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because you, you not only have to stand on top of the world, but the summit of heaven.' Lightning more intense, dark sky, it seems to have turned into a pull flag sky Clouds cover in Li Han's body. Starfall sad day. Raytheon Li Han, the war dead. King's power, enough with the Emperor and Princess heaven match. Liu days and will not let it fall into the hands of Du Feng and others, she reached out to grab power Xiang left behind, palm just touched mine soul, felt a terrible pain, Liu Xiang's strength compared to days and also only some of it is weak, if not caught off guard, she was unable to destroy the King, as King of God can not be destroyed even more of her soul. Her hands into countless lives through the roots into the Xiang Yu Lei soul, the soul of mine wanted to melt into the power of his own body. Body sudden burst of stagnation, many metal particles flying from the earth to come upon a time, the floor of the tree of life, full of beautiful poppies metal, metal particles quickly became the gateway to heaven from earth flyover, the willow days and fixed them. Guang suddenly stood up, grabbed a willow days and wrist, but not one of the things breaking. Liu days and weeks there has been a strong body Huangji Xian Qi, which has numerous fruit conceived, there is a growing ripe fruit began to fall, which appeared to be willow days and just absorb the ice god, just numb face expressionless, he grabbed the hand of Guang, Li's body had been strong Dongbing solidification live. Tree of life on earth crashed roaring, soldiers of God and beast God has been caught and sent to Liu days and around the body. God beast screams, the first to be sent to the willow days and body, then immediately hatched by the tree of life, but also looked numb, the tree of life on earth against the beasts had once fled in disarray. God wants to be in front of the soldiers sent to Liu days and body, his hands suddenly out of the aquamarine Bing blood. Tree of Life tremble, it seems not afford to eat these things, aquamarine sprites.' Sa reluctantly mind to suppress the real shock. Jin Choi, the wind can be called a master to be what exists. Saints? Sa live shook his head. Like several saints among. No one can teach a person to. 'I do not know call you for Sa Pindao is real, or should we call you for Sa Exalted it? I did not expect the year is now well-known as the Master of Sa can only follow it Hongjun disciples to be thugs.' The sound of a chill suddenly sounded in color space. That wind Choi Jin stood respectfully, not to speak. The Sa live but pale, looking terrified heart the size of a baizhang quiver in the air space between a swallow a smoke, like a person, like breathing. But they can not see through the appearance of the person speaking. But that sentence is only just enough to let Sa real mind uneasy. 'The younger generation, the younger generation does not know if in the end is what seniors do you mean?' Sa real pale, carefully swallowed spittle, apparently killing him will not recognize their true origin. 'Bi wind, five hundred years, you do not go out, let haha ​​ancestors came to have a large array Shensha day on here, so not only as a teacher can go out earlier that day Shensha have a large array can achieve Mahayana, hum these witch family, all the guy did not mind. then gave all day Shensha a big fuss, but no one can see the mystery, in the end, you also need to sacrifice himself Pindao refining, worth mentioning, they rely on teacher and student were you and me. forces did little small. 'Bloody space among a resigned voice spoke again. 'Master, there is also a person can take advantage of some down.' Jin Choi, face a hint of wind chill. 'You're talking about the little boy Haotian?' Mystery man sneered. West bliss among the escorts Taoist looking sorrow, quasi mention Taoist reddish complexion, do not know is excited or other mood. Well quite a while, escorts Road talents sighed: 'divisionBrother, now the strength of the Wu family rose, there was twelve ancestral witch. In the future. You sure? Under Yunshan said: 'It is best that you two hundred people, I cut off most of the remaining dozens of people, we absolutely do not care, just do not want you wronged killed it!'The man also thank a cry, the packet open, took out a bottle of white, to another person, in turn red vase on the side and said: 'Do you take this bottle of anesthetic, anesthetic to put the rest of the people in the past, I took antidote to hide, and so after a successful Ng, then save us! 'Those people still in hesitation, this guy anxious and said: 'Yang Xiaoquan, Lin nine, you do not confused, this is our only chance to save themselves, and I was a single man, death is a life, if Miss Wu et al unsuccessful you can push things in my head, killing one person cut from my bear, anyway, I can escape the murderous blue Meng old thief! 'Those who finally dispersed, which Han also said: 'The villain surnamed Xu, names such as wind, long detention by the blue Meng old thief, hate weak pull-up, today is willing to break out of their lives to help Heidi addition Troll ...... ''Xu warrior, we do not want your help, as long as you tell me what the secret blue Meng road, so we Run out of him and do not let him escape!' said: 'That's no problem, we must completely destroy this place, his treasure trove of gold and silver, after you sharing, can be stable over this lifetime!'Xu wind: 'The main fact villain Yu met with Owen Miss martial arts, will be able to know better than blue old thief, but he had another helper, called the valley tomorrow ......'Qiong Yao Yuwen busy and asked: 'Is that it will be invisible Jian Qi middle-aged?'Xu wind hesitated and said: 'Do notVoice: 'Bangladesh donor struggling with force, decrepit few bones on this vapid to pay you!' Palms intersection, sound like Yu Lei, Jiang Li suddenly saw both on the spot, like two stone! The original gold master then has to hold the determination of self-sacrifice, he picked up after Meng Shentong beat up, knowing his skill to deal with the weight of the Shura ninth Meng Shentong hidden