puppet looking smile, hand playing a bit, Mina's body suddenly catapult up. Her first reaction was to stick to his own silk, but did not see the wire ah. She did not reflect the slow, the first time with a scalpel in the air to draw a space door, got in, though in this world seems to advance the distance a piece of paper, but the length of the space is bypassed All forces are untraceable. Brush slamming her fingers to Xiaoduan. Knife fell to the ground. Mina reluctantly Menheng heard each other's strength, actually be able to pass through the space? Madeleine screamed and rushed to embrace the invisible wire appeared to him like fleas catapult out. Wire as if everywhere. The next one will live around Madeleine's neck, Silverwing light angel wings a tight, they would be invisible to just hold the wire. She was just hold the moment, eyes closed around the little boy suddenly opened his eyes. Bloody word floating around shooting light. A powerhouse of a heavy wire is burned blood-ocular force, call out: 'Yantai Xia ......'Silk beautiful boy hesitated, blushing, said: 'She is now in greenstone ......'Yanmu Fei indifferent smile, said: 'Now you do not have to ask, if the edge is Su, meet Japan's own future!'Silk beautiful boy nodded and said: 'Thank Yantai Xia, I understand!'Yan Mufei smiled and turned to go.Looked back gradually go further away, Huang Yiren children murmured: 'chivalrous Rouchang, Jiandanqinxin, 'Yulong US Hawker' he deserved, I did not think there is this Central PlainsA person, no, I do not already know of such a person what his legacy? I should not, I should not have come ...... I really should not have come? '-------------------------------------------------- OCR trillion old rain Xiaoxiang College House and joint serial: Yan Mufei night at an inn to rest a night in Luoyang, the next day, he put a piece of paper handed 'Qiongjia Bang' Fenduo Luoyang, Luoyang Fenduo to let The fastest transfer to Huixian go another way.Then he drifted away, by way toward Hubei.He did not go to the Todaiji, because he felt he was not worth it to go there.So, he took the road traveled, the road to go to Nanyang.By Henan Nanyang road into Hubei, is to cross Tongbaishan of.On this day, when he went to the foot of a small town TONGBAI when dusk falls already, so he is prepared to stay a night in this small town, on the road again the next morning.Small town where, searching through the entire town, and only a small inn, and this inn poorly equipped, and only then a few rooms for accommodation, most of that is only a two.Yan Mufei into the inn, a man almost as well as he entered the inn, it was a single female guests, she appears to have nearly thirty age, a denim pants, but also with green cloth with a hair piece, Crescent sweep pale face, powder is not applied, however, did not help her much Yan Mufei saw two.Because, although the single female guests with a denim dress, but it has an elegant extraordinary temperament, especially her beauty, the US takes 'Bing Lady' Wei Han Ying general, Chunlan site is not coverage. Above the earth's satellite is basically concentrated in Fuso this fast. The prime minister because Zhen Fang Fuso legend Divine comprehension, but protested to the government. Where the government is willing to admit, it is only in a humanitarian spirit, invited the group to several large dragon elders drive over. Former strong man good this horse which has not worked for centuries and Fuso. Where is willing to help out, but added that big hole interested Yamata no Orochi mysteriously appeared, did not expect to encounter here Zhen Fang. 'This thing come from?' Vulcan Move, pointing to the hands of the cane Zhen Fang said. Emperor Wu family who assisted in the secular world, said the number on the top, and as such Zhen Fang group of people. Some handsWhat magic in general are people remember clearly, the town demon tower, red gourd Which was not known, but the front of this cane has never heard of. Watch his appearance. But if dark red jade done, but these big witch is who, that crutch implicitly hint of spiritual power, how can fool everybody. 'Fuso stick, the so-called toxic things must be restrained within a hundred paces of things, presumably this Yamata no Orochi, too, so look over.' Zhen Fang short laugh. 'Real good luck.' Strong Jingmang good day witch eyes flashed. 'Big Brother. Just Zhen Fang Soke that is what ah mean?' Asked co-workers odd. 'Well a real good fortune, the color really does not move to kill the guy.' Mat received coldly: 'No wonder this opportunity many people, Terran comprehension it really going to flourish in his hands?' 'What say?' Xuanming icy sound up. 'His hands that magic wand called hibiscus trees. But repression Fuso air transport things, and I'm the same Divine Dragon Air, Zhen Fang removed the hibiscus wood, it means removal of the hibiscus to air transport. Soon it Fuso will continue to earthquakes, volcanoes out a few hundred years later, this will again become Yunotani, creatures do not exist. 'Liang Wu strong anger laughed. 'Atta boy, not else put his two human as theft, before go to the official newspaper Laizhuo. Most people make the two might come unknowingly went avoid, and others do not, just say the ability to see their countryman pilgrims too, I am afraid Zazhuo injury, the first timid chuckle they later encountered cooked just been throwing money face pilgrims, thanks for the table and patrons Lamine day, specially nod smile apologetically. Surprisingly, none of these people hear him, filled no, migraine away long ago, hurried. Even in case of people, mostly so consciously boring, no longer call, since go wandering around, go to the party late. Although I did not realize people do not want to hold onto the town eventful official newspaper, but also afraid of himXiongheng trouble, secretly warned each other instantly spread. Two asleep in a dream, the next morning to the temple side still, bamboo is still standing there, until up a practice, not just yesterday, as the habitat. Two sets of martial arts training, not only do not like only yesterday a people will rush came on the pole, and even rural children do not give money to the white look is gone. With high fine visual, some are still far from Brennan distance, some their procession towards the eye does not own this perspective. Strong and practiced for a while, although the beginning all the way to the pilgrims, because listening to rumors and hold onto, plus dark Miaozhu warned, although the presence of come and go, as seen through, the two could not angry. Chien also want to change some new tricks to try for a while, MA Kun has since seen through no one come, immediately arresting, two all suspect two buskers sabotaging, still do not know themselves to blame, mouth swear. Received wherever he goes head to look for bad luck, all without a trace searched the town, to the people about, say in unison to leave early yesterday. Ask 'how no one point of view', the furniture, smiled and answered, 'I do not know,' mouth open a little will come to the 'timid, afraid to fight you, not