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they try it!'Then toward the blue Meng said:! 'Blue Meng your attention, magic roar beginning, within ten feet beyond the flesh I never could invade someone, of course, people want action is impossible, only that Wu Yunshan, you must Special attention! 'Blue Meng laughed: 'I know that the Holy One of my aversion pass the law, is not that special to prepare for her yet, but I'm afraid we had planned to be slightly affected by it!'Duron Santos said: 'Miller said Laogui resistant by four roar, probably not lie in front of four roar, he Xuenv under protection, is not easy to succeed, to the fifth roar when each of them a leg to stand, you will can be applied in order to let go ...... 'Blue Meng said: 'I would naturally look at the situation and given.'St. Duron said: 'No consideration, this is my full facilities for each roar of power are worse than before doubling to fifth roar when you first kill Wu Yunshan, so I fear no distraction, sixth After the roar, they have entered the state of dementia, you can let go kill, hoping to not have to be applied to the eighth roar, so I can preserve half of skill! within seven roar, you must do all of them slaughtered! 'Blue Meng said: 'Whenever possible, I will try to save the Holy One of skill!'Duron Holy sneered: '! Do not sham, delusions I die with them, if you have the motive, I would rather them cheaper, halfway stop applying power to let you by the people under siege'Blue Meng said: 'Holy much heart, how can I do that?'Duron saint laughed: 'You told me to not worry, I Sitao from your back on this thing, I still have not been able to let go, how do you like a person, I am also very clear!'Blue Meng said: 'Time will tell, will sooner or later understand the saints!'Duron saints long breath, and thenAfter knowing. Zhen Fang wanted that although powerful, but also not resistant to this treasure. ' Xie Zizhu heard, had quiet a hint of pink face also shock tolerance, I did not expect this Zhenshanzhibao Miaozhen Shenni actually give and myself, we can see that this is suddenly startled body fat soft body like a frightened cat suddenly arched like. Du wind his arm directly into the worm's mouth. He is no longer the best in the world when the ancient weapons. But his strong physique than steel sleeping in two decades, there is not a recession. Kept wriggling worm top of the head, just can not get rid of Du wind control. Du arm just to feel the wind going to burn. In the absence of gas as an auxiliary body and extremely debilitating condition, expand this beyond the speed of sound in the hand speed, physical Independence Day has reached the limit. Even so, Du wind hand speed is still faster. He must rely on the body to stimulate the fatigue limit, to find his body hidden in the gas. Du wind believe, ancient weapons real gas, deep in the soul! A huge bird worm looks more anxious than Du wind, the pores of the body can be ingested sand worm, but it can spray the sand where only the head of the fumaroles and mouth only. After the mouth is sealed, the worm body of sand piled up, like the body has been expandedFull of big ball, could explode at any time. In the case of wind can not push back Du, worm tail gently drive sprang up, at the end of the top, there is an impressively like a huge blue eyes like sarcoma. Sarcoma slips split, releasing a stream of shining blue Ruoyouruowu singular gas, and the trouble in vivo sand mixed together. Distant two siblings while exclaimed: '! Xian Qi' Teenage girl trying to block the red pupil, albeit at a distance, his body was being eroded beyond recognition. That's the trouble Xian Qi pregnant ejected sandstorm, turned out to be like a mini-tragedy-like terror. Where is the body spray sandstorm, all refined element is absorbed completely. Du wind shadow disappeared long ago, I do not know what is being sprayed into the corner of a sandstorm. Juvenile white robe aghast and said: 'Sister, this is the desert insects Dragon!' Legend in the desert, there is a walk through the desert 'Desert Dragon', its path, the whole town, the very treacherous, such calculations are pediatrics, see nether leader questioning, since the opportunity has come to know, and quickly analyzed:. 'Leader, now amulet comes, it does not settle causation would be in danger, but in fact, Asura with my family watching a causal What authority? Western Buddhism, heaven Emperor, who taught Shushan Jianpai Western Buddhist causal time now impossible to settle because I Asura and large family Princess free days in their hands, and that left only the heaven and Shushan Jianpai. But if I wait and settled causal heaven Emperor, Western Buddhism need it? Definitely not, because at the moment of heaven, vague have to move closer to the West Buddhism signs, he could not let me Asura race to consume heaven. So there is only one object, that is, Shushan Jianpai. ' 'Hey, like I heard that Ding and Zhang Mei Young Shushan Jianpai real grudges against ah! How, would like to take the leader's ability to achieve its own reward for purpose?' For color day coldly. = Public devil face became pale, calculated to such an extent, or people? No wonder all the saints say that under ants, today it seems, really is the case, even the Princess Iron Fan all stared at the small lead, to teach today will want to know cut into jambudvipa, his family will enter jambudvipa, cut-age support the Ministry of Education to join the Southern Continent, apparently to full strength jambudvipa, the full strength jambudvipa of doing it, as long as not fool all know the guy, that's forDongsheng together with China to attack from Buddhism to the West. In front of this man actually guess so accurate, it is a born schemer. Moment cautiously said: 'Jim, my husband received today when Notre Dame makes no metaphor, that is about to move to cut teaching jambudvipa.' Nether leader face became pale and looked at, Ding lead, suddenly move aisle: 'You very intelligent, when I take the mantle, today will pass the upper Ru Asura Avenue.' Ding cited overjoyed, quickly stepped forward, bowed to the ground, and that the