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day of evil spirits. Because the body's pubic region Du wind sea air, almost all among the condensate in the avatar. His hand guns aimed at the Du head wind, brazenly sent gold thunderstorms. Can countless shining golden rain of bullets and glorious infuriating twisted together, collide, impact, minced, in damaging a half later, the rest of the bullets out of the encirclement glorious rain, rushed engaged Du wind came. Xu YuanTop of ancient weapons, one of the world's three Warrior. In the top of the dictionary ancient weapons, no word back. Tragic whistling sound, Xu Yuan's body and Du wind coming together tightly. Du wind came numerous systemic bone fragments sound body and instantly split flames hundreds of channels, such as wounds after anxious. Being promised far bombers into pieces before, Du winds ahead of a tilt angle, the body's acupuncture points and meridians, both physical and Xu Yuan on eleven pairs, then filled with the pungent smell of gunpowder countless infuriating poured Du wind body. Ancient martial law! Large Northern Zhou Ming! Xu far just to feel body startled, armed endless grudge disappeared. Xu Yuan Du wind began to plunder armed vindictive, Xu away at least half of the gas has been weakened, he did fear, outrageously Zero launched in the second volley of bullets. Clasp his fingers frantically moving forward, this time armed with a grudge is not automatic emission characteristics, but hand speed. Like most primitive firearms firing same way. Return to Innocence. Such a shot was the most horrible! Bullet Can not the brilliant gold, but with a point lead gray ashes, Du wind body startled, countless bullets piercing with a shower of blood behind him. Xu Yuan of gas left half, but the additional distance armed grudge killing effect is still launched, the additional lethality actually doubling up! In this situation, it is indeed Xu Yuan can choose to only road. Du absorbed five elements of earth wind strength has been exhausted, as long as the glorious rain hit the gas to kill shot.' Kun Yuan purple fairy king virtual reality complexion joy road. Whether truth or xiyi others, not as one of us benefit to reality. Zhen Fang also glanced around, but did not find that big Ao driving them, the moment frowned and said: 'So, sorry the Pindao on.' Said Ni Wan a move, suddenly emerged a party to the pagoda, a loud shout toward a spindle magic shieldIn the past. Gold, such as electricity, silver shuttle, a golden spindle carries a magic suddenly left the closet, flew outward. Zhen Fang secretly surprised, a good grid spiritual magic, do not know what treasure, not neglect the moment, pointing to the right, into a colorful piece of actinic shield block in the forward line magic spindle, spindle that magic hit piece on top of the shield, like a spider web like moths flutter, not soft Detuo. Shouyi Zhao Zhen Fang did so with the magic trick that the spindle in the hands of magic gold surface disappears, and restore the original appearance, but it is a four-inch length of the shuttle, shiny silver, emerged in a name to 'split in the shuttle.' 'Good fast magic ah!' Idle real rain suddenly sighed. Everyone heard also have nodded, just truth of that magic wand, although powerful, but in the end be able to see their appearance, you can prepare a little, but in front of this magic is different, although the crowd repair to advanced, but only can see a golden light, but do not know where are. While Zhen Fang rein, just lightly a few times. But everyone has to know, if not into that merit the golden shield, blocking the split in the shuttle for a moment, let alone Zhen Fang, and everyone in the venue may not be able to block it. This matter in hand, really is a good attack on the treasure. Everyone seems to have thought about it a moment things, look to the side Color has changed a lot. Zhen Fang wry smile, apparently he also knows that the meaning of a place. The ability of people are not afraid of high-strength, high strength and ability, but if the person is an attack on the love of the Lord, young girl shadow, tenor seated. Future people to split the money with the public servant, and into some diet. In early fall oblique, dawn to rise up. Mostly Huiming occasion, on the river water vapor steam, as if from a layer of mist. Smoke water future confusion gradual emergence of a boat, the faint sound of the two sides can hear the cock barking. For a day shone, the Japanese round is also overflowing river, its fiery red, Revitalizing Teng Hui, mapping out a long time Hongxia, Trinidad Jinbo, Xiao Jing exceptionally magnificent. All night without sleep, the furniture was very tired, unmotivated linger scene. Since then the people are lying, I also went to bed placement path. Only a group of trackers, ready to arrive that evening around Lanxi, greed was rewarded, though only nap last night, after a call from the former still sing along cliff board stack, filed struggling forward, even jump the queue are Placement is in turn, buy rice, barley and the like hides in the body, to go eat with, refused to stop. Riding a boat ride shrunk to two days of water a day original non easy. Su Shun Weng wills because people are advised to get to the day, despite a life boat people to discuss and Wang Sheng, known to be difficult, did reluctantly. However, although such Kuren forced fed and clothed, often take labor enchant rich people money, and that the heart of Germany's gratitude to the critical moment, Hugh said hardship, and even their lives are in, felt this good-hearted, not for Weaver vintage, rare life, made him more capabilities, more enthusiastically engaged. By noon, the journey is almost half the catch, seeing skipper is happy, always dark when calculating, Fang Jue fly in the ointment, who knows the kind of weather Couqu, suddenly turned downwind. Ju Dou overjoyed people on the boat, sail hurriedly rising. Trackers who also received a tow rope, pointsRest on board, the boat ran along the remainder. Shun China and other do not know, waking up in the afternoon, the wind whistling ears, Nilang hit the ship, , only a Xian Qi maximize the power of 'technology' and it is Mrs Tan Xu wind hit ground first, while the use of Xian Qi orthodox ancient heritage ancient martial art fighter. Combined with the ancient martial art of Xian Qi, Xian Qi can make up for what is ancient martial art of defects to avoid the weaknesses of its long-Yang; or restricted in Xian Qi itself under the strange properties. The ancient martial art of expertise, they are unable to play. After completely take over the thread of 12 Road Tan Tan legs, Du wind can find the answer. Du wind force in parts of the elbow always keep two poly gas pubic region. Ground blade and sheath and Tan thread crotch, to form a standard three-point line layout. If he made a knife-edge. Xu Tan totally unguarded afraid to be at once a sub-two. Tan Xu still did not feel totally sights, Road 12, Tan leg cast 11 Road has been completed, the wind chest partially Du, have been buried in the rubble of fragmentation. Almost could not move. 'Wave' sound, impartial eleventh leg style Tan Du wind kicked in the chest. This type of power done, Du wind did not even make any defense, let him kicked. That is what the ancient martial art star [imaginary] return air. Xu Tan Tan has been used out of the final leg of a leg normalization formula [Wan]! Wan leg was originally owned by one leg will be scattered in all infuriating, all amassed in the toe point moves. When applied to an eighteenth-style leg Tan Tan thread with [return] is the imaginary gas put his body and turned it into a gaseous state, completely integrated into the leg among potential. Today is not only infuriating legs, his body has turned into infuriating, forming a huge blue spear front. His body was completely erupted six-star Xian Qi, six stars on the star, the highest full advantage of about ten times destructive. Even if the body than Du wind Hard, after being hit by the strike also leaving only a pile of slag. Luo Feile face became livid. Mrs Tan legs and wind blade, as there is no anti-attack ancient