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into jifen. King down the pit, shouted: 'Good good.!' Yang's arm clutching a zero out of Xiang Yu's body. Xiang Yu slowly slipped from the body, almost destroyed mine Du wind sword body. But indelible Daoqi clean break out, that knife as Du wind desirably as Zhanla the King to the arm. According to Liu sigh drink soon, said the knife was truly worthy of a clean break. Encounter obstacles force, as if no matter intended to be a knife, only to be cut off to cut its target. Warrior sound and name all off, do not waste eternal flow of Soul Calibur. A climb up the ground, Du wind laugh. Who does not remember when indifferent smile so happy Independence Day had also occasionally expose different Independence Day of smile, but a similar toy as a child to see the Shang Hao excitement. He shouted: 'Xiang Yu, again!' Mad King shouted: 'I want to - take - Concubine.' According to Liu Qing Ke cry: 'King, talking pen business how?' Young zero always lying on the ground crying, Du wind suddenly thundered:. 'No one can take her trade, her shadow entrusted to me, just say that her relatives, she did not say a princess of heaven.' According to Liu stunned, then Dunjiao said: 'You ......' Du wind clap your hands, even the knife cut Shendao Ngok also crushed without a trace, snapped: 'She is not Concubine, even Yuji how, when Yuji order not to fall into enemy hands, sword Suicide, Xiang Yu, is this what you strength, What kind of thing!' According to Liu Haide blue face, cried: 'Independence Day, we negotiated not so!' But now, Mrs Liu wind was destroyed, according to the plan. Xiang Yu issued a shrill roar, Lei Jianguang Mans suddenly spread out into a world almost obscured the giant wide-edged sword. Before Xiang Yu shot, Du preemptive action of the wind. That is indeed the rain. That is glorious rain! Shrill nor rain through the rapid expansion of Mans, Ray reveals arctic arctic air, frozen into those blood stained sword knot on the air. When the sword once again come to the Du lap wind, wind Du body has