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in the arena, front to challenge yourself. Like someone know their plans deadline approaching, deliberately to arrange all this trouble in general. His eyes slowly waltz toward the corner of the ring stand and Liu Guang Ji day, followed by denial of their own ideas. Know 'come' only themselves and with the cents into the Radial plan, others participating only act in accordance with the command, it is impossible to know exactly what to do themselves. Such covert plan, even hundreds of willow days Kyi step is impossible to know, but do not rule out this man lurking in the ancient martial long association, little clues might snoop Road. This person must also be a top figure in the ancient martial Association meet this condition has only two. Raytheon Li Han, Lu Tianming Valkyrie. Horsepower tie chills my heart can not help this person, whether two of which are extremely dangerous. Now think of it, maybe a year ago, suddenly appeared in the ancient martial Association of Xu Yuan, who may also be part of this program. This is like a chain like a dangerous man, Du wind, Xu Yuan, Li, Liu Ji day these dangerous characters such as bombs, one string to their side. From beginning to end, Thor Lee Han has been in charge of chasing Du wind it. The result is sent to killPeople like the wind to help improve the ability of DU wind like sparring product, not only Du wind slowly return to the nine stars, also gave Du wind wandering the city such a huge base, and even the Valkyrie's disciple, but also indirectly through Lee Han's hand was pushed to the Du wind side. Horsepower tie thoughts suddenly clear up behind that person is Lee Han. A trace of his mouth ugly sneer, until after the end of the final, he will be Lee Han forces uprooted. But he could not understand, Lee Han Why do so. Twenty years ago, Lee Han knelt in front of him begging him to give strength to overthrow Du wind, in order to wind down with DU, Lee Han at the last point given honorary horsepower remaining tie, the formation of the World Association Stone paths to this, they would shunt around. Suntech's original Father Lu Yan, a decade ago with the Yao people with the official capital, is very intimate. First, middle-aged childless Lu Yan, Mrs. odd jealousy, forced her husband to buy a poor family do infant son, looks odd stupid, named Shang-jen, poor talent, no matter there are not only conduct. Lu Yen blinded by shrews, and does not know. This year celibacy in Beijing, is carrying his wife, a Meibi satisfied friends, children Suntech. Only two years before, is the wife got wind came in origin, while a row, a few years, will Ceshi child died, Shang Dexing preserved, because the non-Di Mu Li, also by a lot of abuse. Shangren battle Mushi Ying Wei, have a good old age and long, nothing is to abuse. Yan scholarly clans, would not learn martial Suntech, because he owned the intrinsic smart, weekdays battered mother witnessed situations and people dying back appeals bit miserable, deeply in mind. Naixiong not yet known compatriots, but such a bully beaten, in little afraid to fight back. No account of extreme anger, reading and young, who secretly from martial arts. To the twelve-year-old, although not encountered Masters, but the force increases a lot, and who grew up not a fight, do not know there are multiple hands. Just this year, Qingming worship, remember not to weep wild buried on the outskirts of sacrifice, is very sad, back to take a point person private incense paper ingots, go to your room, wrote a weep souls, shut the door crying secretly offering . Do not want to be Shangren break, he will shout the name of the mother cursed meal, again torn souls, put chaos kick. Suntech build hate has long been approached theory, Shangren hands hit, Suntech and then could not resist, fight back a push, Shangren empty wine and women scouring, which can withstand the divine nature? Potential sub-sucker, down nearly out of the way, hit the hardwood at the corner of the table, immediately split brain dead body. Incidentally, just in time Dimu heard the way,